Petition on vehicle and horse access to Waikawa Beach

Today the WBRA received a couple of emails from Arthur Nelson, Property and Parks Manager • Tumu Rawa, Papa Rēhia, Horowhenua District Council about a petition they have received on the topic of access for vehicles and horses to the beach at Waikawa:

We have a 160 signature petition from Waikawa Beach Residents asking Council to establish a vehicle track on the public land adjacent to the existing access [at 10 Reay Mackay Grove]. Clearly if Council is to consider this it will need a resource consent from Horizons to undertake some land formation works in the coastal dunes. They may or may not agree to this. If they do agree then we will need funding for the consent and to establish the track.

The residents of Waikawa Beach may therefore wish to submit to the Annual Plan in support of the petition via the Progressive Association (or individually) to the upcoming plan. I am informed HDC will be accepting submissions in and around April/May 2022.

Note: Horowhenua District Council redacted names for privacy reasons.

Petition for Vehicular access to Waikawa Beach

The undersigned residents and beach users of Waikawa Beach request that vehicular and horse access to the beach be established across public land as opposed to the untenable situation of having to cross private land.

As at the writing of this petition there is no vehicular access to the beach for recreational or emergency use, as the landowners have blocked off the track due to significant erosion caused by recent high tides.

We are requesting that the Northern wider walkway off Reay Mackay Grove be officially designated as beach access for pedestrians, vehicles, and horses. It is very pertinent to note that over recent years, unlike the historic access over private land, this area of the beach has not suffered from erosion thus reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Notwithstanding the occasional need for emergency access to the beach, the lack of vehicular access severely impacts residents’ quality of life. It prevents them from taking part in their usual recreational activities such as fishing in all forms, white baiting, surfing, canoeing, launching boats and other normal beach activities that require gear to be transported to the edge of the sea.

Yours Sincerely

Update, Saturday 04 December 2021: the Petition will be discussed at the Horowhenua District Council meeting on 08 December 2021. The petition itself and the names of signatories are available on the Meeting Agenda.

Update, Thursday 09 December 2021: at the Council Meeting the Resolution That the Chief Executive provide a full report on all options in respect of beach access at Waikawa Beach was passed.

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