Manakau Strategic Plan 2019 (affects Waikawa Beach)

We have been advised by the Manakau Community District Association about an event that may have implications for us at Waikawa Beach. Apparently there is a subdivision coming up near Emma Drive. If that’s the case then new housing may put pressure on Waikawa Beach Road.

Here’s the notice we received:

Tiffany Gower of the HDC has drafted a Strategic plan for Manakau and we have the opportunity to contribute to this draft in a discussion with Tiffany at a meeting in the Manakau Hall.

On Thursday 21st November [2019] at 4pm

After this discussion the plan will be finalised and put out for consultation. A later meeting will most likely be on a Sunday for maximum availability.

In light of the huge tracts of land put on the market lately, it is most important that the community share with HDC their vision for the future of our area.

To assist with logistics please RSVP by 18th November.

Your ideas are welcome and valued.

If you plan to attend please contact the MDCA directly.

Fires and smoke at Waikawa Beach

It used to be that all outdoor fires were prohibited at Waikawa Beach, but that all changed in March 2019:

Fire and Emergency New Zealand have advised that as of Wednesday, 27 March 2019, an open fire season is in place for the Horowhenua District.

Note: All beach and sand dune areas remain in a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) 365 days a Year.

Horizons Regional Council burning info.
Horizons Regional Council burning info.

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We’re growing

You may have had the impression more people were coming to live at Waikawa Beach, and you could well be right. Certainly, driving around the Strathnaver area and the Emma Drive area shows a lot of activity with new buildings.

But it’s not just us —

Recently released data from Statistics NZ shows the Horowhenua district increased in population by over 3000 people between the last two census counts.…

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Spinifex and pīngao were planted

On Saturday 28 September 2019 a staunch dozen or so folks turned up to help plant 3,000 spinifex and 500 pīngao plants near the north track to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove.

Some of the pīngao plants.
Some of the pīngao plants.

The Horowhenua District Council very kindly make the plants available, at a total cost of around $5,000. Because volunteers pitch in to help with the planting they can spend available funds on more plants.

Three Council workers joined in, spending their own weekend time to help out. Many thanks to Ann Clark, Ben Wood and Craig.

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New spelling of Manawatū-Whanganui (Horizons) region

The spelling for the Manawatū-Whanganui region has been officially corrected. …

The change also means the regional council will be known as the Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Council, Horizons Regional Council is the trading name for the council.

The h in Whanganui has now been added to the spelling of the region, which is consistent with the views of local iwi and their dialect or mita.…

A macron or tohutō has been added to the u of Manawatū which has its origins in a waiata, Ka tatū e hine ko Manawatū, describing the search by ancestor, Haunui-a-Nanaia, for his wife.

He named the waterways on his quest and the waiata talks about how his heart (manawa) settled or momentarily stopped (tatū) when he saw the river. Manawatū is an amalgamation of those two words.

Source: Seal of approval for spelling of Manawatū-Whanganui region | RNZ News.

Join us to plant Spinifex on Saturday 28 September 2019

Horowhenua District Council are once again making spinifex plants available to bolster the dunes. The date for planting is Saturday 28 September 2019. Last year about 40 volunteers made very short work of it. Will you come and help this year too?

Meet at 10 am at the north track to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove. Ben Wood, Parks and Property Office, Horowhenua District Council will start us off with a demo of best planting technique. Ben says:

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