Community Update – 9 May 2024


With regard to the recent discussion about the possibility of installing CCTV camera(s) in the Waikawa Beach village area the position of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association (WBRA) is as follows:

If an individual or ad hoc group of residents wishes to take responsibility for sourcing, installing, maintaining, monitoring and taking responsibility for the lawful collection, storage and use of collected data there is nothing to stop them from doing so. However, it is strongly advised that before doing anything in furtherance of that careful attention is paid to the sections of the Privacy Act 2020 that cover use of CCTV technology and more especially the data collected. Attention should be particularly focused on Privacy Principles 1, 3, 10 and 11.  The Privacy Commissioner’s guidelines “Privacy and CCTV – A guide to the Privacy Act for businesses, agencies and organisations” should also be carefully read. This runs to 32 pages and is available from the website of the Privacy Commissioner.

Alternatively, we as a community could come together to consider and decide if there is a need for such technology in the village, what are we responding to in considering its use, for what purpose it might be deployed and who will be responsible for the lawful collection, use, distribution and management of collected data.  Once that is determined the more practical aspects of what technology, who owns it, cost, location, ongoing maintenance etc. could be addressed.

Probably the best way to determine the way forward, if there is to be a way forward, is a meeting of interested parties. WBRA would be happy to facilitate such a meeting if there is a perceived need/interest.

Your comments on the need for a meeting (not the need for CCTV – that can be canvased at a meeting) are invited via the WBRA email address ( or the Waikawa Beach Community Facebook page.

Regards to all

WBRA Committee

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