Kohi-tātea (January) 2021 WBRA Newsletter

Kia ora e te whānau,
This summer has been marked by cooler, greyer weather, and wind, and bits of rain and even the occasional thunderstorm. The threat of rain moved our AGM at the very last moment from Hank Edwards Reserve to the Manakau Hall. That caught out quite a few people and the Committee has resolved to look into getting a marquee for future AGMs.

There have been a few hot sunny days too, to keep the spirits up, and to bake those caught up in traffic queues caused by two major incidents that closed the road near Ōhau, one for about 5 hours.

And then we’ve had well-patronised summer activities: Sports Day, Boat Day and Sand Sculpture Day.

  1. Summer Activities
  2. Transport Trials
  3. Trees
  4. Recycling Station
  5. Local News
  6. WBRA Subscriptions
  7. SH1 Intersection

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Tīhema (December) 2020 WBRA Newsletter

Kia ora e te whānau,
It’s been wet. Very wet: about 132 mm of rain since the last newsletter 4 weeks ago. Oh, and warm, so all the lawns and weeds and veges have been growing like anything.

In this newsletter we have several water-themed items. But first a few quick notes.

  1. Quick notes
  2. Awa Pukapuka
  3. River news
  4. Beach news

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Noema (November) 2020 WBRA Newsletter

Kia ora e te whānau. Well, it’s the time of year where you mow the grass, turn your back for a minute and it shoots up so you have to mow it again. On the other hand veges are coming up nicely in the garden too.

In case you missed it, there was a General Election. We have a new MP in this area: Terisa Ngobi, for Labour.

Read on in this newsletter for details of the Waikawa Beach Summer Activities, open to all at the beach.

Beware burglars: there have been more reports of thefts and burglaries from this area. Talk to your neighbours and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Lock up your stuff. If you have concerns call the Police.

Handy phrase for the month: Kua tae mai ngā kūaka. (The godwits have arrived.)

Important note: Village entrance tree removal, 23 and 24 November 2020 may cause delays, so leave extra time for your travel.

In this newsletter:

  1. Summer activities
  2. Property
  3. Recycling station
  4. Toilet block on hold
  5. Brief news
  6. WBRA Subscriptions are due now

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Oketopa (October) 2020 WBRA Newsletter

Kia ora koutou kātoa. Spring is definitely with us, bringing gales, late frosts, warm days, cold days, rain, and of course the Great Changing Of The Clocks. Handy phrase for the month: Kei te pupuhi te hau! (It’s windy!)

When the WBRA Committee meets at Labour Weekend we’ll be planning summer events and activities. Let’s hope that our Covid-19 reponse in this country continues well so we’ll be able to relax and run our usual activities.

Before then, of course, we have the General Election. There are many polling places available for those voting in this Ōtaki electorate, including the Manakau District Hall, 12 Mokena Kohere Street, Manakau, from 9 am to 7 pm on 17 October 2020. You should have received your voting papers by now, so please make sure to cast your ballot.

  1. Property
  2. Population growth in Horowhenua
  3. Long Term Plan
  4. Spinifex planting
  5. Recycling
  6. WBRA Subscriptions are due now

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Ākuhata (August) 2020 newsletter

Kia ora koutou kātoa. We’re now firmly in the second half of 2020. The days are a bit longer and we’ve been enjoying a bit of warm sunshine, though for the allergy sufferers, pollen season has begun.

It’s been quiet around the place, but we have a few items of news for you.

  1. Please help build the dunes with spinifex
  2. Whitebaiting opens 15 August
  3. The draft Manakau Community Plan
  4. Beach access signs
  5. Seal season
  6. Determined burglars about
  7. Recycling — this week or next?
  8. Ōtaki to North of Levin consultations

Please help build the dunes with spinifex

If you can spare an hour on the morning of Saturday 22 August 2020 to plant a tray of spinifex and pingao plants then we’d love your help! Horowhenua District Council are supplying 3,000 plants. Bring a spade and a few friends or family members if you can. Read more at: Spinifex planting 9.30 am Saturday 22 August 2020 — please join in.

Whitebaiting opens 15 August

Whitebaiting season opens on Saturday 15 August 2020. Someone has kindly provided brochures with the rules — see the noticeboard by the footbridge.

The draft Manakau Community Plan

The draft Manakau Community Plan affects us. Have your say by 24 August 2020. The Plan has been drawn up by Horowhenua District Council in consultation with the Manakau community. Items on rezoning land for projected population growth, roading options and even the potential supply of water and wastewater systems could affect us.

Beach access signs

New beach access signs for Reay Mackay Grove tracks have been installed recently. The bright blue poles are particularly helpful for those trying to find the path off the beach and back to Reay Mackay Grove.

Seal season

It’s the time of year when we start seeing seals on the beach, often cleverly disguised to look like bits of driftwood. Be extra cautious if you’re driving, and keep an eye on dogs and children. The law says we must keep our distance.

Tyler Gilberd shows off his catch.
Tyler Gilberd shows off his catch. Photo submitted by Lesley-Anne Walker.

Determined burglars about

Up at Manakau recently burglars went to extreme lengths to remove items from a locked and protected house. Read more at Beware the burglars. Meanwhile the Waikawa Beach Facebook group had reports of firewood and water thefts. Keep in touch with your neighbours to keep an eye on the properties around you.

