COVID-19 Health Hub

With peak Omicron nearby this information will likely be useful for all of us:

The COVID-19 Health Hub is a depository of information around what to do if you test positive for, or are exposed to as a close or household contact of COVID-19:

The Health Hub outlines the simple steps to take to recover, isolate, look after yourself or access support and provides direct links to COVID-19 resources such as My Covid Record, Book My Vaccine and Ministry of Health and Unite Against Covid websites.

Please share this handy tool amongst the older people in your networks. For those who aren’t able to access the internet, phone support is available:

Healthline 0800 358 5453
Welfare line 0800 512 337.

In fact, just share it with everyone, not just older folks. Maybe print a copy and put it on your fridge. We all hope none of us will need this info, but if we do, we won’t want to be searching it out.

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