Query about trampoline on basketball court, June 2021

Folks, someone has put a trampoline on the basketball court at Hank Edwards Reserve. See photo. This was reported by contractors to Horowhenua District Council who have asked me to follow-up with the Waikawa Beach community.

This poses two health and safety risks: wind could pick it up and blow it around; someone could fall from the trampoline to the concrete and suffer bad injuries.

Does anyone know who put it there?

Is anyone willing to remove it promptly and either keep or store it until the owners turn up?

The Horowhenua District Council will take it away very soon if it isn’t removed and store it at their yard until someone owns up to it.

If you remove it or know anything please either comment below or email wbra.committee@gmail.com as I’ve been asked to report back to Horowhenua District Council on this query.

Miraz Jordan

Trampoline on basketball court.
Trampoline on basketball court.

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