Neighbourhood Support Group

There have been some reported cases of theft in Waikawa Beach recently. The Residents Association recommend that all residents, both permanent and weekenders join the Neighbourhood Support Group. 

If you would like to join the Waikawa Beach Neighbourhood Support Group you are asked to send your name, address, home and work telephone number and email address to:

Horowhenua Neighbourhood Support Group Inc 

c/- Levin Police

PO Box 242


Committee Minutes – 07 April 2007

Held at 4 Cathryn Street on Saturday 7 April 2007

The committee met at 3.00 pm

Also present for first 50 minutes was Michael Cornell to present information on proposed sub-division of 44 half-acre sections off Strathnaver Drive. He answered questions from the committee and addressed some of our concerns. General discussion included issues related to water, effluent, road usage, safety, beach access.

The formal meeting commenced at 3.55 pm

Apologies: Helen Hewitson, Brendan Duffy.    Wyatt/Duncan 
Present: Cecily Archer, John Brown, Gary Drake, Liz Duncan, Graeme Hassell, John Hewitson, Lesley-Anne Walker, Joe Wilson, Erica Wyatt.

Minutes: Accepted as a true and accurate record.              Duncan/Walker          
Matters arising from the Minutes:
• There is still a huge rabbit problem. Pindone to be distributed.
• There has been no communication from Wendy at Neighbourhood Support.
• Lesley-Anne has the sign for the end of bridge and arrangements are underway for a board to attach it to.
• Jack has repaired the noticeboard. Erica to officially thank him for his efforts.
• The details of the website need to be discussed and finalised so it can go ahead.
• The Association has the $2,000 for the boat ramp. It was decided that it should be known as “Andy’s Ramp” as he would have made such frequent use if it.
• Christmas holiday activities were all successful. Specific age groups for sports day worked well.
• ‘Lock it or Lose it’ sign are now up.
• Barbed wire in ‘desert’ still a concern. Suggestion that the catchment Board be asked to deal with it.
• No word yet about the rubbish bin at the bridge.
• Broadband should be here by mid-April.
• Tranzit and Horowhenua District Council meeting –
o Summary of accidents on Main Road
o Speed limit and relevant signage to be put on bridge to reduce speed there
o Everything else is a ‘no-go’.
• Burglary in Sarah Street. Seen by a Neighbourhood Watch representative but not recognised for what was it was. Need to make residents aware that burglaries do happen here and everyone should be on the lookout for anything not normal and/or suspicious.
• John H reported that the Neighbourhood Support meeting was worth attending and gave some details of Police operations,

• Council Draft Annual Plan – Kapiti green waste to be dumped in Horowhenua landfill and the use of the revenue from this.  Erica to write notifying the Council that we are not in favour of this proposal.
• Pritchard’s sub-division plan – application for resource consent expected to be mid-April. Information about this to go in newsletter. We need specific reasons to want to modify the plan.

Financial Report: No financial report this time.
Accounts passed for payment       
LCR – bins for clean-up day   $236.00
Graeme Hassell – ice for Boat Day  $  18.00
Liz Duncan – Sports Day incidentals  $201.30

General Business:
• Erica to prepare submission on Cornell sub-division.
• Working Bee on ANZAC Day 9.00am at Entrance.

Michael Brown joined the meeting to discuss the proposed web site. He explained our options and opportunities. John Brown to be the Web ‘Captain’. Site should be operational in a month. Details of the subdivision to be included in information. The possibility of a Blog site for registered rate-payers was discussed. Michael will prepare a design for our approval.

Next meeting to be Saturday 2 June at 3.00pm at 24 Manga Pirau Street .
Following meetings 22 September and 8 December.
The meeting closed at 5.20 pm.

New Sub Divisions

I purchased a house at WaikawaBeach in 2000. What attracted me to this area was the peace and serenity, no shops or other commercial activity and the lack of traffic which made the area safe for my family and grandchildren to walk or ride on bikes around the settlement. It was surrounded by rural zoned land which we believed would ensure that it remained that way. It was also recognised as the most crime free of all the Horowhenua coastal communities.

Three years ago a subdivision was approved for the nearby Strathnaver Glen, access to which is through WaikawaBeach. Residents were informed at the time that the subdivision would comprise 28 lifestyle sections with only two that could be further subdivided. We now find that many of these other sections are also being subdivided into up to ten sections each.

The ratepayers of WaikawaBeach were let down on that occasion.

I am naturally opposed to any significant increase in the size of the settlement and therefore are opposed to any sub division which includes high density housing. I believe that the proposed subdivision is in rural zoned land and also within the Coastal Environment. It would destroy the present tranquil atmosphere and the increased numbers would place additional pressure on the already fragile eco system of the area. This includes the loss of some of the wet lands and increased traffic in the sand dunes. The present WaikawaBeach access road is unsuitable for increased traffic and its junction at State Highway 1 is similarly inadequate. The access to the beach at present is only per favour of 2 landowners and any increase in numbers using this may result in that privilege being withdrawn. Increased numbers would also cause irreparable damage to the sand dune areas which, with present traffic, have a very fragile stability.

Waikawa Beach is a close knit community. This is demonstrated at the annual meeting of ratepayers when up to 100 residents attend to hear District and Local Councillors who have said that it is the best attended meeting of any community in the Horizons District. It is my opinion that this happy liaison between the local authorities and the community will suffer if the proposed subdivision is allowed to proceed.

WBRA AGM 29 December 1974

This was the first Annual General Meeting of the WBRA. 60 people attended.

Some points from the AGM:

  • The Committee was reduced to 6 plus Chair and Secretary.
  • Mr Ken Dalzell was re-elected as Chair.
  • Secretary: Mr Stan Calvert; Committee: Mr. M Hurn, Mark Edwards, Alistair McKay, C. H. Spidy, Dr. Shirtcliffe, C. Mackie.
  • All members were asked to make a $5 contribution to fund the river works.

Some points from the Report:

  • In 1974 concern about erosion of the western river bank led to the formation of the Association.
  • The Committee were clear that they did not want the character of the river as a desirable swimming and boating facility to be changed.
  • The bridge was repaired.
  • The area was cleaned up and rubbish bins were to be available over the holidays, but there would be no regular rubbish collection.
  • A trial found the Fire Brigade could be on scene within 12 minutes of receiving a call.
  • Tree planting was expected to go ahead.
  • The Post Office promised a public call box.
  • A 30 Kph speed limit was not possible but safety measures were to be instituted.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Page 1.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Page 1.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Page 3.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Page 3.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Report Page 1.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Report Page 1.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Report Page 2.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Report Page 2.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Report Page 3.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Report Page 3.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Accounts.
WBRA AGM 29 December 1974 Accounts.