Community Update – 20 August 2023

Council is currently seeking feedback on the Draft Speed Management Plan that includes proposed changes to the speed limits in the Waikawa Beach area. We wanted to make sure that as many people as possible were aware of these changes, particularly if they will be directly affected, and we wanted to make sure they were aware of the current feedback process.

We are wanting to know how residents feel about these potential changes? Have we got it right? Are there other areas we should consider or other changes we should be making?

Below is a link to the ‘Let’s Korero’ page that includes a link to the draft plan and also the feedback form.


Justine Moore
Infrastructure Planning Lead | Kaihautū Whakamahere Tūāhanga

Waea Mahi | (06) 366 0999
Waea Pukoro | +64273034609126 Oxford Street, Levin
Private Bag 4002, Levin 5540

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