Whitebaiting rules may change

The country’s whitebaiting rules are set to change in an effort to save the four species currently threatened or at risk of extinction.…

Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage. … said there were no plans to introduce a licensing system for recreational fishers or a ban on the commercial sale of whitebait within New Zealand.

But the changes do recommend phasing out the export of whitebait.

Consultation and public meetings will be held through until 2 March and final decisions will be made later this year.

Source: New whitebaiting rules proposal includes phasing out exports | RNZ News.

Sand Sculpture Day photos 04 January 2020

A heap of people turned out to sand sculpture day and there were quite a few very creative efforts. Afterwards the little kids got to dig in the sand for prizes. Many thanks to chief judge, John Hewitson and his assistants Debra Betts and Pat O’Sullivan.

There are loads of photos so most won’t be available in the automatic email that goes out. Visit the post online to see them all. Thanks to Debra for many of the photos, Blair for the excellent drone shots and Miraz for a couple of extra photos.

Group of children beside Tui made of sand.
Sand Sculpture day Saturday 04 January 2020. Photo by Debra Betts.
Tiny sand people in a cave.
Sand Sculpture day Saturday 04 January 2020. Photo by Debra Betts.
Drone shot of sand sculptures.
Sand Sculpture day Saturday 04 January 2020. Drone photo courtesy of Blair.

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Sports Day 01 January 2020

Hard to believe it’s already 2020, but the year started with some great races on Sports Day. Thanks to all those who joined in and to Stephen Betts for photos.

This slow-loading 3-second video of the under-5s reaching the finish line starts us off. By Miraz Jordan.

Adults ready to throw eggs.
Egg throwing partners at the ready.
Older kids sack racing.
Hands up! Nearly home in the sack race!
Little kids in sacks.
Some need hands for the sack race.
Children with legs in sacks, racing.
Sack race. Who’s that without a sack?
Adults and kids in a wheelbarrow race.
What a great set of wheelbarrows!
Adults in a 3-legged race.
Hmmm, what has 4 legs in a 3-legged race?