Rabbits and firearms safety on the road

It’s a common complaint that there are too many rabbits around Waikawa Beach. They damage gardens, dig holes in the grass and also chomp their way through spinifex and pīngao on the dunes.

Some local farmers shoot the rabbits on their own properties.

Earlier in March though a member of the local community contacted us with a concern about a practice called spotlighting where people drive around in a vehicle equipped with a spotlight and then shoot rabbits from the vehicle.

One Saturday night at around 11.30 our correspondent saw:

…a truck/ute with men standing on the back and the spotlight on the roof. They were parked…

There was some alarm at the possibility of folks driving around at night on the roads of Waikawa Beach shooting at spotlit animal targets. The chance of stray bullets harming pets or people or property is quite a worry.

Note: if you have the permission of the landowner you can ‘spotlight’ on private property.

We contacted Firearms Licensing, Central District HQ to get an official response on this topic. They referred us to the Arms Code 2013 (2 MB PDF), and also responded:

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Broken windows and missing fairy lights

These have recently come to our attention:

FYI House on Duncan St broken into [13 March 2021] — rock through a window. Cupboards rifled but nothing stolen as nothing worth stealing (not even the vintage board games). More nuisance than anything but wanted people to be aware.

Also, on 22 February 2021:

Hi everyone, We have just moved into Arthur St and meet all the neighbours. What a lovely bunch of folks thanks for the welcome.

Much to my horror my Fairy lights were stolen off the front deck . If anyone has any issues with Fairy Lights please come and ask, no need to steal them they are one of my most treasured Taonga,they bring a smile to my face .

Happy Days Nick

Beach and Marine threat over for 05 March 2021

National Emergency Management Agency on Friday 05 March 2021 — last updated 3:43 pm:

The National Advisory issued at 2:48pm following this morning’s earthquakes near the KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION is cancelled.

The advice from GNS Science, based on ocean observations, is that the Beach and Marine threat has now passed for all areas.

Strong and unusual currents and unpredictable surges will continue for up to another 24 hours. People should remain vigilant and take extra precautions with regards to beach and ocean activities.

Tsunami alert sign at Waikawa Beach.
Tsunami alert sign at Waikawa Beach.

Danger: Stay off the beach Friday 05 March 2021

Via National Emergency Management Agency, Friday 05 March 2021 — last updated 10:44 am:

Strong and unusual currents and unpredictable surges near the shore are expected in the following areas. This means a threat to beach, harbour, estuary and small boat activities.

The West Coast of the North Island from AHIPARA to MAKARA including the West Coast of Auckland, Manukau Harbour, New Plymouth, Whanganui and the Kapiti Coast.

Kermadec Earthquake 2 M8 1 Tsunami Forecast Map.
Kermadec Earthquake 2 M8 1 Tsunami Forecast Map.


This is a Tsunami Warning for New Zealand coastal areas following the magnitude 8.1 earthquake near KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION.

The severity of currents and surges will vary within a particular coastal area and over the period this warning is in effect.

The first wave may not be the largest. Tsunami activity will continue for several hours and the threat must be regarded as real until this warning is cancelled.

Please don’t leave dead fish for the birds

Lesley-Anne Walker contributed this reminder about good fishing etiquette:

Several beach walkers have mentioned to me the fish skeletons left on the beach…

These are generally from people with their kontikis who gut and fillet their catch before they go back home.

Fishers should take a spade down and at least bury the remains and not let them get floating about in the water where people swim or where you could stand on them in the shallows.

It’s a simple thing to do.

Leaving them for the seagulls is laziness and thoughtless to those who want a swim.

It’s just good fishing etiquette.

We’ve all probably stumbled across fish skeletons like this on the beach … sometimes half a dozen or more at a time. So, fishing folks: add a spade to your equipment pile and please bury the bits you’re not taking home.

Trees tidied by footbridge

As planned, trees creating a safety hazard by the footbridge were trimmed on Wednesday 23 December 2020. See: Footbridge closed 23 December 2020 for tree work.

The work also included taking down a broken branch from the big tree in front of the toilet block, and lopping off a few low-hanging branches by the dog poop bag dispenser by the bridge.

Treescape truck in position by the footbridge.
Treescape truck in position by the footbridge.
Workers in the trees across the bridge.
Workers in the trees across the bridge.