Submission emailed on Review of Speed Limits on Rural Roads

We sent a submission as follows:

This submission is on behalf of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association. Our paid membership represents more than 100 Waikawa Beach households, more than 12% of them in the Strathnaver area.

  1. Our Association has long requested that the speed limit along the full length of Waikawa Beach Road from SH1 to the village entrance should be no more than 80 Kph. We support reducing the speed limit along Waikawa Beach Road from its current 100 Kph to 80 Kph or less.

  2. We have surveyed the affected ratepayers and residents who are members of our Association, and have 100% support from them for speed reductions along Emma Drive, Kristin Place, Strathnaver Drive and Reay Mackay Grove, but with the following notes:

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Speed Limits on our roads may change – submissions by 15 March 2019

Horowhenua District Council is undertaking Stage 1 of a district-wide review of speed limits on rural roads. Submissions close at 5PM on 15 March 2019. Extracts below, but read the full information at the link.

This review affects most of the rural roads reached by turning off SH1 onto Waikawa Beach Road. We’ve collated the individual suggestions from the proposal document available at the Council’s website (and linked below in case their link disappears).

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Horowhenua beaches have road rules

Horowhenua drivers are being urged to be more thoughtful about taking their vehicles on the beach.

Dangerous driving on Horowhenua’s beaches will not be tolerated and people need to remember road rules apply, police say.

All beaches with public vehicle access are considered public roads, which means the road rules still apply, even if there is no signage.

In Horowhenua, driving is allowed on the whole coastline, with a 30km/h speed limit for all areas. …

A report by the Coastal Restoration Trust says there is “clear and irrefutable evidence from New Zealand and overseas experience that the use of vehicles on beaches can cause adverse environmental and social effects”.

The report stated that many of the activities vehicle owners access beaches for, including fishing, boat launching, recreation and sightseeing, might be benign on their own, but that they contribute to a cumulative negative effect on the environment.

Source: Police remind Horowhenua drivers the beach has road rules – NZ Herald.

Boat launch at Waikawa Beach.
Boat launch at Waikawa Beach.

Road changes near Ōtaki roundabout 28 January 2019


On Monday night northbound traffic will be moved onto the new road layout after the Ōtaki roundabout to allow for work to take place on the final tie in of the new and old sections on SH1.

During this time, southbound traffic will continue to use the existing bridge, and a 30km/r temporary speed limit will be in place in both directions. This will keep traffic flowing and create a safe work space for our contractors.

This is the first step on the way to having all traffic moved onto the new layout by March 2019. For the safety of yourself and others, please slow down and adhere to the temporary speed limit whilst travelling through the new layout. ^RS

Via NZTA Facebook page.

Road changes near Ōtaki roundabout 28 January 2019
Road changes near Ōtaki roundabout 28 January 2019