Toilet block fix July 2019

After months of problems with overflowing toilets at Hank Edwards Reserve, today the fix. Contractors are digging out the clogged up dispersal field and replacing it with fresh fill, fresh pipes and a breathable plastic that allows moisture to evaporate out while keeping sand and other debris from falling in.

Some in the community may know when the toilet block was built (let us know in a comment), but it seems it’s around 50 years old.

A digger cleans out the dispersal field.
A digger cleans out the dispersal field. Excavated material, being hazardous waste, is being trucked away to Levin for disposal.

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Toilet block update 03 July 2019

From Ben Woods at Horowhenua District Council:

A temporary repair was made that allowed us to reopen the toilets given the time of year and low usage.

The plumbers will be onsite tomorrow [04 July 2019] to complete the larger repair work which will give us functionality through the summer.

I’ll be leaving the portaloo on site until the repairs have been made just in case there is a delay.

Toilet block update 25 June 2019

Today we heard there is a problem with the effluent field which should be fixed next week:

The plumbers identified a problem with one of the pipes in the effluent field, essentially it no longer had capacity to filter out the liquids and so they were filling the tank and eventually overflowing. This will be addressed early next week weather dependent.

In the interim they have made a temporary repair that should hold us over until they complete something more permanent, I’ve asked the cleaners to resume their routine starting tomorrow and I’ll be down there later on today to remove the warning tape.

I’ll be leaving the portaloo down there until repairs are completed so that if the temporary fix fails we have back up.

Ben Wood
Parks and Property Officer •

Toilet block update 18 June 2019

Plumbers visited the toilet block at Hank Edwards Reserve today and dug a trench so they could investigate what’s going on with the pipes around the septic tank. The holes have been filled in again and we’re waiting to hear the verdict.

The actual fix depends on what they found in their explorations, but they mentioned the possibility of doing an interim fix so we could use the toilets. If larger work is required, such as new trenches and pipes, then resource consents and so on could take months.

They do understand that we want the toilet block fully functional before the summer holidays.

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Hank Edwards toilet block closed

The Horowhenua District Council have visited the Hank Edwards toilet block this morning to deal with the problem of water overflowing. Their immediate action has been to close the whole toilet block until further notice.

There’s an overflow pipe which takes overflow water from all the toilets to the septic tank. That pipe has blocked (repeatedly).

The fix isn’t yet clear as to whether it simply needs flushing out again or some more major work involving a new trench, and the various resource consents and so on that go with such work.

We’ll update everyone as soon as we know what the next steps will be.

Committee Diary 17 June 2019

  1. For maybe the third or fourth time in the last 6 months or so the women’s toilet at Hank Edwards Reserve is overflowing. We’ve alerted the Horowhenua District Council and they’ve promised to attend to it promptly. We’ve asked for a permanent fix. By the way: the water comes from a bore nearby. Customer Request No 146458/2019.
  2. John Hewitson has checked the AED Defibrillator today and found the pads are good till June 2020. However, the device is overdue for a general check so he’s looking into that.
  3. Recreation Services have the mowers out today.
  4. The all-purpose entrance is holding up well so far. The groyne seems to be doing its job. We have a pretty high tide and the bay is full.
Water flowing out to the footpath.

Water flowing out to the footpath.

Groyne doing its job at high tide
Groyne doing its job at high tide