Play the Wow Waikawa! photo spotting game

Something outdoorsy to do over the Christmas break: Spot the Wow Waikawa! photos.

There are at least 3 ways to play the game:

  • randomly spot photos as you go about your daily Waikawa Beach life;
  • see if you can find a photo you sent in;
  • grab a Clue Sheet and try to find all the photos. Clue Sheet A is available from Awa Pukapuka, from the Wow Waikawa! website, or email: and ask for a PDF. Clue Sheet B will be available in early January.

The last way might appeal more to kids, but I’m sure plenty of adults would enjoy the hunt too. 😀 Some photos are super easy to spot; others require a bit of sleuthing.

If you’re looking for all the photos keep these things in mind:

  • Some photos are simple to find.
  • Others need a bit of sleuthing.
  • Some photos are big; some are small.
  • Look at the photos but don’t touch.
  • Note down what’s in the photo, its number, and where it is.
Map of Waikawa Beach.
Where you might spot photos — anywhere publicly accessible after entering the village on Waikawa Beach Road.

Thanks again to all those who submitted photos. So sorry we couldn’t use them all!

One thing I love about all the Wow Waikawa! photos is that I feel like I could have taken them myself (unlike those professional photos you see in competitions where you think: I could never in a million years get that shot.) It felt so great putting the photos up and in my opinion, although Waikawa Beach is already wonderful, the photos add just that extra glint of gloriousness!

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