Fibre Internet for parts of Waikawa Beach

Fibre Internet is being rolled out to the village (only). Unfortunately the Emma Drive and Strathnaver areas miss out.

Work is about to start in the village to bring fibre for Internet.

Note that fibre is only available for part of our community: those in the village itself. Areas like Walkers Lane and Emma Drive aren’t included, nor is the area beyond around number 48 Strathnaver Drive.

We have already queried why some parts of our community are being left out and have tried to push for them to be included. It seems it’s to do with what the Government has specified for the rollout, and rural areas aren’t included at this time. It quickly became clear that any change would require a monumental effort beyond our resources.

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Higher rates from Horizons from 2018

Horizons will raise our rates, put some funding to the Capital connection train service, and keep on keeping on with regard to Waikawa Beach.

I received a letter (1) today from Bruce Gordon, Chairperson at Horizons. The letter was in response to a submission to the Long-term Plan.

They intend to put $110,000 towards the Capital Connection train service in Year 1, so that’s good news for those who want us to have a decent train service.

They also intend to increase rates.

About the Waikawa Stream and erosion at the beach, the news is more muted. Read on for the detail and for photos from the letter.

1: Have these people never heard of email?

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Horowhenua bus survey 2018

Horizons Regional Council want our feedback on the local bus services they provide. Deadline is 08 August 2018.

Horizons Regional Council provide 3 bus services in our district and want to get feedback from us, whether we use the bus services or not:

We want to hear our Horowhenua residents’ thoughts on the three bus services available within your district.

There’s Levin to Palmerston North, Day Out In Town, and Levin to Waikanae. Even if you don’t currently use any of these services we’d still like to hear from you, so hit that download button have a read through the information and fill out the quick survey.

Get your surveys back to us by 8 August [2018]. You can either fold them up and freepost them back, or scan it and email through to

The survey’s available on their website or here: Horowhenua Bus Survey 2018 (195KB PDF).

The survey itself tells us:

The collated survey results and recommendations will be presented at the next Passenger Transport Committee on 21 August 2018 and the report will be available at before the meeting.

There’s also useful information in the survey booklet about fares and timetables.

Horizons will help fund Capital Connection train

There wasn’t much in the Horizons Regional Council Draft Long-term Plan of immediate relevance to Waikawa Beach, but this commitment to help funding the train service is good news:

Council has … committed to funding in Year 1 of up to $110,000 from a mix of rates and reserves for the Capital Connection and commit to Years 2 and 3 to be reviewed annually; …

Via: Horizons adopts Long-term Plan.

Better Internet is coming (for some)

In the last few days a worker from Chorus has been checking all the properties around the village, in preparation for the UFB2+ broadband rollout. He told me the rollout here should be complete by around June 2019.

Faster broadband is quite exciting for those of us who use the Internet. I’ve personally found the Internet slows down when Waikawa Beach is full of visitors on holiday weekends for example.

As I chatted with the Chorus worker though I discovered that the rollout will cover the village, but then stop around 40 Strathnaver Drive. Folks in the Strathnaver area (including me) won’t be getting coverage.

I’m afraid I forgot to ask about the Emma Drive area, but the coverage map doesn’t seem to show that area being upgraded either. Make sure you zoom in fully on that map as when zoomed out the coverage is misleading.

UFB2+ coverage map for Waikawa Beach.
UFB2+ coverage map for Waikawa Beach.

The worker I spoke with said that in other places people have had success in asking for the coverage to be extended. If you live in an area near but beyond the proposed coverage area at Waikawa Beach you might like to contact Chorus directly. Even if you personally don’t want faster Internet (or perhaps any Internet) it would help those who do.