Paenga-whāwhā (April) 2019 Newsletter

Kia ora koutou katoa. Along with a spot of rain we’ve had some truly perfect days. Plenty of people have been enoying the beach and the water, along with the blue skies and still warm sunshine.

It’s been a quiet month, but there are two major items to report: the erosion study and work to be done at the all-purpose beach access off Manga Pirau Street.

In this newsletter …

  1. Tonkin and Taylor beach erosion report
  2. New improved all-purpose access to Waikawa Beach
  3. Refresh for north and south tracks off Reay Mackay Grove
  4. Property news
  5. Next Committee meeting
  6. Subscriptions and contact info
  7. Do you know: Bittern or Matuku

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Poutū-te-rangi (March) 2019 Newsletter

Poutū-te-rangi (March) 2019 Newsletter

Kia ora koutou katoa. The year seems to be flying by. The mornings often bring a bit of ground fog, soon burned off by the sun, and followed by a scorching day. Some days the sea has been so calm and the day so warm you feel like you're on a Pacific island. Where are the coconut palms?

In this newsletter …

  1. Wandering stock
  2. Review of Speed Limits on Rural Roads
  3. Congested roads
  4. Congested river
  5. River cleanup
  6. Tonkin and Taylor erosion report
  7. Problems at Hank Edwards Reserve
  8. Reay Mackay Grove beach track maintenance
  9. Blue beach track marker posts
  10. Helicopters and Hercules
  11. Property news
  12. Do you know

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Hui-tanguru (February) 2019 Newsletter

Kia ora Waikawa whānau. As usual for this time of year the ground has dried out, the grass is brown and people are monitoring rainwater tanks. In the Meteorological Drought Index we’re in a Very Dry area.

It’s been a while since the last newsletter — ahhh, summer holidays! — so there’s a bit to report.

In this newsletter …

  1. Ready for rain
  2. Road News: Flush median and flexible posts; Review of Speed Limits on Rural Roads
  3. Summer water monitoring
  4. Tonkin and Taylor River Mouth Report
  5. Fishing boats
  6. In the News:
    • A knighthood comes to Waikawa Beach; congratulations Sir Kim Workman
    • James Street Christmas Lights placed 5th
    • Manakau Dairy new owner
    • One Waikawa Beach tiny home in the news
  7. Hank Edwards Toilets
  8. New Secretary
  9. Website Comment Policy
  10. Recycling: Bins at Hank Edwards Reserve; Wheelibins
  11. Lock up your valuables
  12. Summer activities
  13. Horowhenua District Council development plans for Manakau
  14. Property news
  15. Do you know: The Manakau Store website
  16. High tide and a free ride

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Hakihea (December) 2018 newsletter

Kia ora Waikawa whānau. November might have had a summer feeling, but the last 4 weeks brought us spring weather, not to mention lupins flowering, which is bad news for those of us with hayfever. So the good news is: no drought. On the other hand lawns and weeds just keep growing.

Meanwhile, we need a new Secretary. Could that be you?

We also need announcers for Boat Day and Sports Day this year — none of our usual willing helpers are available this year. Could this be you? Please let us know as soon as possible.

In this newsletter …

  1. Spring’s here
  2. Committee nominations & AGM
  3. Subs are due now
  4. Summer Activities timetable
  5. Christmas lights
  6. Arthur Street caravan fire and thefts
  7. Summer water monitoring
  8. River clearing
  9. Local growth news
  10. Fatal crashes and safety measures
  11. Expressway route has been decided
  12. Drivelive
  13. Property news
  14. Did you know: The 4 metre seal of 1906 and its tremendous fins

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November 2018 Newsletter

Kia ora Waikawa whānau. As we have more warm or hot days with no rain there’s a definite summer feeling already. It’s time to start watching water use so the tanks don’t go down too quickly. That also means it’s time to remember the permanent total fire ban in our part of the world — no fires on the beach or in the yard unless you have a permit.

In this newsletter …

  1. Summer’s here
  2. Please pay your subs now
  3. Summer Activities timetable
  4. AGM and committee
  5. Where are all the whitebait?
  6. River water monitoring
  7. River cut update
  8. Tonkin & Taylor assessment
  9. Beach access
  10. Reay Mackay Grove beach tracks remain pedestrian-only
  11. Share the beach
  12. Speedy Internet
  13. Summer Shorts
  14. Property news
  15. Did you know: Our river is fed by two streams

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October 2018 Newsletter

Kia ora Waikawa whānau. We’ve had some utterly gorgeous days of blue sky and sunshine lately, but with an occasionally very chilly night and spots of snow on the Tararuas.

In this newsletter …

  1. Blue sky and sunshine
  2. Subs are due now
  3. Activity this year
  4. Access for horses to the beach
  5. Fibre Internet for Waikawa Beach
  6. Spinifex planting
  7. Recycling changes
  8. Property news
  9. Did you know: Society news of the 1930s

Subs are due now

Thank you for supporting the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association. We’ve had a busy year and it’s good to know we’re working with and for our community.

It’s time to pay your annual $25 sub.

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