The river made its own ‘cut’ 14-Nov-21

Rivers always sweep round in S-shapes. Lately the Waikawa River mouth created a very lazy sweep in almost a full circle.

By 3.30 pm on 14 November 2021 there was only a narrow strip of sandbar where the loop doubled back on itself. By close to high tide the river broke through the sandbar. Stephen Betts sent a couple of photos.

If this lasts it should be just what’s needed to allow the Manga Pirau Street beach entrance to exit onto sand rather than water. Of course, there’s still the matter of the metre or two drop …

A narrow spit of sand.
Panorama at high tide.
Panorama at high tide.
Washout at Manga Pirau Street entrance.
Washout at Manga Pirau Street entrance.

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