Safety and convenience: horses on the South Track

We want your views. For safety and other reasons horse riders want to be able to use the South beach track off Reay Mackay Grove. Please read the item and tell us what you think.

We have a safety issue on Waikawa Beach, and it’s to do with horses. We want your views about what action to take.

Imagine this: you’re down on the beach enjoying your favourite recreational activity, perhaps flying a kite or model aircraft or riding your dirt bike. The kite’s fluttering in the breeze, swooping and diving. It’s good fun.

Now a horse and rider come along after a good jaunt along the beach. The rider sees the kite, between them and the only exit from the beach horses are allowed to use: the vehicle entrance. This rider knows their horse, like many horses, will startle at the erratic movements of the kite.

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Tree trimming underway at village entrance

It’s a wet, cold and miserable day but the folks from Treescape are hard at work trimming back the trees and shrubs at the village entrance. This work is necessary to clear sight lines and to comply with roading regulations.

Tree trimming at the village entrance.

Tree trimming at the village entrance.

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Toxic shellfish alert, August 2018

These signs warning against eating shellfish have appeared at Waikawa Beach in the last couple of days.

Danger toxic shellfish sign at vehicle entrance.

Danger toxic shellfish sign at vehicle entrance.

The signs have been put up by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), though the web address shown on the bottom of the signs only leads to an error page. The correct link is shown below.

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Village entrance blind spot work 20 August 2018

Unfortunately the trees at the village entrance create a dangerous blind spot. They’ll be trimmed back in August 2018.

One of the striking things when a newcomer first arrives at Waikawa Beach is the planting at the village entrance. First planted by volunteers in October 2005, the trees and shrubs have now grown up so much that they create a blind spot and don’t meet roading regulations. On 20 August 2018 they are to be severely cut back.

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Coastal Erosion, Footbridge, June 2018, comments by Michael Feyen

The other day Michael Feyen, Mayor of the Horowhenua District Council, visited Waikawa Beach to look at our erosion problem and the footbridge. He uploaded a couple of short videos to his Facebook page that are worth a watch. Here they are below.


Substantial dune work is required at Waikawa Beach to mitigate erosion and affects on properties. HDC and Horizons immediate input is vital.


Waikawa Beach bridge is likely to need significant repairs.

It was particularly interesting to hear his comments on how well we’d turned out to comment on the recent Long-term Plan draft. We seem to have made an impression.