Committee Update – 7 February 2023


Following the sudden passing of well-known and respected local Carl GIBSON, the committee decided to donate to the “Trees That Count” organisation in memory of Carl. The organisation has subsequently advised us about the trees that will be planted in Carl’s honour in a local planting project.

Our deepest condolences to Carl’s family and friends.

Below is the reply the committee received following the donation.


Thanks again for your recent donation to Trees That Count. 

We are excited to let you know that the native tree(s) you donated have now been matched to a planting project. Your native tree(s) will be planted by Makaretu Planting Project. To find out more about this planting project, you can check out Makaretu Planting Project’s Tree Profile.  

Thanks for being a part of the movement to see millions more native trees planted throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. We really appreciate your support.

Ngā mihi,

Trees That Count


Makaretu Planting Project

Farming / Forestry / Rural (Manawatu-Whanganui)

Makaretu is a 14 Hectare block on the Eastern bank of the Makaretu stream at the confluence of the Ōhau river in the Horowhenua. It has been farmed for over 80 years and there is sparse remaining bush. The terrain is alluvial terraces with a stream, a river and numerous springs feeding wetland areas. The topography is that of numerous terraces that have been carved from the changing course of the Makaretu over thousands of years.

The vision for this block is to retire 70% of the land into permanent native forest, and restore the health of the river, which is located upstream from the potable water supply for the town of Levin. Excluding stock and improving the stability of the river will have a significant impact on improving the water quality for much of the local community. Furthermore the nearby Gladstone reserve on the Ōhau river is a popular recreational area and we hope that restoring the forest adjacent to the Makaretu river will improve the amenity value for the public. We have completed extensive fencing to exclude stock, and undertaken a weed eradication programme to eliminate the naturalised blackberry and barberry on our block. Our neighbours on the eastern side of the Makaretu are committed to undertaking a similar programme of restoration work to ensure the success of this project and the future health of the Makaretu.

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