No funding available for expressway or road safety measures

So much for the road between Ōtaki and Levin being improved. In today’s Horowhenua Chronicle (23 August 2019) we see:

… as far as informing the community of the definitive [expressway] route by early August, enquiries with NZTA about its progress have generated a resounding: “No, because there is no money”.

… NZTA now also admits that there is no funding available at the moment for the promised safety measures on the existing SH1 between Ōtaki and Levin.

… Emma Speight, NZTA Director of Regional Relationships said … there is currently insufficient funding to invest in all the infrastructure that communities are asking for including new state highway projects.

… We do not currently have funding to progress this work further and we cannot say now if funding will be available in the next NLTP period (2021-24).

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Local road speeds reduced as of August 2019

As we noted in Local reduced road speeds voted in, speeds on local rural roads have been reduced. There have been further reductions though for Kristin Place and Emma Drive.

The Land Transport Bylaw 2017 Speed Limit Schedules set the following for roads in and around Waikawa Beach:

80 kph 60 kph

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Local body elections 2019

Local body elections are coming up on 12 October 2019. You can vote for candidates for Horizons Regional Council, Horowhenua District Council and the MidCentral District Health Board.

If you’re enrolled as a parliamentary elector you will automatically be placed on the Council’s electoral roll as a residential elector – you can check to see if your details are correct or you can enrol at or call 0800 36 76 56 to find out more.

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Whitebaiting starts on 15 August 2019

Whitebaiting starts on Thursday 15 August 2019, and it looks like there’s a decent stretch of river for it. This year too, the all-purpose entrance off Manga Pirau Street is in excellent condition for vehicles.

Remember to check the whitebait regulations.

Also, whitebait are in decline — we are losing more of them each year, but you can help:

  • Follow the whitebait fishing regulations.
  • Keep your catch small and only take what you need.
  • Release species that are not whitebait.

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Blitz the beach

Community member Sally asked me to spread the word, and I think she’s right:

The tides have delivered a bumper crop of plastic rubbish (so many plastic bags!) onto the beach in the past few days. This gives us the chance to grab that plastic before it gets swept back out into the oceans.

So, if you’re heading to the beach for a walk in the next few days, do take a bag or sack for a bit of plastic rescuing while you’re walking and you’ll get to feel good about doing a favour to our oceans, our wildlife, and our food chain.

The photo shows a small part of rubbish I picked up the other day — mainly plastic, but also foam cushion, cans and other junk. A lot of locals pick up rubbish from the beach from time to time, but we definitely need to blitz it at the moment. All hands on deck!

Beach rubbish.
Some of the rubbish collected on one short walk recently.