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    Some time between 9-10.30am Mon 23 Sept an entire box of eggs for sale at the gate of 577 Waikawa Beach Road was stolen. Fresh free-range eggs have been for sale there for the last 3 years for locals and visitors to enjoy. Anyone now wishing to privately buy eggs regularly, and support happy healthy local chooks, may leave a note in the letterbox at #577. You will be contacted and eggs can be provided on an agreed set day.


    Funny story. Yesterday I reluctantly posted a comment here regarding egg theft and resulting “no more eggs at the gate” advice to readers. It is with a sheepish grin that I am now able to retract this, having heard today from the local kerbside recycling company that in their zest, you guessed it, not only was my recycling collected and hefted into the truck yesterday, but also the entire box of 6 dozen eggs, money tin, teatowel, accompanying signage and all that sat separately on a chair next to our letterbox. It is with a happy heart I can now report that no outright theft actually occurred, merely egg on face for the removers who are reimbursing me for my loss.

    So… as per previous years our beautiful eggs will again be available at the gate ($3 half dozen, $6 dozen) for all to enjoy every Fri thru Sun and on weekdays, hens permitting. We still welcome private orders.

    Someone will have such fun cleaning egg out of the inside of that truck.

  3. I am in the process of finding out whether Horowhenua District Council has proceeded with applying negative LIM reports about Waikawa Beach properties even though in the public meeting held in August it said it wouldn’t.

    Some property owners will have attended the meeting held by HDC at Manakau Hall on August 17 on “Waikawa Beach Coastal Hazards Analysis”.

    We were told in that meeting verbally by the HDC representative that it was a discussion at this stage except the affected property owner, who only found out through a sale process (and isn’t even in the affected areas), which generally include streets and properties closest to the river. Except this property owner still had a negative LIM report applied to the property.

    Funnily enough Strathnavern properties are not included at all and how much this has to do with the fact that the council gave permission for these properties to be subdivided is a question that obviously has to be asked. Except as anyone who knows the area would know these would probably be the most affected properties.

    We were also told in the public meeting that council was awaiting the outcome of a legal challenge to KCDC (Kapiti Coast District Council) applying negative LIM reports to beach properties. It has a profoundly negative affect on property values which is why property owners challenged the decision in court. My understanding is that the court favoured the residents not the council. So, so much for waiting for the outcome of that decision.

    I have asked for information regarding property information held by the council on my property and I strongly suggest everyone with properties at Waikawa Beach do the same. Especially residents of Drake Street, Manga Pirau Street and Arthur Street but not only as, like I said, the negative LIM report that nearly caused a sale to fall through didn’t even feature on maps that were given out at the public meeting.

    I have also been informally told that the maps handed out at the meeting are different from maps the council is using. The maps handed out at the public meeting had been viewed before this comment was made.

    So, high alert folks.

    veronica harrod

  4. No doubt I am not the only one at Waikawa Beach who is receiving information about the Roads of National Significance proposals between Otaki and North of Levin. I asked the NZ Transport Agency in an email what about entry and exit from and to Waikawa Beach Road. The reply I received essentially said “we are not considering that at this stage”. It is also clear that the proposal maps make it clear the turning lane for traffic travelling south from SH1 into Waikawa Beach Road is also going to be closed. I strongly suspect that Waikawa Beach residents are going to be faced with the same situation as Te Horo residents in that there is no entry/exit there either. I have included a link below to the story. So, how are residents at Waikawa Beach going to enter and exit Waikawa Beach Road. There is not one mention of this road in any of the material provided. The road features, sure, but there isn’t any proposals included except for the intention to close the south bound passing lane. This is a matter the ratepayers and residents association should be involved in as it directly affects residents and ratepayers. I have sent another email to the transport agency seeking clarification. Anyway, relevant article regarding Te Horo residents who faced the same situation as their road was being left until “later” too.

  5. Totally agree with certain points you mention Veronica, totally! Strathnaver Glen property owners in the low lying areas are definitely in for a surprise in terms of coastal erosion; this is a primary reason HDC are doing the river cuts because that is the direction our river meanders as all permanent residents are fully aware of; namely the beautiful big house just built right on the edgefront of the estuary, your guess is as good as mine in terms of council approving building there…totally baffled with that one! I think everyone here is in for the long haul in terms of negative LIM reports having negative impacts for owners & valuations etc and I believe the Kapiti Coast Ratepayers are still in discussion with all official parties but it is noted that nothing is set in terms of official precedents at this point in time. A lot of us won’t even be here come 2060 “1st Alert” but it does require homework from us; for those we leave behind us. My wife was also present when the HDC rep verbally stated “discussion only” with coastal erosion data on LIM reports! Meanwhile our rates continue to rise…only god above knows what’s next, is all I can offer I’m sorry to state.

