Should Horowhenua District Council introduce a Māori Ward?

Should Horowhenua Introduce a Māori Ward? – Horowhenua District Council:

Feedback closing on May 04, 2021, 05:00 PM

The intention of Māori Wards is to provide a way for councils to achieve fairer representation of Māori members of their communities, and ensure greater Māori participation and input into council decision making processes.

HDC Long-Term Plan and a new Waikawa Beach walkway

We sent the following enquiry about the Long-Term Plan currently being consulted on:

We note that Page 144 and following of the Activity Statements mention a Waikawa Beach walkway.

Can you please clarify for us what that means or refers to. What walkway?

This was the Council’s response:

This is a proposal to potentially formalise a walkway from the Waikawa Bridge exit on the northern bank of the Waikawa stream to the beach via the existing title shown on the plan, or alternatively across the private land, to more effectively manage public access and minimise erosion/wear and tear to the back-dunes which have formed a relatively stable ecology.

Proposed Waikawa Beach walkway.
Proposed Waikawa Beach walkway.

The Activity Statements allocate funding each year from 2021 to 2031 for this walkway. The total is a bit over $300,000.

Budget allocations for walkway.
Budget allocations for walkway.

Why and How to have your say on the HDC’s 20 year plan

Submissions close at 4.00 pm on 19 April 2021.

This is a time of enormous change. The Horowhenua District Council’s Long-Term Plan for the next 20 years affects the Rates we pay, what our communities look like, and how we live our lives. The Councillors want us to give them guidance on how to shape the next 20 years.

Be sure to check the section called Supporting Information to be able to see details of the plans and the planned spending. In particular look at Activity Statements (PDF, 6MB) for details of planned spending on all items including land transport (starts P64), solid waste (starts P80, includes recycling and landfill), community facilities (starts P96, includes pools, libraries). [OK, I stopped here — there are a lot of areas to look at.]

Page 144 and following mention a Waikawa Beach walkway. We’ll see if we can find out what that’s about. The pedestrian bridge upgrade is mention on P140.

The WBRA won’t be making a submission on behalf of the community so it’s particularly important that we each take some time to see what the plans are and then to tell the Council what we think.

We can tell them what we think of the plans in several ways: fill in the online form, post or deliver a letter to the offices, or write an email and send to If you write your own letter or email please state the topic, your views on that topic and why you think that way about that topic.

Also see our blog post on this.

A bit of context

The Council are making plans in the context of:

  • A forecast (roughly) doubling of the number of people who live in Horowhenua by 2041, along with a huge growth in population in the larger Wellington and Kāpiti region.
  • Covid-19 and how it is affecting things or will affect things.
  • Climate change.
  • Changing Government regulation and action on fresh water, sewage and stormwater (the Three Waters).
  • The Expressways between Wellington and Ōtaki and from Ōtaki to north of Levin.
  • A lot of infrastructure in the Horowhenua is old, in poor repair and in need of significant maintenance or renewal. Growth will require new infrastructure.

What’s up for discussion

  • Development contributions: should property developers contribute to costs such as the water pipes, roads etc their development will require?
  • Changes to how residences, farms and rural businesses are rated.
  • Changes to the Land Transport Targeted Rate: should there be a change to what proportions are paid by businesses and households?
  • The Foxton Pool: we all contribute towards this facility in our rates and it needs major maintenance or repair, or even to be closed.

Each topic has implications for our rates, and for how our larger community functions.

Check what your future rates are likely to be.

Get information

The Council are running drop-in sessions where you can ask questions: Tuesday 6 April – 4pm to 7pm – Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō Main Space, or Wednesday 7 April – 3pm to 6pm – Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom Main Space, or Monday 12 April – 4pm to 6pm – Te Whare Oranga, Shannon.

Note: many thanks to Councillor Christine Mitchell who attended the Easter Committee meeting of the WBRA and clarified not only what is up for discussion in the Long-Term Plan, but why we should be concerned. She also pointed out the importance of looking at the supporting documents, such as the Activity Statements linked above.

Horizons Regional Council’s draft 2021-31 Long-term Plan, submissions close 23 April 2021

Horizons Regional Council’s draft 2021-31 Long-term Plan is out for consultation. Submission close at 5 pm on 23 April 2021.

Horizons Regional Council vision for the future is Tō tātou rohe — taiao ora, tangata ora, mauri ora. Our place — a healthy environment where people are thriving.

The draft LTP sets out Horizons’ proposed plans for managing the region’s natural resources over the next 10 years. This includes identifying suggested activities to be delivered and what proposed average rate contributions will be required to cover the estimated costs for the first three years.

Horizons is proposing an average rate increase of 8.0 per cent for Year 1 of the LTP, 7.3 per cent for Year 2, and 6.9 per cent for Year 3.

… “We’re also asking for feedback on our proposal to fund improvements to passenger rail services in the Lower North Island. Horizons share of the cost would go towards building new trains and stations, along with improved infrastructure, while also splitting the cost of replacing the current Capital Connection trains with our partners Greater Wellington Regional Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

Download the draft plan (6.3MB PDF) from Horizons or from here: HRC Consultation Document March 2021 (6.3MB PDF).

HDC Long Term Plan 2021–2041, submissions close 19 April 2021

Horowhenua District Council Long Term Plan 2021–2041: Growing Our Future Together:

Submissions close on 19 April 2021 at 04:00 PM

Our Long Term Plan outlines a variety of outcomes that we are planning for, including our community outcomes, finances and infrastructure. You can find the projects and services we plan on delivering, including how much things will cost.

It also outlines your rates and how they might look in the future. It’s important to ensure we are spending money in the best possible way. Knowing what matters to you in our community is important and why we want to hear from you.

Key Consultation Topics

We’re asking for specific feedback on key topics:

  • The future of Foxton Pool
  • If we should reintroduce Development Contributions as a key tool for funding our growth infrastructure
  • Proposed Changes to the Land Transport Targeted Rate differential
  • Proposed changes to the general rate.

Inside our Consultation Document you’ll find information about these key topics and options for you to have your say, along with what’s proposed for your rates and how we plan to fund the activities and services we provide.

Long Term Plan 2021-2041 Consultation Document (PDF 5MB)

Recycling Station update Summer 2020-21

The next regular recycling collection dates are: 21 December, 04 January and 18 January.

In the past Horowhenua District Council have provided a recycling station for 3 or 4 months over summer near the toilets on Hank Edwards Reserve. This has caused a lot of distress to residents within a 200 metre radius who have suffered from the noise it creates — smashing bottles, people using the station in the middle of the night.

After several failed attempts to instead revert to the old Saturday recycling truck system and to find a different location, this year things have changed.

The recycling station will be installed around 14 December 2020 and will be available until around 07 January 2021. This is peak visitor time.

Signs will ask people to keep the noise down.

We also ask that people use the station only during daylight hours — the slots may be closed overnight anyway.

The regular fortnightly recycling collection at the gate continues. Please use that facility if you can and only take your recycling to the station if that regular collection doesn’t work for you. That will also help reduce noise and the problem of the container filling up. The next regular collection dates are: 21 December, 04 January and 18 January.

Recycling station at Hank Edwards Reserve.
Recycling station at Hank Edwards Reserve in 2018.