NZ at Level 4, 18 to 21 August 2021

A reminder that the whole country is now at Covid Alert Level 4 for at least the next 3 days; some parts up north for longer.

Last year in Level 4 the Council closed the toilets at Hank Edwards Reserve.

Covid-19: What the different alert levels mean:

Level 4 means Covid-19 is not contained in New Zealand and there is a risk it is spreading in the community.

People must stay at home in their bubble unless for essential movement, including for essential work, to go to the supermarket, clinics and pharmacies, for example.

All businesses must close except for essential services, including those mentioned above, petrol stations and lifeline utilities. Travel is severely restricted.

People can exercise in their local community, but playgrounds are off-limits. All gatherings are cancelled, educational facilities and public venues are closed.

Ministry of Health says in alert level 4 supplies may be rationed and health services reprioritised.

People are advised to get tested if they have symptoms or have been at a location of interest, and keep a safe distance from others.

Stay home; stay safe. If you need help with something let someone know: a neighbour or the Ratepayers Association ( Keep an eye on neighbours who may need help too. We’re all in this together.

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