The shock meeting of two streams

We may know the Waikawa River from what we see of it at the footbridge, but around 6 Km upstream our Waikawa River is formed from two other streams: the Waikawa and the Manakau. The two streams converge about 100 metres west of Whakahoro Road. That’s the shingle road with all the letterboxes that runs north, opposite 363 Waikawa Beach Road.

Map showing that Waikawa and Manakau Streams join just west of Whakahoro Road.
North at the top. The Waikawa Stream (north) and Manakau Stream (south) join just west of Whakahoro Road which runs off Waikawa Beach Road, the orange line across the bottom of the map.

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Now they’re stealing the security cameras

Information today from Deborah Campbell, District Coordinator, Horowhenua District Neighbourhood Support:

I have received information that on the 11th February 2 lady’s were seen stealing a security camera at a property in Waikawa Beach rd at night.

This information is just to make you aware that people are about and are targeting security cameras.

If you happen to notice anything suspicious, please do remember to contact the Police and even if you are only able to get registration numbers of cars this all helps.

Deborah Campbell, Horowhenua District Neighbourhood Support.
Deborah Campbell, Horowhenua District Neighbourhood Support.

Manakau Store has a new owner, new menu and extended hours

The new owner of the Manakau Dairy is local to Waikawa Beach. Opening hours are now from 6 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week.

A Horowhenua store has changed hands for the first time in nearly two decades, with the new owner bringing her culinary skills into the mix.

Sonya Martin has taken over The Manakau Store …

Sonya says she’ll maintain a local focus, as well as adding a broader range to the store and increasing its food offerings, as she has many years’ experience in the food industry. …

She and her partner and children have owned a section nearby in Waikawa for 14 years, and moved back full time three years ago. …

A new cold cabinet display is planned for the main counter, which will be stocked with homemade sandwiches and salads, there are muffins and other creations already in stock, and she’ll continue to supply the popular pies the store gets from Temptations Patisserie in Ōtaki. …

She offers gluten-free options, carefully prepared using different equipment to gluten-containing foods, as well as vegetarian options, and stocking items that are organic or reduced sugar.

Source: Manakau Store’s new owner keeping it local and bringing foodie skills – NZ Herald.

Sonya Martin in the Manakau Store in Horowhenua.
Sonya Martin has taken over the iconic Manakau Store in Horowhenua. Photo from Horowhenua Chronicle.

Prowler alert February 2019

There are reports on Facebook from the last few days of people ‘visiting’ local properties at suspicious times.

Be alert for prowlers, burglars, thieves.

Lock up your stuff and keep an eye on neighbouring properties. Call Police if you see something odd or feel concerned. Talk to your neighbours too: building up good connections with the people around you is a good way to increase safety for all of us.

Before Christmas there were a couple of instances of thefts or attempted thefts in the village, luckily foiled by alert neighbours.

And please let the Ratepayers Association know of any incidents. Email the Secretary at .

What do sand dunes do?

Rob Cross is biodiversity manager at Kāpiti Coast District Council. In the 10 minute video below he talks about the natural highlights of Kāpiti’s sand dunes, reminding us what an important job they do creating homes for plants and wildlife and helping protect our coastline. We could reasonably expect our dunes at Waikawa Beach to be the same.

Source: Walks with Rob – Kāpiti Coast sand dunes – YouTube.

Also check out the Kāpiti Caring for Sand Dunes brochure (465KB PDF).

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Tonkin and Taylor River Mouth Report — update

Late last year Tonkin and Taylor came to Waikawa Beach to look at our river mouth and nearby coast. See Coastal study planned for late 2018. The other day we received an update on that report. It seems their findings should be available in the next few weeks:

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