We must stay in our own bubbles

Covid 19 Breaking bubbles illustration.

… the prime minister was really clear on this. Her advice: Act like you have Covid-19. Minimise the time you spend outside your home. That means no going for a leisurely drive or driving to the beach. What if you had an accident or your car broke down? There won’t be a coastguard to get us out of a pickle, so no boating or surfing.

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Don’t drive to the beach during lockdown

Don’t even think about driving to the beach or a park for some fresh air once the lockdown starts. That’s the message from police commissioner Mike Bush, who told Newstalk ZB host Chris Lynch that people should only go out in their cars to get essential supplies.

“What happens if somebody wants to go for a drive, say to a local beach or get out and about to a local park?” Lynch asked. “Are they in a position to drive there?”

“There’s a short answer to that – no they’re not,” replied Bush. “You only go out in your vehicle if you need to go and get essential food supplies, essential medical supplies or medical treatment. Otherwise, please stay at home.”

Source: Covid 19 coronavirus: Don’t drive to the beach during lockdown, police warn – NZ Herald.

Hank Edwards Reserve toilets closed

The toilets at Hank Edwards Reserve are now closed, with barriers bolted across the doorways. Link below.

While the seesaw hasn’t been locked off in any way, please don’t let your kids play on it as the corona virus could be passed via the handles.

A State of National Emergency has been declared across the country as the Government pulls out all the stops to curtail the spread of COVID-19. …

As the country moves into Alert Level 4 – Eliminate, at midnight, we need all the tools at our disposal to ensure everyone reduces down contact with one another across the board.…

“For now, I ask that New Zealanders do their part. Stay home, break the chain, save lives,” [Prime Minister] Jacinda Ardern said.

The best advice we are repeatedly being given is to stay in our bubble.

Look for ways to stay in your bubble, not for loopholes to get out of it.

Act like you have the virus.

Stay home except for essential supplies, such as food or medicine. Exercise outdoors is OK, but avoid all contact with others: try a friendly wave or a conversation from different sides of the street.

If you’re out and about on a walk beware what you touch! The handrails and metal barriers at the footbridge could transmit the virus.

Also keep in mind that patting someone else’s dog or cat is a possible way the virus could spread.

The key thing to think about is: How can I help stop this virus?

BTW: while it seems many folks have come to spend the Level 4 shutdown time at the beach, some properties are empty. Folks intent on theft and burglary won’t stop just because they’re supposed to stay at home. Keep an eye on the houses round you and if you see something suspicious contact the Police.

Toilets closed notice.
Toilets closed notice.
Gates bolted to the concrete.
Gates bolted to the concrete.
Toilet entrance blocked.
Toilet entrance blocked.

Keep in touch with your neighbours and shout out if you need help. We have a fabulous community, let’s get through this in the best of health!

See: Council closes main office, public toilets, playgrounds – Horowhenua District Council.

Walk on the beach, but not with others for a while

As of Monday 23 March 2020 NZ is at Level 3 alert for Covid-19 virus, and we will be at Level 4 by Wednesday. The Prime Minister clarified that while we must stay home, this doesn’t mean we’re confined to the house:

What I am again advising is that people will act in a solitary way locally. You may drive for a walk on your local beach, but you must stay local. We’re asking people to stay local, but there won’t be roadblocks

In cases where people are alone, stay in contact [in person] with only the same people for the entire time.

Coronavirus live updates in NZ and around the world on 23 March | RNZ News.

Covid-19 alert levels chart.
Covid-19 alert levels chart.

She also clarified that what we need to do is to stop associating in person with others, as it is now believed we have community transmission of the virus.

The point is to stop having close contact with numbers of other people.

What we should all do: reach out to others to check on them — perhaps by phone. Reach out if you need help.

Unfortunately, too, any event is one that people with bad intent can exploit. Beware folks you don’t know offering support, and keep an eye out for people who may see this as their chance to burgle properties or steal equipment or vehicles.

If you need help and don’t know who else to turn to then reach out to the Ratepayers Association.

We are a community that cares.

WBRA update 21 March 2020

Today the Prime Minister announced a 4 level alert system for the Covid-19 pandemic response. We are now at Level 2 which recommends high-risk people stay at home. That includes those over 70 and with health problems.

In light of that, and given that things are unlikely to return to ‘normal’ very soon we have cancelled both the Easter and Queen’s Birthday committee meetings.

We have also cancelled the anticipated hard rubbish collection.

We recommend that you keep an eye out for neighbours who may need help, take walks in the fresh air, but give people space, and reach out if you need help yourself.

Many councils around NZ are closing facilities like libraries and swimming pools — we’re very lucky to have a largely empty beach as our playground.

Covid-19 alert levels chart.
Covid-19 alert levels chart.

Covid-19 alert levels chart (larger). 50KB PDF.

Symptoms chart.
Symptoms chart.

A couple of other items of interest:

  1. The recycling station has been removed. Before next summer we want to discuss with the community what might happen next year.
  2. A ferret was seen yesterday at the north end of Reay Mackay Grove. If you have pest traps then please make sure they are baited up.
  3. Remember there’s a recycling calendar on the right-hand side of the front page of the WBRA website.

Restricted Fire Season from 24 January 2020

A Restricted Fire Season is in place:

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) have advised that as of 8am Friday 24 January 2020 a Restricted Fire Season is in place for the entire Horowhenua District, until revoked or amended by Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Note: All beach and sand dune areas remain in a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) 365 days a Year.