Now they’re stealing the security cameras

Information today from Deborah Campbell, District Coordinator, Horowhenua District Neighbourhood Support:

I have received information that on the 11th February 2 lady’s were seen stealing a security camera at a property in Waikawa Beach rd at night.

This information is just to make you aware that people are about and are targeting security cameras.

If you happen to notice anything suspicious, please do remember to contact the Police and even if you are only able to get registration numbers of cars this all helps.

Deborah Campbell, Horowhenua District Neighbourhood Support.
Deborah Campbell, Horowhenua District Neighbourhood Support.

Prowler alert February 2019

There are reports on Facebook from the last few days of people ‘visiting’ local properties at suspicious times.

Be alert for prowlers, burglars, thieves.

Lock up your stuff and keep an eye on neighbouring properties. Call Police if you see something odd or feel concerned. Talk to your neighbours too: building up good connections with the people around you is a good way to increase safety for all of us.

Before Christmas there were a couple of instances of thefts or attempted thefts in the village, luckily foiled by alert neighbours.

And please let the Ratepayers Association know of any incidents. Email the Secretary at .

A possibly slightly safer road to Levin before Christmas 2018

With four fatalities on this stretch of road [State Highway 1 between Ōtaki and Foxton] over a two week period last month, the NZ Transport Agency, Horowhenua District Council and Kāpiti Coast District Council met this week to discuss ways to improve safety on the road immediately and in the long term.

“To make New Zealand’s roads safer we need to improve every part of the system – that means safer roads, safer vehicles, safer speeds and safer drivers,” the Transport Agency’s Director of Regional Relationships Emma Speight says.

“That’s why the Transport Agency has already committed to the Ōtaki to north of Levin project, which will improve safety between Ōtaki and Levin. We expect to be able to announce the details of the project soon.

“We also have a programme of safety initiatives that we expect to begin next year and in the meantime, we will implement a number of safety measures on State Highway 1 within the next three weeks including flexible posts on flush medians, temporary electronic safety message signs, and radio advertising targeting traffic over the busy holiday period.”

Source: NZTA and Councils working together to improve safety on SH1 | NZ Transport Agency.

I’d say another factor is the enormous number of huge trucks. With better railways in New Zealand perhaps many of them could be taken off the roads altogether.

Meanwhile, if any of these interim safety measures work as desired then we’ll all be able to breathe easier.

Rolling down Waitārere Beach

A car crash on Waitarere Beach has left one person seriously injured on Friday [07 December 2018].

It appears the small hatchback vehicle was overloaded. A Fire and Emergency spokesperson confirmed six people were in the car when it rolled near the surf lifesaving club some time after 3pm.…

Photos of the scene posted online by Waitarere Beach Volunteer Fire Brigade, which attended the incident, showed steeply curving tyre tracks near the vehicle.

Source: One person injured after car rolls on Waitarere Beach – NZ Herald.

As we come into summer with more people using the beaches please drive carefully, wherever you are.

3 menacing dogs at Waikawa Beach

Each year the Horowhenua District Council reports on how many dogs are registered, how many of those are dangerous or menacing, and where those dogs are to be found. The numbers seem to change a bit each year. This year there are 3 menacing dogs and no dangerous dogs at Waikawa Beach.

Menacing and dangerous dogs 2017 to 2018.
Menacing and dangerous dogs 2017 to 2018.
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No permission for horses to use the Reay Mackay Grove tracks to the beach

Earlier this month we wrote about a Letter of Request to the Horowhenua District Council to allow horses to use the south track to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove: Safety and convenience: horses on the South Track.

The Council have said No to the proposal.

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