Privacy Policies

New Zealand law governs how groups can handle personal information they collect. Read about the 12 privacy principles.

Privacy Statement

Created: August 2017

How the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association deals with information about you:

We collect personal information from you, including your:

  • name
  • contact information
  • membership details

We collect your personal information in order to communicate with you about our objects: To promote and protect the interests of Ratepayers and the residents of the district and to create and foster public interest in all matters affecting the progress and welfare of the district. We mostly do this through Newsletters and Member Updates.

Our Rights And Responsibilities

We keep your information safe by protecting it with passwords, only allowing Committee members and local Neighbourhood Support organisers access, and controlling how they may use it.

We take all reasonably practicable steps to protect your personal information, for example by ensuring all recipient email addresses are hidden when sending emails to multiple recipients.

In an emergency, for example a fire or flood at or near your property, we may disclose your contact information for the purposes of protecting you and your property. We do not take that responsibility lightly. If you don’t wish to allow us to disclose your contact information in an emergency then please let us know so we can make a note that your personal information is not to be disclosed unless required by law.

Your Rights And Responsibilities

Providing some information is optional. If you choose not to provide an email address or postal address, we may be unable to send Newsletters, Updates and membership information. You can also ask to unsubscribe from Newsletters and Updates.

If you provide us contact information for others as part of your membership, for example, family members who wish to receive the newsletter, ask their permission first.

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information, or to have it corrected, please contact the Secretary at, or 4 Cathryn Street, Waikawa Beach, RD 31, Manakau, 5573, New Zealand.

Confidentiality Statement For Committee Members

Created: August 2017

Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association holds information about the people in our community, such as names, addresses, email addresses and other contact information.

That information is available to current Committee members, for example in [our Contacts list], or in the spreadsheet maintained by the Secretary.

As a committee member it is your duty to keep that information confidential and private, as required by New Zealand’s Privacy laws.

  • Do not share your Committee password(s) with others.
  • Do not allow others to access Committee information — for example, on a shared computer log out of any accounts to which you have access as a Committee member, and ensure the passwords are not available to unauthorised users.
  • Do not share personal information you have gained from Committee sources with others.
  • Do not use information gained from Committee sources for purposes not related to Committee business.

There may be circumstances where you feel it would be beneficial to share contact information — for example, there’s a flood or medical emergency and a third party needs urgently to contact the owner at a particular address. This would benefit that owner. The correct approach would be for you to access the contact information and make contact yourself then pass on details only when authorised by that individual.