  6. Yeah but it’s not just about HDC approving resource consent but its more about how for some miraculous reason that none of the properties that are a part of strathnavern are apparently going to be affected by coastal erosion. As you say “this is a primary reason HDC are doing the river cuts because that is the direction our river meanders as all permanent residents are fully aware of; namely the beautiful big house just built right on the edgefront of the estuary” yet they are not listed as being affected by coastal erosion? How can all the properties next to the river in Manga Pirau be affected by coastal erosion but not the properties in Strathnavern that sit beside the estuary?Which is why there’s something not very honest or clean about this whole process. I am going to take photos of the houses that are built in front of the estuary on the strathnavern development and raise the discrepancy when we get a chance to discuss this matter when council has public discussion about the district plan (as opposed to all the private meetings that seem to be held more regularly than the public ones; ‘workshops” is the euphemism used to describe these meetings). Environmental services manager Tony Thomas said we would have the opportunity to raise the matter of coastal hazard notifications at district plan meetings when I had a verbal meeting with him about this whole matter (although separating the lies from the truth is becoming difficult).

  7. I have sent an email to HDC asking for a log in number about this matter but was wondering whether anyone else experiencing problems with rubbish collection service too.

    Included below is my email to HDC

    The rubbish collectors must have a alternate letter-box number day when collecting rubbish in Arthur Street, Waikawa Beach these days. A rubbish bag put out by a bach owner over the road at 11 Arthur Street was put out on Saturday 12 July; I know because I saw it over the road.

    I saw someone else over the road at number 15 put there’s out on the morning of 14 July. For some unknown reason the rubbish bag at number 15 Arthur street was collected yet, despite the rubbish collectors having to pass by the rubbish bag put out at 11 Arthur street not once but twice, for some reason that is beyond me choose to leave it there and not collect it!

    Go figure. I know. In fact the rubbish collection in Arthur street is rather inconsistent to say the least lately. I don’t know what the problem is but surely one of the core performance indicators of a rubbish collection service is that rubbish bags that are put out in a timely manner and in the correct rubbish bags should be collected.

    This has happened on at least three occasions now in the last few months and I want a log in number of this because I want to start tracking the inability of the rubbish collector service contracted by HDC to “collect the rubbish bags”.

    Hopefully this situation will resolve itself as I like to think the exorbitant rates increase the council has seen fit to impose on us means that at least we can be guaranteed a reliable rubbish service when the ratepayers fulfill their obligations by conforming with what is expected of us.

    At present this is not the case and nor can the rubbish collection service be relied on.

  8. I was sitting by the river today when a family arrived with a JetSki they waited until no one was around before using the JetSki they had just bought it so we’re keen to try it out in the river before venturing into the sea great idea I thought they had it in the river all of 10 minutes before a gentleman advised them to take it to the sea as they had phoned the police I thought this was disgusting they were not being silly with it they were not harming anyone what gives people the right to spoil other people’s fun the river is for everyone to enjoy I’m quite disgusted in the locals you do not own the river you have no right to tell people what to do

    1. I totally agree with your comment Jill..
      If they were not making a nuisance of themselves then leave them be to learn how to ride safely.
      No one owns the water..

      1. Been thinking a bit more about it and if they were sensible they would have gone up river from the bridge so they didn’t disturb anyone at all.
        Trouble is there is always going to be someone who objects…

  9. The river is not a suitable place to be using a jetski. Considering the speed would have to been kept under 5 knots whilst they are in the river – it would hardly have been a useful place to test out their obnoxious machine. Good on the locals suggesting that they head out to sea.

  10. Thanks for your support Jill. As a home owner of Waikawa we were disappointed as to how it was handled as well. We thought it best for safety that we give it a go in the river first, our intentions were then to go into the sea. Just a shame that no one came to us to discuss instead of the abuse, threats of police and taking photos of my children. Never mind friends invited us to Foxton river and that is definitely the place to go.

