Toxic shellfish alert, August 2018

These signs warning against eating shellfish have appeared at Waikawa Beach in the last couple of days.

Danger toxic shellfish sign at vehicle entrance.

Danger toxic shellfish sign at vehicle entrance.

The signs have been put up by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), though the web address shown on the bottom of the signs only leads to an error page. The correct link is shown below.

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Village entrance blind spot work 20 August 2018

Unfortunately the trees at the village entrance create a dangerous blind spot. They’ll be trimmed back in August 2018.

One of the striking things when a newcomer first arrives at Waikawa Beach is the planting at the village entrance. First planted by volunteers in October 2005, the trees and shrubs have now grown up so much that they create a blind spot and don’t meet roading regulations. On 20 August 2018 they are to be severely cut back.

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Coastal Erosion, Footbridge, June 2018, comments by Michael Feyen

The other day Michael Feyen, Mayor of the Horowhenua District Council, visited Waikawa Beach to look at our erosion problem and the footbridge. He uploaded a couple of short videos to his Facebook page that are worth a watch. Here they are below.


Substantial dune work is required at Waikawa Beach to mitigate erosion and affects on properties. HDC and Horizons immediate input is vital.


Waikawa Beach bridge is likely to need significant repairs.

It was particularly interesting to hear his comments on how well we’d turned out to comment on the recent Long-term Plan draft. We seem to have made an impression.

Possible attempted burglary in James St on 03 June 2018

We’ve heard from a reliable source about a possible attempted burglary over Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

It was probably a random incident but is a good reminder for everyone about home security.

Apparently two men from a vehicle parked in James Street tried to enter two properties with people at home around 12.30 am Sunday morning (03 June 2018).

They tried a door at the first house, then seemed to try to force a garage door at another house. Another man in a dark puffer jacket kept an eye out from the gate before the owner chased them off and called police.

Police responded but couldn’t locate any vehicles leaving the area and they may have gone to ground.

Unlike in cities, police in this area operate on open channels so criminals with scanners find it much easier to avoid them.

A vehicle parked down the road on James St had taken off at speed from James and north on Sarah. The vehicle may have been a dark coloured sedan possibly a Honda with a very loud ‘boy racer’ type exhaust.

The same sounding vehicle was later heard at around 5.30 am doing the circuit of Manga Pirau, James & Sarah again at speed before disappearing.

If you saw a suspicious vehicle over this period matching the description or the person in the puffer jacket please contact Levin Police with any info that may assist.

Total Fire Ban reminder

The Total Fire Ban signs show up on Waikawa Beach Road about 3 Km from the village. This whole area is under a permanent total fire ban all year round. Fire and Rescue has been giving us some good clear reminder signs though, including one at the vehicle entrance on Manga Pirau Street:

This beach has an all year round Prohibited Fire Season from the Mean Water Line to the Eastern Boundary of the Sand Dunes.

Gas cookers or Gas barbeques are permitted at any time on the beach but excludes use within the Sand Dunes.

Total Fire Ban Area.
Total Fire Ban Area.
Total Fire Ban sign at vehicle entrance.
Total Fire Ban sign at vehicle entrance.

We have quite a clutter of signs now at that beach entrance — a bit of a shame given that it’s the only spot in Waikawa Beach where the public can get a fantastic view without needing to go down to the beach proper.

View from the vehicle entrance.
View from the vehicle entrance (past all the signs).

Beware phone scams

Beware phone scams. If in doubt about the caller hang up and find the company’s number then call back.

The local Neighbourhood Support Co-ordinator sent on this info:

There's a fake Spark Technician phone hack going around getting you to download a programme called Supremo to sort out your computer. Don't do it — hang up.

They know your computer number, your details and give you a pin and phone number to ring to confirm they are legit.

Remember not to have your bank account pin number automatically on your account — type it in each time so no one has automatic entry into your hard earned funds.

If you receive a call like this see if the number comes up on your phone and write it down, then ring Spark so they can at least try to trace the origin.

I’d add that if you’re unsure if such calls are legit or not never call back on a number they give you. Instead look up the phone number for the company for yourself and call that number.

Some of the recent scam calls I received.
Some of the recent scam calls I received.

As a Vodafone customer, I’ve recently had quite a few scam phone calls originating from overseas. They address me by name but they aren’t anyone I have any dealings with. I hang up and then block the number on my cellphone.