Waikawa Beach spokesbird?

Russell Smith sent in this photo of our Waikawa Beach matuku moana or white-faced heron strolling across the footbridge.

If it’s the same bird, it’s been hanging round houses and people in Strathnaver, Emma Drive and other parts of our community.

Large grey and white bird on the rail of the footbridge.
Matuku moana strolling along on the rail of the footbridge. Photo by Russell Smith and used with permission.

If you see it, say Hi!

Thanks Russell! If you have a great photo of local wildlife, email the (best quality) photo to news@waikawabeach.org.nz with your name, where you took the photo and permission for us to publish it.

One thought on “Waikawa Beach spokesbird?”

  1. Came to visit us again over the weekend. One of three flying around Kristin Place/Emma Drive. Perhaps this one the odd one out?

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