January 2022 – Arapaepae Road will be southbound only

Driving north in January 2022? Be alert to the roadworks and northbound lane closure on SH57. Waka Kotahi explain:

SH57 roadwork detour northbound

Work on the Queen Street / SH57 roundabout started in May, and in the New Year we’ll start on seal widening to accommodate painted wide centrelines and sections of side barrier.

During the construction of the safety improvements on SH57 in 2022, Arapaepae Road will be southbound only, south of Heatherlea East Road.

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Beware flooded roads, 07 and 08 December 2021

Folks, we’ve had about 100 mm rain in the last 48 hours or so, and even more up in the Tararuas. There are photos and videos on Facebook showing flooding across Waikawa Beach Road, possibly deep enough that a small car would have problems. Be careful around Takapu Road.

Up at North Manakau Road the Waikawa Stream is very full of muddy water by the looks of things. That will be heading down and out to sea.

On a brief drive around at lunchtime today all the usual paddocks were pretty much underwater and there was a lot of water on the sides of the roads.

If it keeps raining overnight — down here or up in the hills — there could be a lot more water to deal with by morning.

Take care on fresh road seal on Waikawa Beach Road

Last week new road seal was laid from about 363 to about 385 Waikawa Beach Road. Take care while driving on the new seal. Keep the speed down, and watch out for loose chips that might break the windscreen.

Turns out some folks thought speeding on newly laid seal was a good idea!

Photo by Paulette McArley and used with permission.
Photo by Paulette McArley and used with permission.

See also: Road resealing by footbridge, 30 November 2021.

Manga Pirau Street vehicle entrance reopens

Great news today for all those who’ve been revving their engines waiting for the Manga Pirau Street vehicle entrance to open. As at lunchtime on Thursday 02 December 2021 a digger had moved the concrete blocks and was busy reshaping the track so vehicles, horses and pedestrians can actually get onto the beach.

When you’re driving, riding or walking on the beach please avoid the ‘corner’ south of the river where Oystercatchers and other birds are nesting. Stick close to the river and the high-tide mark. Pedestrians: you have the advantage of being able to easily see the birds — just be cautious as you walk around and please don’t let dogs or kids harass birds.

And many thanks to the Miratana family for allowing the community to continue to cross their private land!

Digger at Manga Pirau Street beach entrance.
Digger at Manga Pirau Street beach entrance.
Reshaping the track.
Reshaping the track.
Oystercatcher on a nest in the sand near driftwood.
Oystercatcher on a nest in the sand near driftwood.
Oystercatcher on a nest with several eggs.
Oystercatcher on a nest with several eggs.

Manga Pirau Street vehicle track to reopen

Good news for those waiting to drive their vehicles or ride their horses onto the beach. Today we received an email from Arthur Nelson, Property and Parks Manager • Tumu Rawa, Papa Rēhia, Horowhenua District Council:

I have spoken with the owners who are happy we reopen the [Manga Pirau Street] track subject to protecting the land from a similar issue. I have had a meeting with the contractor on site to discuss the matter and we will come back to the Residents Association once we have firmed up the proposal.

Road resealing by footbridge

Sometime around 27 November 2021, Horowhenua District Council without warning resealed a section of Waikawa Beach Road between Emma Drive and the footbridge. Vehicles need to slow to 30 Kph on the new seal for a few days and road markings haven’t yet been done.

Newly sealed road by the footbridge.
Newly sealed road  near Awa Pukapuka.

It’s disappointing that the Horowhenua District Council roading team don’t let the community know about such roading works before they happen.