Transmission Gully has a safety radar system and patchy phone coverage

Something to know for those who regularly drive to and from Wellington: cellphone coverage along the Transmission Gully route will be patchy. (No word yet on when the route will actually open.)

According to Project newsletter – October 2021 | Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency:

The Transmission Gully motorway has been built to the highest safety specifications, and one of the key ways the motorway will keep people safe is through its radar system. …

Known as an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) … The radar units monitor traffic movements and can identify if a vehicle has stopped on the road or is going the wrong way. It’ll also pick up pedestrians walking on or next to the motorway, any stray animals wandering around, or debris, such as boxes that have fallen off the back of a truck. …

As with many roads through rural areas, there are sections of the new motorway without mobile phone coverage. These areas vary by mobile network provider. In an emergency, 111 calls will automatically divert to any available mobile network.

Where motorists are unable to obtain a cellular connection they must remain in their vehicle.

In the event of a breakdown or emergency you’ll be detected by the radar system and the incident response team will be on their way. Ventia has full radio coverage along the entire length of the motorway.

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