Whiringa-ā-nuku (October) 2021 Newsletter

Kia ora e te whānau,
What a busy time it’s been. With ongoing warm, damp weather it’s the season for mowing and weeding and then mowing and weeding all over again!

Lupin bushes are covered in yellow flowers, so some of us with allergies are suffering the itchy eyes, nose, throat. On the other hand the cabbage trees are flowering — ah, that amazing perfume — and tui are popping up on the flaxes. Some have seen the kuaka, the godwits, back on the beach, but for others they’ve been elusive.

Whitebaiters, even though the vehicle entrance can’t be used, are persevering, carrying their nets down to the river.

And spring seems to have brought a crop of properties for sale too.

Here’s a handy phrase for the upcoming summer: I ruku ngā kōtiro ki roto i ngā ngaru. — The girls plunged into the waves.

  1. Welcome Fran, our new Treasurer
  2. We need a new Chairperson
  3. New email address
  4. Vehicle entrance update
  5. Summer activities
  6. Wow Waikawa!
  7. Local news
  8. In the night sky this month
  9. Property
  10. WBRA Subscriptions due now

Welcome Fran, our new Treasurer

At the Labour Weekend Committee meeting we welcomed Fran Macdonald as our new Treasurer. Many thanks to Fran, who has a business background, for stepping into this role.

We need a new Chairperson

John Hewitson has served almost 20 years as Chair of the WBRA but has now decided that he won’t stand again at the next AGM. We’ll say more about John’s work later, but for now we need people to start thinking about stepping up to lead the organisation. Could it be you?

Objects of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association

To promote and protect the interests of Ratepayers and the residents of the district and to create and foster public interest in all matters affecting the progress and welfare of the district.

To do all things necessary for or incidental to the attainment of the above objects.

This page, Chairing a meeting, has excellent info on what’s involved in chairing a small community group like the WBRA.

If you might be interested, or just to find out more, please contact us at info@waikawabeach.org.nz .

New email address

We’ve upgraded to a proper email address. The old address was wbra.committee@gmail.com and will still work, but it simply forwards all mail to the new address: info@waikawabeach.org.nz.

Gmail is free but it has many down sides. One is the gigantic amount of spam that we have to at least skim through in case a real message has been trapped by mistake. Another problem was who could and could not access it.

We control the new address, it attracts less spam (at the moment anyway) and we can deal with any access problems that crop up.

Please update your email Address Book.

Large grey and white bird on the rail of the footbridge.
Matuku moana strolling along on the rail of the footbridge. Photo by Russell Smith and used with permission.

Vehicle entrance update

We posted a detailed update at Vehicle access to beach update 29-Oct-21. Please read that if you haven’t already.

The short version: unless the river shifts of its own accord access will remain cut off until at least the end of November. However, Horizons Regional Council allowed the previous resource consent for river cuts to lapse. We need them to reapply for consent, decide to do the work and then schedule it.

Meanwhile, tempers frayed locally. It is unlikely that the Manga Pirau Street entrance will be open for horses and vehicles by Christmas. The WBRA would like to ask everyone to be patient.

Plans for the future: the Committee discussed how to find a way forward for the long-term. We’ll update you on that discussion very soon.

Summer activities

Dates for the summer activities programme have been set. All welcome: you don’t have to be a member of the WBRA to join in. See Summer Activities calendar 2021-2022 for a downloadable and printable calendar. Remember to bring cash for sausages and drinks.

In brief:

  1. Boat Day: Monday 27 December 2021, 3 pm at the footbridge. If the weather’s bad it’ll be on Sunday 02 January 2022 at 9 am (the time changes because of tides).
  2. AGM: Tuesday 28 December 2021 at 3.00 pm at Hank Edwards Reserve. If wet, at Manakau Hall. A decision on weather will be made around 1 pm.
  3. Sports Day: Saturday 01 January 2022 at 4 pm at Hank Edwards Reserve
  4. Sand Sculpture Day: Sunday 23 January 2022 (Anniversary Day). Start when you want to. Judging at 3 pm.
  5. 18 Hole Golf, in the morning. Date to be arranged. We need a good turnout so let us know as soon as possible if you’re interested. Email info@waikawabeach.org.nz.
  6. Ambrose Golf, in the morning. Date to be arranged. Email info@waikawabeach.org.nz as soon as possible to register your interest.

Wow Waikawa!

This year only: a photography festival for all: Wow Waikawa! Two locals have organised a two-part photography event. Attend a free one hour workshop at the footbridge on 07 November 2021 at 10 am for tips on taking better photos with your cellphone. Submit photos that celebrate Waikawa Beach before 23 November. Selected photos will be printed and put up around Waikawa Beach for discovery during the busy Christmas weeks.

Wow Waikawa!.

This one-off event is made possible by a grant from Horowhenua District Council Creative Communities Scheme.


Local news

A few weeks ago a group of volunteers planted about 5,000 spinifex and pīngao plants in an hour and a half. Good job! Read more at: 4,000 plants in 1.5 hours — thanks volunteers!

Meanwhile the nasty sea spurge plant has been identified in the dunes north of the river. It can be easily spread so please stay clear, and the plant itself is toxic. Read more at Dangerous plant at Waikawa Beach.

That firefighting water tank at Hank Edwards Reserve was placed by Horowhenua District Council without consulting anyone. Neighbours have been very concerned about it as it was not only a terrible blot on their view but created a blind spot for bikes and other vehicles exiting Hank Edwards Reserve. After several meetings with Council officers the tank is to be moved to a better spot a few metres away. See Firefighting Water Tank at Hank Edwards Reserve for more details.

The HDC draft climate action plan 2021 has been released. It’s a very readable 24 page document outlining what climate change may mean for the Horowhenua region and what steps the Council is considering to deal with it. We recommend you take a look. Spot where it specifically mentions Waikawa Beach.

The footbridge will be closed on 27 November 2021 for one day to allow an orienteering event to take place.

Council will soon be installing bike stands at footbridge. There will be space for 10 bikes, and later another stand will be put in at Hank Edwards Reserve. We’ve seen thefts of bikes from the beach before now, so at least it’ll be easier to lock them up.

The recycling station will be back from mid-December to early-January. We’d like to thank the neighbours for their patience in putting up with the considerable noise that comes with it. Please use it only during daylight hours.

The Waikawa Beach road works that seem to have gone on hold for the moment don’t appear to be what was promised. This came up at our Committee meeting and Cr Christine Mitchell is following up with the roading team for us.

In the night sky this month

In November you’ll see Jupiter and Venus in the Western sky at dusk, with Saturn between them. Sirius, the brightest star (that’s not a planet) in the sky is in the East. Low in the South are the Southern Cross and Pointers. The Clouds of Magellan, two nearby galaxies, appear as misty glows high in the south. We’re lucky to be able to see them here, because our sky is dark. On 19 November 2021 there’s a partial lunar eclipse. The Moon will be mostly in the shadow at 10 pm.

Interested in what else is in Waikawa Beach’s wonderful dark night sky or a map to help find things? Take a look at The Evening Sky in September 2021.


Current property listings: 13 Drake Street, 27 Sarah Street, 33 Sarah Street, 89 Emma Drive.

In Strathnaver several houses are in varying stages of being built.

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan

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