LTCCP Submissions

It has been brought to my attention that some ratepayers think the increase in rates is due to the proposed water scheme and that if the scheme does not go ahead then the rates will not increase. This is incorrect.

The rates increase is due to HDC removing the differential between urban and rural ratings and the increases will continue for five years. If you do not use all the facilitites Levin offers because you are weekenders it is important you point out these matters to the Council. Also the costs involved in maintaining sewerage and water have to be taken into account.

I do urge you to send in a submission to the Council.


Massive Rates Rise

The proposal by Horowhenua District Council to increase rates at Waikawa Beach by up to 66% has gone down like a dead duck.
On top of this the council are proposing that we pay for fresh water reticulation which most residents do not want anyway. One resident takes water into her mother at Levin every time she visits as the mother thinks it is better quality and it keeps her going at times when the Levin water is cut or cannot be used for drinking as happens frequently after heavy rain.
At a time when local bodies have been asked by Central Government to tighten their belts because of the economic downturn this massive increase has come as a shock to ratepayers.

Kerbside Recycling

Collection programme for February

Monday  4th – Plastics
Monday 11th – Tin & Aluminium cans
Monday 18th – Paper 
Monday 25th – Glass

HDC ask that supermarket bags are used to sort and pack recycling material to keep things tidy. Bags are collected with the normal Monday rubbish collection. The contractor will only pick up as per the above schedule so to minimise rubbish around the settlement please take note of the correct items and dates.

Full details are available on the Council website