Dune damage by vehicles, June 2021

A concerned Waikawa Beach ratepayer is wondering if anyone saw anything where some people in 4-wheel drives apparently roared around in the dunes north of the river, probably yesterday. The ratepayer said:

Just went for a walk this morning and it looks like there has been at least two 4wd drive vehicles have done considerable damage to the dunes behind the river. It looks like it has happened either this morning or last night. Just wondering if you could maybe put out an email and see if anyone saw anything.

The area concerned: turn left and follow the river. The vehicle tracks start on the flat area where the sand sculptures are usually done and head into the dunes immediately behind the river where the main pathway is if the tide is to high to follow the river.

Tire tracks in dune.

Broken vegetation.

Tire tracks in sand.

Broken dune.

Work on Ōtaki to North Levin Expressway (Ō2NL) confirmed (again)

As of 03 June 2021: Grant Robertson on Ōtaki to North Levin Expressway: ‘It is going to proceed’.

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson has delivered some good news to people anxious the proposed Ōtaki to North Levin Expressway (Ō2NL) had been put on the back burner. …

“It is going to proceed.” …

Ōtaki MP Terisa Ngobi said [of this section of SH1] … “It is one of the most dangerous sections of road to drive in New Zealand – in the five years to 2017, there were 49 deaths and serious injuries along the route.

“Sadly, there were two more deaths on Wednesday.” …

“The project includes a separated shared path for walking and cycling running the entire length of the new highway, helping to extend the region’s cycleway.

Query about trampoline on basketball court, June 2021

Folks, someone has put a trampoline on the basketball court at Hank Edwards Reserve. See photo. This was reported by contractors to Horowhenua District Council who have asked me to follow-up with the Waikawa Beach community.

This poses two health and safety risks: wind could pick it up and blow it around; someone could fall from the trampoline to the concrete and suffer bad injuries.

Does anyone know who put it there?

Is anyone willing to remove it promptly and either keep or store it until the owners turn up?

The Horowhenua District Council will take it away very soon if it isn’t removed and store it at their yard until someone owns up to it.

If you remove it or know anything please either comment below or email wbra.committee@gmail.com as I’ve been asked to report back to Horowhenua District Council on this query.

Miraz Jordan

Trampoline on basketball court.
Trampoline on basketball court.

Dog registration fee increase

Horowhenua District Council recently set the fees and fine schedules for dogs and other animals for the coming financial year. Most fees have increased slightly over last year:

These fees and charges were adopted by Council at the 25 May 2021 meeting and will be effective from 1 July 2021.

Fees may be paid during July 2021.

Fees include:

  • De-sexed Pet (Urban & Rural) (Class 3 & 17): $79.00
  • Entire Pet (Urban & Rural) (Class 11 & 14): $132.00
  • Failure to register dog: $300.00
  • Failure to keep dog controlled or confined: $200.00
  • Failure to keep dog under control: $200.00
  • Failure to carry leash in public: $100.00.

More details: Animal Control – Fees & Charges – Horowhenua District Council.