Highlights from the 2020 AGM of the WBRA

In spite of a last moment change of venue to the Manakau Hall, about 40 or 50 people found their way to the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association AGM on Sunday, 27 December 2020.

2020 WBRA AGM at Manakau hall.
2020 WBRA AGM at Manakau hall.

While the official minutes aren’t available yet, here are a few informal highlights.

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WBRA Annual Report 2020


The following were elected to the committee for the 2020 year. John Hewitson, Chairperson; Elaine White, Treasurer; Pip Clout, Secretary; Committee: Miraz Jordan, Dominic Hayden, Gary Whitaker, Yvonne Small, Lesley-Anne Walker, Debra Betts, Patrick O’Sullivan, Glen Belsham.

Our secretary Pip Clout has joined us at a very difficult time with the onset of Covid 19. After the first meeting communications became very disjointed. Pip has done very well in getting information and passing it on to the committee.

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WBRA 2019 AGM Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes: Annual General Meeting of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association

Friday 27th December 2019 at Hank Edwards Reserve

Apologies received: Chris Wood, Jan Jordan, Yvonne Small, Brent & Eve Hayden

Confirmation that the minutes of the AGM for 2018 were a true and correct record.

Moved: LA Walker

Second: E. White

Business Arising:

Miratanas allowing maintenance on beach access

Policy re comments on website to be policed

Walkway – Manga Pirau St – not approved

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WBRA update 21 March 2020

Today the Prime Minister announced a 4 level alert system for the Covid-19 pandemic response. We are now at Level 2 which recommends high-risk people stay at home. That includes those over 70 and with health problems.

In light of that, and given that things are unlikely to return to ‘normal’ very soon we have cancelled both the Easter and Queen’s Birthday committee meetings.

We have also cancelled the anticipated hard rubbish collection.

We recommend that you keep an eye out for neighbours who may need help, take walks in the fresh air, but give people space, and reach out if you need help yourself.

Many councils around NZ are closing facilities like libraries and swimming pools — we’re very lucky to have a largely empty beach as our playground.

Covid-19 alert levels chart.
Covid-19 alert levels chart.

Covid-19 alert levels chart (larger). 50KB PDF.

Symptoms chart.
Symptoms chart.

A couple of other items of interest:

  1. The recycling station has been removed. Before next summer we want to discuss with the community what might happen next year.
  2. A ferret was seen yesterday at the north end of Reay Mackay Grove. If you have pest traps then please make sure they are baited up.
  3. Remember there’s a recycling calendar on the right-hand side of the front page of the WBRA website.

WBRA Annual Report 2019




The following were elected to the committee for the 2019 year. John Hewitson, Chairperson; Elaine White, Treasurer; John Russell, Secretary; Miraz Jordan; Lesley-Anne Walker; Yvonne Small; Dominic Hayden; Liz Duncan; Debra Betts; Gary Whitaker; Warwick Bainbridge; John Sharp.


During the year we lost the services of John Russell due to work pressures. I would like to thank John for his work while he was with us. After a lengthy period Pip Clout has put up her hand to act as secretary. I welcome Pip on board and hope we can resolve the problem of obtaining a laptop to assist her with her communications within the committee etc.

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