Spinifex planting is nigh — but where?

One of the annual community events at Waikawa Beach is spinifex planting morning.

It’s very rewarding to see how the spinifex planted over the last few years is not only holding the dunes, but expanding them towards the sea. It’s something for the volunteers to be very proud of.

We’ve had an email from Craig Kidd, Horowhenua District Council Parks and Property Officer | Āpiha Papa Rēhia, Rawa offering 5,000 spinifex plants and 500 Pingao plants for Waikawa Beach for 2021 and suggesting they be planted perhaps between the groyne and the Manga Pirau Street beach entrance and/or just south of the river mouth.

Waikawa Beach 2021 proposed spinifex planting in red.
Waikawa Beach 2021 proposed spinifex planting in red.

Updated: We’re suggesting planting be done on Saturday 04 September 2021 28 August with Saturday 11 September 2021 as backup day.

Craig wants to know which areas we’d prefer to plant — the area marked in blue is a riskier strip to plant. Please give your thoughts in the Comments.

Craig’s email (lightly edited):

We have allocated 5,000 spinifex plants and 500 Pingao plants for Waikawa Beach for this season.

Attached is a plan — the red is where we are looking at planting and the blue is what will be a riskier strip to plant.

We do not have to plant all the plants on the day and we can have contractors follow up with what we do not get planted. The Northern planting can be undertaken on another day

The next big ask, is having a community planting morning similar to last year, starting at 9.00am and finish about 11.00 and morning tea /snacks at the conclusion.

Proposing half the plants are planted by contractors and Half by community so it does not become a daunting task.

Please advise the communities thoughts on areas proposed and if they are keen on a planting day.

Last year planting went very quickly, thanks in part to the holes being dug with an auger, and in part because of the hardworking volunteers.

Please Comment on the web page to indicate your preferred area for planting and whether you plan to lend your support to do the work.

4 thoughts on “Spinifex planting is nigh — but where?”

  1. Happy to help but wonder if the blue area is worth it…some years ago we attended a meeting at the Manakau Hall led by the Regional Council about the long term movements of the stream…is this being taken into account?

  2. If you plant the triangle, I strongly recommend leaving a strip two vehicles wide, for access. Otherwise people will simply run them over, getting out to the beach…

  3. Hi
    Happy to be a planting helper on the day, its so good Council can give is this support to help our little piece of paradise, and the previous plantings have been so effective in maintaining the dunes.
    Personal opinion is at the south triangle area as that’s where we walk but we’ll bring a spade and be directed as required
    Sophie & Maurice

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