Please help ask HDC to fix issues with Waikawa Beach Road

A few days ago a car rolled near 554 Waikawa Beach Road — apparently a notorious spot. Luckily the sole occupant was uninjured.

Some people have suggested the road needs to be fixed on this corner, but before that can happen the HDC needs to understand that it’s a problem.

If the Council are not aware of problems like potholes, eroding road edges or that a particular corner seems to be a place where lots of accidents happen then no changes will ever be made.

The official word from Councillor Christine Mitchell is that individuals should report such problems to the HDC contact number. Each such report goes into a tracking system — they’ll respond with a case number. The more people who report a problem the more likely Council are to deal with it.

So, if you have a concern about something the Council should deal with, such as a problem corner on Waikawa Beach Road, please report it and keep a record of the case number they give you. Maybe even post that case number here then others could join in and lend weight.

Council contacts: Email:, Phone: 06 366 0999.

Note that the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association can also point out these problems to Council, but that doesn’t carry nearly as much weight as numerous individuals reporting them.

The same applies to other issues around here that Council should help with. If you notice something that needs fixing, please contact Council and report it.

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