Financial Statements for year ended 30 September 2018

Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association (Inc)

Financial Statements
For the Year Ended 30 September 2018

Note: we’ve made our best effort to be accurate in putting this report on the web. However, the definitively correct version is the signed copy held by the Treasurer.

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AGM 28 December 2017; unconfirmed Minutes and Financial Report

At Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association AGM 2017.
From left: John Brown (back to camera); Elaine White, Treasurer; John Hewitson, Chair; Kevin Burns, Secretary; Margaret Burns (obscured by tree).

These are the unconfirmed minutes of the AGM. They will be confirmed at the next AGM to be held late December 2018. Please leave a comment below if you believe they are incorrect.





Welcome by the Chairman — John Hewitson welcomed approximately 60 residents and Councillor Christine Mitchell representing Horowhenua District Council.

Apologies: Warwick Bainbridge. Moved: Elaine White. Seconded: Cecily Archer.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Taken as read. A true and accurate record. Moved: Kevin Burns. Seconded: Cecily Archer.

Matters Arising: No matters arising.

Financial Report: Elaine White presented her Financial Report which still needed to be signed. Moved: Elaine White. Seconded: Lesley-Anne Walker. Carried.

Elaine stated that the current reviewer (Brian Clarke) will no longer be available. Looking for a new reviewer.

Chairperson’s Report

John Hewitson moved that the Annual Report be accepted. Seconded: John Brown.

Discussion on erosion situation at the end of Manga Pirau Street

Should any work have to be done there, residents would see a change in the Horizons rates demands. It is not the intention to make a cutting out to the sea for the river; spending $20–$30,000 is not really the right thing to do.

State Highway 1

John Hewitson attended a meeting recently where attendees were notifed that there are seven alternatives for the positioning of the new expressway and a decision is still pending. The eastern side of the motorway could be a preference to keep the Manakau–Waikawa connection intact.

Neighbourhood Support Group

It is generally up to individuals to take care of their own properties whilst also being aware of neighbouring properties. There are privacy issues around the sharing of too much information re where burglaries take place, and identifying personal information of residents.

Jaycars have a lot of different security systems, some with cell phone connections. CCTV warning signs a possibility. Security lighting a good idea too.

Election of Officers 2018

Chairperson: John Hewitson. Moved: Kevin Burns. Seconded: Lesley-Anne Walker.

Secretary: Kevin Burns. Moved: John Brown. Seconded: Miraz Jordan.

Treasurer: Elaine White. Moved: Lesley-Anne Walker. Seconded: John Brown.


  • Lesley-Anne Walker.
  • Warwick Bainbridge.
  • Miraz Jordan.
  • Liz Duncan.
  • Yvonne Small.
  • Debra Betts. Moved: Miraz Jordan. Seconded: Jan Jordan..
  • Dominic Hayden. Moved: Lesley-Anne Walker. Seconded: Kevin Burns.
  • Laurie Stephenson. Moved: Lesley-Anne Walker. Seconded: Cecily Archer.
  • John Sharp. Moved: Kevin Burns. Seconded: Miraz Jordan.
  • Gary Whittaker. Moved: Elaine White. Seconded: Barry Smith.

Moved by Deb Moran and seconded by B Smith that the 2018 Committee members be accepted. Passed

John Hewitson thanked John Brown (who is not standing for the committee) for all his time and efforts both on the committee and as his time as Secretary.

He also thanked Frank Averes (also not standing for the committee) for his time on the committee, although Frank will still carry on with his work with the Neighbourhood Support Group.

Financial Reviewer Required: Moved that John Brown take on this role. Brian Clarke (absent from the meeting) was thanked by John Hewitson for his years of service to the committee.

General Business

Is there someone in charge of Neighbourhood Watch? Frank Averes: there is no one individual in each street. It was a system that was tried in the past, but basically ‘fell apart’ on a street-by-street basis. Deborah Campbell (NSG Co-ordinator Levin) keeps Frank informed of police issues regarding neighbourhood watch.

Telephone list? There are privacy issues around telephone lists but could be compiled with those residents who wish to do so.

CCTV camera on the access road into Waikawa Beach village. This would cost around $20,000 and the system would need to be monitored. Would need to search through data. Better to have more individual systems than just one camera.

What do residents do if they see suspicious activities? Suggested to make a note of it, take a photo, ring neighbourhood watch. Details are on the web site.

Could committee investigate true cost of a CCTV camera. John Hewitson said there are some funds that could possibly be used for this purpose.

Report by Councillor Christine Mitchell

Re a CCTV camera, Christine suggested talking to the Waitarere Ratepayers Committee as well as they have experience of installing such a camera.

Growth in the Horowhenua

Growth is coming and the Horowhenua Council needs to be ready for this. They have a Long Term Plan — a 20-Year Plan. There is a report coming out on 21 February 2018.

Water supply and sewage services to village

Residents need to decide whether they want these services. The services could influence where people choose to live. It would cost approximately $18M. This would then be charged on to ratepayers with an estimated $1500/pa rate increase. Important to let Council know what residents think. Must have your say. Important that committee submits to the HDC 2018/38 Long Term Plan. Also important to individually make submissions. Strength In Numbers.

Part of Horowhenua Growth Strategy includes waste minimalisation plan and consultation on proposed new Otaki to Levin North Expressway.

Horizons Long Term Plan — waterways

Flooding and erosion, starting at Waikawa and moving up to the Rangitikei. Currently no funding available for the estuary. Committee should ask for a review of the Ohau/Waikawa scheme. More operational work is needed in the beach area. Horizons might send a coastal expert to look at how this may happen. Any work could mean there is an increase in rates. Residents need to decide what is wanted and get everyone to agree. Manakau residents (as users of the beach) could be spoken to as well as they need to be aware of the erosion issue.

