Be alert: suspicious maroon ute, 14-Oct-21

We’ve been alerted today of a maroon ute with covered back tray behaving suspiciously in the Strathnaver area, especially around the building sites. Police advise (PDF):

Police are always interested in suspicious activity. Don’t hesitate to contact them at 105 to report unusual activity. If you see a crime being committed, call 111 right away.

We have contacted our Neighbourhood Support Liaison person, Deborah Campbell, to advise her of this activity.

If you see a suspicious vehicle stay safe. Take a photo if possible. Note the number plate if possible.

Keep your eyes open; keep your tools and gear locked up.

Manga Pirau Street beach access update, 14 September 2021 0930

folks, we’ve moved the picnic table to block the track and added tape. This should at least cause drivers to stop and look before moving things aside and driving off the cliff into the water.

Pedestrians can still cross, however THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO. The ‘other track’ was illegally put in across private land and the owners are not happy at all. If you use that track you are trespassing and endangering everyone’s access to the beach. The owners have agreed we can use the existing track, but it’s at their discretion.

Low tide was around 8.30 am and there was a 3 metre drop-off into the river from the legitimate track then. High tide is around 3 pm and things are likely to get worse.

Last time this happened it was months before vehicles could access the beach again.

Photos to come.

NZ at Level 4, 18 to 21 August 2021

A reminder that the whole country is now at Covid Alert Level 4 for at least the next 3 days; some parts up north for longer.

Last year in Level 4 the Council closed the toilets at Hank Edwards Reserve.

Covid-19: What the different alert levels mean:

Level 4 means Covid-19 is not contained in New Zealand and there is a risk it is spreading in the community.

People must stay at home in their bubble unless for essential movement, including for essential work, to go to the supermarket, clinics and pharmacies, for example.

All businesses must close except for essential services, including those mentioned above, petrol stations and lifeline utilities. Travel is severely restricted.

People can exercise in their local community, but playgrounds are off-limits. All gatherings are cancelled, educational facilities and public venues are closed.

Ministry of Health says in alert level 4 supplies may be rationed and health services reprioritised.

People are advised to get tested if they have symptoms or have been at a location of interest, and keep a safe distance from others.

Stay home; stay safe. If you need help with something let someone know: a neighbour or the Ratepayers Association ( Keep an eye on neighbours who may need help too. We’re all in this together.

Bizarrely, Waikawa Beach and Manakau also at Alert Level 2

A keen-eyed person on the Waikawa Beach Facebook group noticed this official information today at Wellington | Unite against COVID-19:

Wellington region moved to Alert Level 2 at 6pm on Wednesday 23 June [2021]. This area includes Ōtaki, Waikawa Beach, Manakau, Wairarapa, and Kāpiti Coast. This measure will remain in place until 11:59pm Sunday 27 June.

That seemed wrong because Waikawa Beach and Manakau aren’t in Wellington region so I emailed the officials. They directed me to the Boundary Map which confirms we are included in Level 2.

Level 2 boundary map includes Waikawa Beach and Manakau.
Level 2 boundary map includes Waikawa Beach and Manakau.

The text below reads, in part:

The Greater Wellington region boundary includes Ōtaki, Waikawa Beach, Manakau, Wairarapa, Kāpiti Coast, and also the islands within the Wellington Regional Boundary.

  • Commencing on the mean high-water mark of the west coast of the North Island at the mouth of the Waikawa Stream
  • proceeding in a generally north easterly direction along the south bank of the Waikawa stream to intersect with Waikawa Beach Road then along Waikawa Beach Road to intersect SH1

The main Level 2 requirements are to keep your distance, get tested and otherwise stay home if you’re sick, no more than 100 people at social gatherings.

Car theft from Takapu Road May 2021

Not happy to see wrongdoing close to Waikawa Beach reported in the 14 May 2021 newsletter from Deborah Campbell, District Coordinator, Horowhenua Neighbourhood Support:

UNLAWFUL TAKES OF M/V: Takapu Road (40-50), Manakau, 4/5/2021

CAR/PERSON ACTING SUSPICIOUSLY: Ihaka Hakuene St (1-20), Manakau, 12/5/2021

Newsletter screenshot.
Newsletter screenshot.

If you see suspicious behaviour around your own property or your neighbours, take photos if it’s safe to do so, and call the Police.

Game bird hunting season starts 01 May 2021

There are several areas around Waikawa Beach where gamebird hunting takes place. It’s easy, for example, to hear the shots from Lake Huritini. If you have animals that respond poorly to the sounds of shooting it would pay to keep them confined for a few hours from dawn on [Saturday] 01 May 2021.

Safety first this game bird hunting season | New Zealand Police:

With game bird hunting season starting on 1 May, Police is reminding people to be vigilant about safety.

“We encourage everyone heading out shooting this season to refresh themselves on the seven rules of firearm safety,” says Acting Superintendent Mike McIlraith, Officer in Charge: Arms Safety and Control. …

The Seven Firearms Safety Rules

  1. Rule 1: Treat every firearm as loaded
  2. Rule 2: Always point firearms in a safe direction
  3. Rule 3: Load a firearm only when ready to fire
  4. Rule 4: Identify your target beyond all doubt
  5. Rule 5: Check your firing zone
  6. Rule 6: Store firearms and ammunition safely
  7. Rule 7: Avoid both alcohol and drugs when handling firearms

And for those who enjoy shooting, remember it is illegal to carry or use a loaded firearm in a vehicle. See Rabbits and firearms safety on the road for more detail.