Permanent road changes in December 2021 near Ōhau

We received an email today from Barbara Becker, Waka Kotahi O2NL Project Team about permanent safety changes to the road between Manakau and Levin, through Kuku. Work is to take place in the first 2 weeks of December:

Waka Kotahi is bringing forward a package of safety improvements on SH1 at Kuku.

We have considered which elements of planned work between Ōtaki and Levin could be brought forward to make the road safer ahead of the 2021 summer holiday period. Early improvements between Manakau and Levin, through Kuku, will be delivered in the coming weeks.

Safety improvements brought forward – Kuku section

By resurfacing the road and changing the line markings between the Tatum Park conference centre and Ohau Rail Overbridge we will:

  • Permanently remove the passing lanes in both directions. The short length of the northbound passing lane and right turn bay at the end of the southbound passing lane are putting people at risk
  • Provide a painted wide centreline. This creates greater separation between vehicles travelling in opposite directions
  • Provide wider road shoulders. This will help provide places where slow moving agricultural vehicles can pull aside to let others pass.
  • Improve the road surface. This will improve the grip of the road for vehicle tyres.

We will also add safe hit posts (flexible marker posts) to the centreline of the road in some places. These help make the road lanes clearer to drivers by providing an additional visual cue on the centreline. These will be placed to avoid impacting places where people need to turn across the centre line into driveways.

Work on SH1

Work is set to begin from Wednesday 1 December and last approximately two weeks, depending on weather and other factors.

During daytime hours there will be reduced speed limits and changing road layouts at times.

Overnight, there will be stop-go traffic management between 9pm and 5am.

We acknowledge that road works can be disruptive for people who live near the road and for those passing through. Thank you for your patience.

One thought on “Permanent road changes in December 2021 near Ōhau”

  1. So, remove the only passing lanes, throw some paint and gravel around, put up a few plastic posts, and call it done….brillant, not.

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