  11. The use of JetSkis/Powered Boats in the Stream crops up from time to time and usually a quiet discussion can sort this out. Generally motor powered craft on the Stream precludes others from enjoying the quiet safe swimming waters of the stream and would think that parents would be reluctant to let their children swim in the Stream if they saw people using it with powered craft.

    Not all children at the beach are within an arms width grasp of their parents – and many use the beach environment to allow their children to freely roam – including swimming in the Stream – you just never know when they will take to the water along the stream.

    No one would like to read stories like the following from the past month or so centered on Waikawa Beach.

    Girl hit by jetski in Tuakau river – 7 Feb 2016

    Call for boat ban after boy dies – 28 Dec 2015

    Owners of JetSkis should be aware of Part 91 of the Maritime Rules – Navigation Safety Rules and specifically Rules 91.4 – Personal flotation devices , 91.5 Minimum age for operating power driven vessels and especially Rule 91.6 Speed of vessels

    (1) No person may, without reasonable excuse, propel or navigate a vessel (including a vessel
    towing a person or an object) at a proper speed exceeding 5 knots:
    (a) within 50 metres of any other vessel, raft, or person in the water; or
    (b) within 200 metres of the shore or of any structure; or
    (c) within 200 metres of any vessel or raft that is flying Flag A of the International Code of Signals (divers flag).

    Unless you could keep the JetSki below 5 knots (walking speed) the operator would be in breech of the Maritime Rules of New Zealand on the stream.

    The offer of your friend to go to Foxton and use the Manawatu River there is an excellent suggestion as that River has it’s very own set of By-Laws allowing the safe use of Jet Skis.

    Invariably all situations where there is a conflict of views can be handled better when people are calm and cool and no one would like to see a fracas develop at the bridge car parking area.

    As for the photography issue, however much you may disagree – in NZ there is no expectation of privacy whilst in the public realm, see Hosking v Runting [2005] 2 NZLR 1 and for further clarity.

    Enjoy your day.

  12. We live over on the Strathnaver side of Waikawa Beach and tend to walk on the beach south of the river and down towards the small stream.

    On 30 June I took photos of two separate piles of garden rubbish that had been dumped on the sand and ‘disguised’ with bits of driftwood. This was quite disturbing.

    Then on 07 July I spotted a huge pile of garden rubbish that had been dumped into the dunes. It was about 3 metres long by at least 2 metres wide. The tire tracks clearly showed that someone had come from the north, pulled up to that spot to dump the garden waste and then turned 180 degrees to go back north, possibly more than once.

    On 10 July while biking along Strathnaver Drive I realised someone had dumped garden rubbish (this time including plastic) beside the fence beside the road by the middle speed bump. The rubbish had been dumped where it was not so likely to be noticed.

    Photos of all them are here:

    I’m guessing this is one or more locals using the beach and our road as their personal rubbish dump and am very upset by it. Perhaps the next newsletter could include reminders that people shouldn’t dump rubbish on the beach or the local roads — they should take it to an official tip instead.

  13. Civil Defense: Earthquake Procedure for residents. I cannot find any procedure info for an earthquake for Waikawa Beach residents. We don’t have a siren, we don’t have a procedure, we could not access civil defense website at last earthquake, and data was minimal and confusing with regards to a Tsunami alert. I wonder if we need to get together and create an earthquake procedure for our residents considering the many comments around the village about a lack of procedure & communication with the last earthquake. There is an earthquake prediction for tomorrow (22.11.16) from the same person who predicted the last one on 14.11.16. I hope this does not occur; but I do believe Waikawa Beach community should have some type of system in place for future events. I’m all ears and proactive to do whatever we need to do for our small community.

  14. After two nights freedom camping by the toilets, a group of 5 vehicles moved on WITHIN 10 MINUTES FLAT this morning,
    after being calmly reminded of the liquor ban, and that photos were taken last night of them breaching the ban.

  15. There are two fairly narrow tracks to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove. Those tracks are well used by people with kids and bags and toys, dog walkers (with dogs on leads), and just general people, including some with mobility issues.

    Today, not for the first time, my friend and I and our 3 dogs between us had to navigate around several piles of horse poop in the middle of the track.

    I’d really like to get the message out to riders that they should pick up or move poop their horses leave on the tracks — it’s only polite. A horse riding friend tells me riders may not be aware their horse has pooped. Perhaps then they should walk their horses the 100 metres or so to the open beach, and keep watch.

