Sand Sculpture Day photos 04 January 2020

A heap of people turned out to sand sculpture day and there were quite a few very creative efforts. Afterwards the little kids got to dig in the sand for prizes. Many thanks to chief judge, John Hewitson and his assistants Debra Betts and Pat O’Sullivan. There are loads of photos so most won’t be … Continue reading “Sand Sculpture Day photos 04 January 2020”

Sand Sculpture Day 2019

Saturday 19 January 2019 was a cool and slightly drizzly day, but a hardcore group turned out to make sand sculptures. Many thanks to Stephen Betts for the photos below of Fat cat, Dog and Bone, Air B&B Waikawa, Club Sandwich, Dragon, Volcano and Rabbit. Debra Betts did the judging and John Hewitson handled prize … Continue reading “Sand Sculpture Day 2019”