Wakey wakey shakey shakey

We don’t get too many earthquakes almost directly under our feet here at Waikawa Beach, but a loud rumbly quake this morning earned that distinction.

It was a M2.8, with the epicentre only about 4 Km away and 5 Km deep (screenshot shows preliminary details).

Distance from quake per Google Maps.
Distance from quake per Google Maps.
Quake details.
Quake details before being updated.
Quake location.
Quake location.

Power failure alert Tuesday 23 February 2021

Note: the power went off unexpectedly around 5.10 pm on Tuesday 23 February 2021, and seemed to come back on around 5.40 pm. However Electra confirm power has not yet been fully restored.

So, if, like us, you’re thinking something in your house is at fault because some lights work while the fridge doesn’t, it’s just a matter of waiting.

Update: power seems to have been fully restored at about 6.20 pm.

House prices up; available properties down

There haven’t been many properties for sale around here for a while now, and those that have come up seem to have mainly sold pretty quickly and at robust prices. That observation is confirmed by an article in the Horowhenua Chronicle:

Median house sale prices in [Horowhenua] have hit the half a million dollar mark for the first time ever, on the back of a nationwide property price explosion.

More properties were selling more quickly and for huge prices, with real estate bosses citing a lack of housing stock as a significant factor — the market simply can’t meet the demand. …

Norwell said the Horowhenua District reached a record median house price in December 2020 of $525,000, a figure that was up 36.4 per cent from the same time last year where the median sale price was $385,000.

“Sales volumes for the district also increased 61.9 per cent year-on-year from 42 properties sold in December 2019 to 68 properties sold in December 2020,” she said.

Homes were not sitting on the shelf for long. The time it took to sell a property in Horowhenua decreased from 31 days in December 2019 to 24 days in December 2020.

Source: Horowhenua Chronicle, 29 January 2021, Page 31.

New MP for Ōtaki: Terisa Ngobi

In the 2020 General Election Terisa Ngobi was elected to represent Ōtaki. The Official count was:

  1. NGOBI, Terisa (Labour) 21867
  2. COSTLEY, Tim (National) 18879
  3. LONG, Bernard (Green) 2135

with the various other candidates each gaining fewer than 1,000 votes.

Terisa Ngobi, MP for Ōtaki.
Terisa Ngobi, MP for Ōtaki.

An article in the Horowhenua Chronicle, 30 Oct 2020, Page 8, by Janine Baalbergen, reads in part:

New MP getting ready to tackle region’s issues

Ōtaki’s new woman in Parliament, Terisa Ngobi, is still buzzing from her shock victory on election night, which has set a few precedents.

She said she believes she is “the first Pasifika person, and of course the first Pasifika woman, and the first person/woman of colour to represent Ōtaki in Wellington”. …

Big issues for her over the coming years are the expressway and the Capital Connection.

“I have travelled to and from Wellington for 16 years. I have used the train a lot and driven the road. I know how bad the road is and the train service should be much more frequent.

“I am really excited that the Provincial Growth Fund had brought a lot of green jobs to our areas.”

She said she is keen to explore more environmentally positive initiatives.

“We must protect the environment and there are a few good initiatives in our electorate happening, such as one that is looking at ways to recycle plastics.”

Other issues that have her attention are housing, jobs, and healthcare, especially outpatient care, and the electrification of the rail track all the way to Palmerston North. …

She is Levin-born and bred and simply loves living here. And it is her passion for her town, her district and its possibilities that drive her to improve on what we have. She’s planning to regularly inform her electorate about what is going on, including via columns in the Horowhenua Chronicle.

Photo from NZ Parliament website.