Wow Waikawa! Photo Fest Wrap-up and feedback please

The Wow Waikawa! Photo Fest took place over the Christmas and New Year break, now read the Wrap-up which reveals where the photos were and what they showed.

The organisers are extremely keen to hear comments and reactions — anything from one word to a sentence to a paragraph to however much you’d like to write.

Please either leave a comment below or email in the next day or so.

We heard that people enjoyed seeing the photos and often took kids or visitors round to look at them. Some people said they found parts of Waikawa Beach they didn’t even know about. A few dedicated souls managed to track down all the available photos — one was stolen on the first day.

If you noticed the photos, searched them out or have any other feedback, please let the organisers know. It’ll go in the report to HDC to thank them for funding the event.

Anja Geelen went the extra mile and took photos of all the photos in situ and made one image.
Anja Geelen went the extra mile and took photos of all the photos in situ and made one image. ‘In the flesh’ the photos were more impressive.

Happy New Year

In this last hour of 2021 I’d like to remind you all to take a tour of the most excellent Christmas lights around Waikawa Beach. Starting with the huge tree at the village entrance, going through the village and around in Strathnaver many houses are displaying lights, from a simple string on the gate through to the magnificence of Wendy and Peter Clark’s display in James Street.

Take an evening tour and enjoy. Some of the lights are shown below. Thanks to all those who dedicated themselves to bringing a bit of sparkle to the end of a tough year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas lights at Waikawa Beach.
Christmas lights at Waikawa Beach.
Christmas lights at Waikawa Beach.
Christmas lights at Waikawa Beach.
Christmas lights at Waikawa Beach.
Christmas lights at Waikawa Beach.
Christmas lights at Waikawa Beach.
Christmas lights at Waikawa Beach.
Christmas lights at Waikawa Beach.

Play the Wow Waikawa! photo spotting game

Something outdoorsy to do over the Christmas break: Spot the Wow Waikawa! photos.

There are at least 3 ways to play the game:

  • randomly spot photos as you go about your daily Waikawa Beach life;
  • see if you can find a photo you sent in;
  • grab a Clue Sheet and try to find all the photos. Clue Sheet A is available from Awa Pukapuka, from the Wow Waikawa! website, or email: and ask for a PDF. Clue Sheet B will be available in early January.

The last way might appeal more to kids, but I’m sure plenty of adults would enjoy the hunt too. 😀 Some photos are super easy to spot; others require a bit of sleuthing.

If you’re looking for all the photos keep these things in mind:

  • Some photos are simple to find.
  • Others need a bit of sleuthing.
  • Some photos are big; some are small.
  • Look at the photos but don’t touch.
  • Note down what’s in the photo, its number, and where it is.
Map of Waikawa Beach.
Where you might spot photos — anywhere publicly accessible after entering the village on Waikawa Beach Road.

Thanks again to all those who submitted photos. So sorry we couldn’t use them all!

One thing I love about all the Wow Waikawa! photos is that I feel like I could have taken them myself (unlike those professional photos you see in competitions where you think: I could never in a million years get that shot.) It felt so great putting the photos up and in my opinion, although Waikawa Beach is already wonderful, the photos add just that extra glint of gloriousness!

2021-2022 summer activities cancelled

Today the WBRA Committee held a special meeting about the Summer Activities and AGM.

There was a great deal of discussion, looking at things from all angles, but in the end we reluctantly agreed to cancel Sports Day, Boat Day and Sand Sculpture Day.

Our main concern was ensure the health and safety of everyone in the community. In the current Covid climate we can’t responsibly organise large gatherings.

The AGM was a much harder decision as we need to ensure every paid-up member has an opportunity to attend any AGM and to vote.

Our Rules state that we must hold the AGM before 15 January each year. However, we have decided that it’s simply not feasible to go ahead with this so we have decided to postpone it until such time as we can safely run an AGM or SGM.

New Zealand law outweighs our own Rules, and limitations on gatherings make it impossible for us to run a safe AGM at the moment.

In the meantime we are continuing as a “Caretaker Committee” and exploring options for calling for nominations and voting on committee officers, perhaps online.

If you wish to put yourself forward for the WBRA Committee β€” in particular we need a new Chairperson β€” please email as soon as possible saying what roles you’re interested in (general Committee member, Chair, Secretary, Treasurer).

We’re sad to have to cancel the summer events, but hope that everyone who visits Waikawa Beach over the next few weeks has a safe, relaxing and fun holiday.

Make sure to take in the Christmas lights, and to join in on the Wow Waikawa! photo fest. Kids: don’t forget Santa’s letterbox by Awa Pukapuka.

We wish you all a very good Christmas and Happy New Year!

Miraz Jordan on behalf of the Committee β€”

Chair: John Hewitson; Secretary: Pip Clout; Treasurer: Fran MacDonald; committee members: Glen Belsham, Debra Betts, Dominic Hayden, Miraz Jordan, Pat O’Sullivan, Yvonne Small, Lesley-Anne Walker, Gary Whitaker.