Community Update – 29 May 2023

Are you interested in protecting the environment at Waikawa Beach?

We need your help for a few hours each month

The WBRA committee are looking into creating an Environmental Sub-committee in response to growing recognition regarding the risks facing our physical environment.

Three initial areas of concern have been identified:

    1. Pest management, such as wild cats, rats, stoat and ferret populations. (Kezna is already  working hard to manage feral cat populations, and this group could complement her efforts by targeting additional areas of concern).
    2. Dune protection to reduce erosion and beach rubbish collection.
    3. Ways to manage flood protection along the river where homes face potential risk from flooding.

Given wider community concerns about these issues, the decision has been made to create this sub-committee and to invite and include any other interested persons. The sub-committee would be headed by Chris Wood, a permanent Waikawa Beach resident and a current member of the WBRA committee. This would enable efforts to be co-ordinated and provide a basis to apply for funding support.

You might have ideas, useful contacts, muscles, expertise in plants, dunes, water, environment, long-term knowledge of Waikawa Beach, knowhow for getting funding — we need all kinds of skills, but the main thing is being interested in making a difference locally.

If you are keen and interested and/or know of anyone that would be interested in joining this group, please email

WBRA Committee

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