Community Update – 25 May

Beach Access Project Update

The Horowhenua DC have commenced a project to investigate all beach access options for Waikawa Beach.

The project team have already done some local consultation with selected residents and have done some assessment work.

Further consultation with the wider community is planned as the process continues.   We will be letting you know when this is planned and how you will be able to participate. We encourage you all to be a part of this consultation and have your say.

The process will result in a report going to the HDC.
As winter approaches we are likely to see major changes to our current beach access due to weather events.
We are all grateful to the current landowners for their continued support and it is important that we all respect the current landowners request to keep our access path to the existing path and not interfere with the whenua to get access to the beach any where else.
We need to let this process unfold and work with our community, the Council and the Landlowners to find a mutually respectful solution.
Gary Whitaker
WBRA Chairperson

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