Fewer crashes nearby in 2019

Safety might be improving on the stretch of road between Ōtaki and Levin. While frequent congestion is still obvious, and perhaps even getting worse, the number of crashes and fatalities has declined between 2018 and 2019.

In response to an Official Information Request we received the following information.

Crashes reported to the Wellington Transport Operations Centre on SH1 between Mill Road (Ōtaki) and Hokio Beach Road (Levin):

In 2018 there were 64 crashes. 12 incidents required the road to be closed and 2 were recorded as causing delays. The remaining 50 incidents were recorded as the road remained open with no delays.

In 2019 there were 43 crashes. 4 incidents required the road to be closed and another 3 were recorded as causing delays. The remaining 36 were recorded as the road remained open with no delays.

In 2018 four people died as a result of four vehicle crashes.

In 2019 one person died as a result of one vehicle crash.

See also: Crashes and congestion nearby in 2019.

Attached is the actual reply to the Official Information Request: OIA-6257 response (120 KB PDF).

Crashes and congestion nearby in 2019

We all know how problematic SH1 is between the Ōtaki roundabout and the corner of Hokio Beach Road in Levin (by Gipsy Caravans). In 2019 we kept a running log, based mainly on the NZTA Twitter account, of crashes and congestion that affect us here at Waikawa Beach.

Key details are below, but in summary: 7 crashes that closed the road or caused congestion, and 9 other days where congestion in that area was a problem. There were also many occasions where congestion between Wellington and Ōtaki was a problem.

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Beach access upgraded 29 November 2019

The Horowhenua District Council have graded the Manga Pirau Street beach access, added mulch to help stabilise the sand and blocked off the illegally created track.

The mulch is an experiment but if folks drive in a way to avoid ripping up the track it should help a bit.

Work was completed before 0930 on 29 November 2019.

Mulch has been laid to help stabilise the sand on the track.
Mulch has been laid to help stabilise the sand on the track.

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Upgrade to beach access on 29 November 2019

Recent winds, tides and usage have made the beach entrance off Manga Pirau Street difficult for vehicles. The Association contacted Horowhenua District Council, and after a site visit we’ve received this info from Ben Wood,Parks and Property Officer:

An update on the beach access works, we have received approval from Mr. Miritana to regrade the entrance to the beach. Our contractor has this earmarked for Friday [29 November 2019].

There will be mulch added to the mix, this should help retain the entrance shape but is purely experimental in this particular situation. We would normally add it to dunes where there is a risk of wind and wave action disrupting plantings so I’m unsure how it will behave under vehicle disruption.

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Passing lane near Ōtaki to be closed

The southbound passing lane on SH1 north of Ōtaki, between the intersections of Lawlors Road and Taylors Road, will be closed permanently from Tuesday 22 October 2019.

Due to safety improvements, the passing lane southbound prior to Otaki will be permanently closed from Tuesday 22nd October. Plan your journey accordingly and take extra care.

Map showing passing lane location.
Map showing passing lane location.

Safety improvements on SH1 – your comments

NZTA say that safety is a major issue for this region, so they have a number of safety initiatives underway on SH1 Ōtaki to Levin:

A review of speed limits on SH1 from Ōtaki to Levin will begin in the near future. While technical advice will be an important part of this review, local knowledge and experience of using these roads is also vital to this process, and we will be actively seeking input and feedback from the community.

Source, 04 October 2019 Media release: Ōtaki to north of Levin.

If you have comments on the safety of SH1 or speed limits between Ōtaki and Levin please add them on this blog post so the WBRA Committee knows and understands your views. I expect the Committee will want to make a submission on behalf of the Waikawa Beach community.

Of particular interest for all of us of course is the intersection with Waikawa Beach Road.

Comments you make on the blog post may be quoted in any submission we put in.

Another option is to email your comments to the Secretary, but leaving comments here allows others in the community to add their responses and discuss the ideas.