Any repairs/maintenance requests for Waikawa Beach

should, in the first instance, be made through the Customer Service Centre at Horowhenua Council. Obtain a Service Request number. Contact Christine Mitchell if there is no action.

Christine thanked the committee for their hard work and for keeping her ‘in the loop’.

Questions to Christine Mitchell

Speed limit on beach — 30kph. How do we make our beach stay safe? Christine agreed it was difficult to ‘police’. Waitarere had a patrol, but as that is not available at Waikawa, it can only be the goodwill of those vehicle/bike riders to adhere to the limit. Whilst it could be possible to have a police presence to enforce the 30kph, that could also create the possibility of vehicles having to be registered/wof’ed and riders having to wear helmets, so really a matter of compromise.

Horizons — the question was asked why do they issue a separate rates notice. Christine explained that Horizons are a separate entity and now nothing to do with the Horowhenua District Council — hence two different rates notices.


There was a suggestion that a motion from the attendees at the AGM opposing the water/sewage proposal be put to Council. An alternative was to send an email to all the Waikawa community to get their views and then submit these to Council as soon as possible. There are March/April deadlines around submissions for Long Term Planning both with Horowhenua District Council and Horizons.This could be actioned ASP by the new committee.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 4.15pm followed by refreshments.

Note: Laurie Stephenson has since withdrawn from the Committee for personal reasons.

Financial Report

Note: the Financial Report has not yet been signed.Download the draft report: 2017 Financial Report (288 KB PDF).

At Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association AGM 2017.
From left: Liz Duncan; John Brown (back to camera); Elaine White, Treasurer; Councillor Christine Mitchell; Kevin Burns, Secretary; Margaret Burns (obscured by tree).

Some attending Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association AGM 2017.
Some attending Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association AGM 2017.

Annual Report 2017

Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association

Annual Report 2017


The following members were elected to the committee for the 2017 year. Elaine White, Treasurer; Kevin Burns, Secretary; John Brown, Liz Duncan, Lesley-Anne Walker, Frank Averes, Warwick Bainbridge, Yvonne Small, Miraz Jordan and John Hewitson as Chairperson.

Horizon Rates

During the year several meetings have been held with both the Horowhenua District Council (HDC) and the Horizons Regional Councils to try and resolve the erosion problems affecting the beach access and Manga Pirau Street properties. To date nothing has been resolved and we were advised that any work planned to overcome the erosion would mean that the Horizons rates would be affected. The committee were told that at present there are no rates levied to cover this type of work at Waikawa Beach.

Rubbish Collections

There are still three companies collecting rubbish with two collecting on Monday and the third on Thursday. Again this year many properties have not had their rubbish out on time for collection or had it packed in non-standard packaging. Rubbish for recycling must only be “IN” the green bin and standard rubbish either in a wheelie bin or HDC rubbish bag.

Again this year there will be truck at the Toilet Block on Manga Pirau Street every Saturday through the Christmas/New Year period from 8.00 until 11.00 am for the collection of recycling material.

Rubbish for collection must be out by 7.30am.

Beach Access

Access to the beach off Manga Pirau Street has become very difficult during the year and it will remain this way for some time. Representation has been made to council (HDC) regarding the cutting of the river but it has been decided that the cutting of the channel will not resolve the ongoing problem of the erosion that is taking place.

The HDC has now changed the speed on all Horowhenua Beaches to 30 k/h.

Roading and Grounds Waikawa Settlement

The mowing of the reserve and berms was stopped over the very wet winter season but has now been restarted.

Tar sealing of the side streets was carried out during the year. This resulted in berms being covered in gravel and drainage sumps blocked up resulting in a lot of clean up work.

Resealing of the recent road works just before Emma Drive was carried out on Tuesday 19th December.

Peter and Wendy Clarke have kept the planting and lawns at the entrance to the settlement in very tidy condition as usual.

Speed within the Waikawa Beach settlement is still a concern mainly at school and public holiday time. New signage has been installed to remind motorists about child safety.

SH1 and Waikawa Beach Road Intersection

Committee members have attended several meetings regarding State Highway 1 and the proposed bypass around Manakau and to date no final decision has been made. With the collapses within the Manawatu Gorge finance has become an issue. At present there are seven alternative options for the bypass but no final decision is expected for some time. The next meeting date is set down for February 2018.

Neighbourhood Support and Vandalism

Break-ins have become an issue in December with three incidents reported.

Everyone is again encouraged to note down the registration of cars not usually seen in the village, take photos of unusual events and to be in contact with your neighbours.

Get to know your neighbour is again the theme so that in an emergency you could get in touch and ensure that they were OK.

Defibrillator (AED).

Signs indicating where the defibrillator is located have been upgraded by HDC.

Civil Defence

As indicated by Ross Brannigan Horizons Civil Defence Officer new information signs have been erected with information and instructions on how to respond during and after and earthquake. They are located at the footbridge and the south end of Manga Pirau Street.

I would like to thank the following for their help and support during the year

Councillor Christine Mitchell (HDC) Sub-committee meetings with Horizons etc.

Elaine White Treasurer, Kevin Burns Secretary, Miraz Jordan News Letters information pamphlet, and the committee for their work during the year.

John Hewitson

Jack. Photo by Barry Jordan.
Jack at the Waikawa water hole during our evening swim (he is tossing a ball rather than seeking redemption). Photo by Barry Jordan.

Photo: Jack, by Barry Jordan. Jack at the Waikawa water hole during our evening swim (he is tossing a ball rather than seeking redemption).