St. Andrews Church, Manakau — what future?

A message today from Esther Sweet about St. Andrews Church in Manakau:

We have been advised that a meeting will be held at 2pm on Wednesday 17th March 2021 at St. Andrews Church, to discuss the future of the Anglican/Methodist Church in the village.

Two options are outlined in the motion below to be presented at the Otaki Parish AGM on the 21st March. Whilst this may not concern everyone in our community, it may be of interest to those with family links over the past century and those keen to retain the heritage and historical value the church represents. You are welcome to join us.

Kind regards

Esther Sweet

Motion for AGM –

A motion that the Anglican Parish of Otaki deconsecrates St Andrew’s Church. Further that we subdivide the land at St Andrew’s into two parcels. The first parcel, known as “the Church”, will contain St Andrew’s, the driveway and garden, with required setbacks to create an acceptable lot. “The Church” will be transferred into a Trust or such like entity for the purposes of the Manakau Community to continue to be used as a community church whilst its heritage and character are preserved for generations to come.

The second parcel, known as “the paddock”, will continue to be held by the Board of Trustees with the Parish entering discussions with the Board to consider resale or development options. If the land is unable to be subdivided, then the entire block will be considered for resale or development purposes.

Tim Horner

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