Recycling — this week or next?

It’s hard to keep track of recycling. That’s why we have a calendar on the right hand side of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association website

Ōtaki to North of Levin consultations

The Ōtaki to North of Levin highway is progressing, with NZTA about to start consulting with affected landowners. Meanwhile, the WBRA is representing the Waikawa Beach perspective. If you have comments about the O2NL project then email us at wbra.committee@gmail.com.

Mauri mahi, mauri ora. — Through work, we prosper.

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan

Hune (June) 2020 newsletter

Kia ora koutou kātoa.

It’s officially winter but there have been plenty of ‘deck’ days out in warm sun under a clear blue sky, and the beach, as always, has been fabulous. And now, ever so slowly, the days are growing longer.

We’ve been seeing a few visitors back in the rental baches but things are pretty quiet still.

  1. The most coveted holiday home in the country
  2. Property news
  3. Pizzas and veges
  4. Menacing dogs
  5. Winter visibility
  6. Manakau Quiz Night
  7. 1845 and no main road
  8. Drone photos
  9. Council News

The most coveted holiday home in the country

Once Queen’s Birthday weekend rolled around and we could all travel about again, apparently interest in Waikawa Beach spiked. The Holiday Houses website, owned by Trade Me, saw a massive increase in people searching for a place to spend their 2020 Queen’s Birthday weekend. The number one property that drew the most interest by travellers searching online, was an eight-bedroom beachfront mansion on Reay Mackay Grove. Read more at Interest in Waikawa Beach holiday home.

Property news

The house at 37 Sarah Street sold. There are still a few properties available on Amelia Way, off Emma Drive.

Pizzas and veges

Just up the road the Manakau Market will deliver boxes of fruit and veges, and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays they also deliver pizza from 5 to 8 pm. Read more at Local business delivers veges and pizzas.

Menacing dogs

Each year the Horowhenua District Council reports on how many dogs are registered, how many of those are dangerous or menacing, and where those dogs are to be found. In 2018–2019 (the most recent information) there were 4 menacing dogs and no dangerous dogs at Waikawa Beach. Read more at 4 menacing dogs at Waikawa Beach.

Also: be careful around dogs while on the beach. A local resident’s dog was attacked by a large white dog on the beach a few weeks ago. Animal Control are following up on this.

Winter visibility

It can be specially hard for drivers over winter, especially with the low angle of the sun, or on grey days with drizzle and gloom. Which means that folks out on bikes or horses, jogging or walking can be particularly hard to see. Add in dark clothing and there’s an accident in the making. Unfortunately people and dogs are unlikely to come out of a collision well. Please, if you’re out exercising wear fluorescent colours, or at least light and bright colours.

Manakau Quiz Night

Perhaps during the Shutdown you spent some time building your knowledge bank of history, literature, entertainment, sports? Then the Winter in Paradise Quiz Night on Friday 17 July 2020 will be your chance to shine. Read about it at Manakau District Community Association : AGM, Quiz Night.

1845 and no main road

So you think the days when SH1 is jammed up and it takes you 3 hours to reach Waikawa Beach are a hardship? You need to read The wonderful journey of Thomas Bevan in 1845. With no SH1, on a trip from Wellington to Waikawa Beach in 1845 several children and their guide slogged through dense bush, up and down hills, with numerous overnight stops.

Drone photos

Courtesy of Twitter, several photos of the village and river mouth: Drone photos from Queens Birthday 2020.

Waikawa Beach village.
Waikawa Beach village.

Ben Wood, Parks and Property Officer at Horowhenua District Council sent us 3 drone photos from May 2020: Dune photos from May 2020.

Here are those aerials taken during lockdown, I’ve put in a 2011 aerial. You can use the 2011 fence as a reference for how much we’ve been able to build the dunes. I measure it at around 50 – 60m!

The spinifex plantings from the last few years are definitely helping to build the dunes.

2011 photo. Just look at that boardwalk!
2011 photo. Just look at that boardwalk!

Council News

  • Horowhenua District Council Rates rebates applications close on 30 June 2020:

    Horowhenua ratepayers who have yet to apply for a rates rebate for the 2019-2020 rating year are encouraged to do so before applications close on 30 June 2020.

    Ratepayers with a household income up to $25,660 may be eligible for a rates rebate up to $640.

    Those earning above $25,660 may still qualify for a rebate, depending on income, level of rates and number of dependants.

  • Council voted to decrease the amount of rates income it will collect for the 2020/21 year, compared to the current 2019/20 year.
  • Dog registrations are due.
  • The Hank Edwards Reserve toilet block plans are progressing. No actual updates yet, but draft plans are nearing a stage where they could be ready for community comment. One potential difficulty is that as Horowhenua District Council needs to cut back on spending, the work might not be carried out this year. We’ll update you once there’s confirmed information.

Ehara i te tī! — You only live once!

The various species of tī (cabbage tree) are noted for their ability to survive in spite of the serious prunings they receive. Even one cut to ground level normally produces young shoots. Moreover they can easily be transplanted from cuttings. Man is quite the opposite. Once he falls (dies), he will never rise again.
— Te Ao Hou, No. 17 (December 1956)

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan