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As of Friday 28 December 2018:

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Note, at the AGM on Thursday, 27 December 2018, some members raised a concern about website commenters using fake names. In response to that concern we have implemented the policies above which were ratified at the meeting of the WBRA Committee on 21 January 2019.

2 thoughts on “Website purpose; Comment policy”

  1. Your copy of the NZTA instruction on how to leave Waikawa Beach Road and head south is confusing to me and appears to apply to a residential suburban street and not State Highway 1 with a speed limit of 80 kph and pedestrians ambling across .
    How can we enter the flush median now that it is blocked off with plastic poles?
    2 years ago the road was 5 lanes wide. The overtaking south lane was removed leaving 4 lanes.
    For some idiotic reason NZTA designers took two more lanes to create gardens and parking spaces.
    What should have happened with the four lanes was lane 1 on the west side to be used by traffic from Otaki to Waikawa as a slip lane and traffic from Waikawa to Levin as a merge lane, lane 2 for the north traffic, lane 3 for Levin to Waikawa traffic as a slip lane and Waikawa to Otaki traffic as a merge lane and lane 4 for south traffic.
    All very simple. A kid with a pedal car could design it who would also suggest removing the flush medians and hatched shoulders.

  2. I concur, turning south recently caught me out with the sudden arrival of a median barrier pole in the middle of the road as i was getting up to speed. At the very least they should have been moved toward the north bound lane as it neared the Waikawa turnoff, providing a suitable flush barrier area in the middle of the road for southbound traffic to get up to speed.
    I travelled back in time to November 2014 via google maps street view and saw the old layout and probably all that was required there was to remove the passing lane for the south bound lane.
    I however disagree with John and believe it probably was designed by kids in still in peddle cars.
    Also; when travelling north to Levin recently I encountered another problem with the new medium barriers. The car in front suddenly slowed down and stopped in the middle of State highway 1 to turn right through a gap in the poles. Technically the car should have pulled over the left and waited for an opportunity to turn, but I suspect they were either making a point or did not know the rules.

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