The firefighting water tank has been moved

Back in October 2021 a firefighting water tank was placed in a terrible position at Hank Edwards Reserve. See Firefighting Water Tank at Hank Edwards Reserve for more.

We’re pleased to say the tank has now been moved a few metres to the west. It’s in among a clump of trees where it blends in much better. There is yet to be a marker of some kind to help the Fire Service locate it when it’s needed.

While we believe the community should have been consulted before it was placed, we’re pleased that Horowhenua District Council paid attention to the concerns of the affected residents and took swift action.

Photos now, and before.

Firefighting water tank in its new position.
Firefighting water tank has been moved.
Firefighting water tank at Hank Edwards Reserve.

3 thoughts on “The firefighting water tank has been moved”

  1. Can i suggest 1 of the following-
    1. Either all the trees need to be cut down around it, so said firo’s can find it or
    2. Its painted fluorescent dayglow pink, and christmas lights hung on it πŸ€”

    1. Why Do All The Trees Need To Be Cut Around It? Do You Actually Live Near It? I Think There Are More Than Enough Trees Been Destroyed Around Waikawa Thanks!

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