04 May 2019 opens the game bird hunting season

Just a reminder that Game Bird Hunting season opens on Saturday 04 May 2019.

Fish and Game have detailed information for hunters.

Remember it’s prohibited to discharge any firearm in the settlement.

Pet owners: your dog or cat may be frightened by the shooting. There are several lakes nearby and there’s usually quite a bit of shooting from around 6.30 am on the opening day of the season. Check with your vet about how to handle this.

Female and male mallard ducks with pukeko in the background.
Female and male mallard ducks with pukeko in the background.

Sand Sculpture Day 2019

Saturday 19 January 2019 was a cool and slightly drizzly day, but a hardcore group turned out to make sand sculptures. Many thanks to Stephen Betts for the photos below of Fat cat, Dog and Bone, Air B&B Waikawa, Club Sandwich, Dragon, Volcano and Rabbit. Debra Betts did the judging and John Hewitson handled prize giving. Many thanks too to Frank Averes for his help and support.

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Summer activities schedule 2018-19

As usual, we have plenty of activities planned for the summer. There won’t be any 18 hole golf this year, but the Ambrose Golf (yet to be organised) should be going ahead. Watch for details.

Date Time Activity Notes
Thursday 27 December 2018 3 pm AGM Hank Edwards Reserve. Bring a chair. If wet, at Manakau Hall.
Friday 28 December 2018 2 pm Boat Day At the footbridge. If the weather’s bad it’ll be on Saturday 29 December at 3 pm.
Tuesday 01 January 2019 3 pm Sports Day Hank Edwards Reserve.
Saturday 19 January 2019 Judging at 4 pm Sand Sculpture Day Cross the bridge and turn left.

Most activities depend on the weather so check the noticeboard, the blackboard or the website for last-minute updates.

Please also be sure to pay your membership subs as soon as possible.

Also think about whether you want to stand for, or nominate someone for, the Committee. You must have the permission of anyone you nominate.