Remember the boat ramp

Some people using the newly reinstated beach access off Manga Pirau Street have commented on how steep it is. For launching small boats and kayaks, remember the Boat Ramp next to the footbridge, put in by a huge community effort in around 2008 and dedicated to Andy Chaplow. The boat ramp is there for canoes, kayaks, small boats and emergency vehicles.

Supervisors John Hewitson and Graeme Hassell.
Supervisors John Hewitson and Graeme Hassell take a moment to rest.

07 March 2008: Launching kayaks and small boats will soon be a lot easier.

19 October 2008: Resource Consent was granted for Andy’s Boat Ramp, albeit that it took a considerable amount of time. The ramp has been completed … We are sure it will get a lot of use over the summer.

There have been several enquiries as to the size of the ramp. It was designed so that a person could walk either side of a canoe, to allow the waka reasonable access and to permit emergencies vehicles if necessary.

Note: the Resource Consent for the boat ramp expires in 2043.

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