August 2018 Newsletter

Kia ora Waikawa whānau. Well, pollen season is upon us. The yellow is everywhere, even down on the beach.

In this newsletter …

  1. The pollen is upon us
  2. Footbridge refurbishment complete
  3. Beach access
  4. River update
  5. Whitebaiting season starts on 15 August
  6. Lose some, win some
  7. Property news
  8. Did you know: Waikawa Beach, population 3,000

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Congratulations, we’re engaged

Councillor Christine Mitchell, who attends all of our Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association Committee meetings and fronts up very often at other meetings of concern to our community here, has praised our community in the Horowhenua Chronicle of Friday 22 June 2018:

One example of the power of the decision making process to inform Councillors’ decisions was when Waikawa Beach ratepayers explained why they had no need for water or sewage services. Councillors listened and have decided not to pursue feasibility studies there.

I would specifically like to commend the … Waikawa Beach ratepayer groups who presented detailed, professional submissions on behalf of their communities.

Councillor Mitchell commends us.
Councillor Mitchell commends us.

I think we can congratulate all of ourselves on having a great discussion within our community. People left comments on this website, emailed the Committee with their views and turned up en masse at our Public Meeting to discuss the issues.

Then we all sent in our submissions on the Draft Long-Term Plan.

All that discussion informed the submission your Committee made on behalf of the whole community too.

I know the opinions weren’t 100% unanimous, but engaging in the consultation was the important thing.

What a great community we have!

On Track Waikawa : Beach access works, June 2018


On Monday 25 June 2018 work begins on resurfacing the footbridge:

Planning to install the project signs this Wednesday and some further safety fencing on Friday with physical works starting next Monday.

The bridge will be closed between 7.30am – 5pm weekdays when the works are undertaken.

Those who find the bridge a bit slippery on wet or frosty days will be glad to know a mesh will be applied to the surface.

Vehicle access

On 28 June 2018 work should begin on the river cut. A small team of locals will be co-ordinating with Horizons Regional Council and Horowhenua District Council. More information to come.

Boat Day in the 1980’s before the old bridge was washed away by a flood in March 1990. This was before the days of OSH as the bridge had no handrails and looked as though it fall into the river at any time
Boat Day in the 1980’s before the old bridge was washed away by a flood in March 1990. This was before the days of OSH as the bridge had no handrails and looked as though it fall into the river at any time.

On Track Waikawa (beach access)

In February 2018 the track at the end of Manga Pirau Street allowing vehicles access to Waikawa Beach was wiped out by Ex Tropical Cyclone Gita. With no official track, locals took matters into their own hands, carving out a chunk of privately owned land without seeking permission from the owner, and trying to use vehicles on tracks that are exclusively for pedestrians.

This has caused us to examine the question of safe, secure, sustainable access for all to the beach, including pedestrians, horses and vehicles. There are many competing, and sometimes conflicting needs.

Some ratepayers also hold the opinion that all vehicles should be barred from the beach and not given access at all.

If you’re interested in access to the beach, then the On Track Waikawa mailing list is for you.

There will also be a Public Meeting at Manakau Hall at 2 pm on Saturday 19 May 2018 to discuss the issues and find a solution that allows vehicles, horses and pedestrians beach access, while staying safe and protecting the environment. That meeting is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in matters to do with access to Waikawa Beach.

Please attend that meeting whatever opinions you hold, so we can have a community discussion that considers all points of view. The goal of the meeting will be to find next steps with broad support amongst our community.