    After all, we dog owners have to keep an eye on our dogs and pick up after them. Horse riders should be able to do that too.

    It’s annoying and inconvenient to have to navigate around horse poop on a narrow track where we’re already sometimes battling the toitoi and other plants, along with often uneven footing. When the light’s poor, or we’re distracted by other things going on, it’s not easy to avoid the poop.

    Please, horse riders, be a bit more considerate of others using the tracks to the beach. [And, by the way, dog owners, there’s far too much dog poop lying around on those tracks too — there should be zero.]

    1. An update to the comment above — Horowhenua have a bylaw that says: “Horse manure must be removed from any public place by the person in charge of the horse.” See Point 11.2 in the PDF linked on
      That means that horse riders are obliged by law to pick up their horse’s poop. I don’t personally mind it in most places, except the tracks, as I mentioned above.

      1. It is clear most people here do not respect the law, be they dog owners, quad bike riders, rubbish dumpers, or what ever. I doubt horse riders are much different. It’s a shame, as fowling spoils it for all of us.

  16. FYI:
    The recently installed metal bars/ gate at the entrance to the foot bridge over the river need a redesign / addition as I have seen several people just lifting their motorbikes over them…

  17. I noticed that the AED locator App for the location of the Defibrillator, has still been showing 14 Manga-Pirau St. This has now been updated to to show it as being on the exterior of the Public Toilets opposite 6 Manga-Pirau St. The last thing we wanted was people not aware of this and needing it in an emergency going by what the App says and in a panic not noticing the signage.

    The APP should update the new location shortly.

  18. Hi Miraz

    A thoughtful post after your very good, ‘who didn’t pay a penny’?
    How about Quote
    I do believe the corner of Duncan and Sarah street is where Thomas Crapper resides, lets flush him out.
    -this really makes my day and squares us up for the hard work and effort that we all put in.

  19. Hi Waikawa People. I’m after recommendations, please, for someone to do some residential fence and gate building for me. Cheers

  20. Hi there we have some topsoil and mulch up our driveway at 4 Drake Street. It is surplus to our needs so if any of the residents would like it please help yourself to it, you would be doing us a favour.

  21. Kia ora to everyone involved in the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association.
    Ratepayers groups from all around New Zealand are being invited to a 2 day conference in Nelson from the 10th and 11th of November 2018 to establish a National Ratepayer organisation with a charter and a mandate to represent the interests of the ratepaying community at every decision-making level.

    For more information and for updates , go to :

  22. There’s a fishing net on the beach north of the river awaiting collection by an environmentally minded person with beach wheels, please. It’s on a log above the high tide about 100 metres north of the beach access track which has a road marker flash post on the beach side of the dune. Cheers Sally

    Usual residence: NZ

  23. Did anyone get woken by the helicopter at about 1 am on Sunday morning 31st March with search lights blazing & flying very low over the houses in Reay Mackay Gr? it headed north into the village shining its lights into the dunes- we’re intrigued to know what it was up too – any ideas??

    Usual residence: Waikawa

  24. Queens bday quad bike idiots x 3 driving sand dunes

    Mitzi truck & trailer XF5277


    Usual residence: Waikawa

  25. Hi there just wanting to let people know that late afternoon when we came to Waikawa to mow our lawns our garage has been broken into and our contiki stolen obviously they have seen us at the beach with it and knew where to come nothing else was taken oddly enough make sure your holiday homes are secure.

    Usual residence: NZ

  26. So sorry to hear this happened to you. Can you say what part of Waikawa Beach you are in? We aim to try to alert the community to such things. Also, perhaps neighbours saw something.

    Miraz Jordan
    Committee Member, Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association

    Usual residence: Waikawa

  27. Good afternoon, we are new to the community as we took ownership of 80 Reay Mackay on the weekend. Firstly, we want to say how excited we are to join the community and endeavour to respect the environment and our fellow residents.
    We will continue renting the property to holiday goers and use the property for personal family holidays as well.

    If there is anything really important for us to know, apart from what is shared on this platform, please feel free to share your advice.

    We are also looking for somebody local who is looking for a holiday rental cleaning job if you know of anybody.

    Warm Wishes
    Ronel on behalf of Waikawa Beach Properties Ltd

    Usual residence: Waikawa

  28. Kia ora Ronel. Welcome to Waikawa Beach. We look forward to meeting you. I’ll add your address to our monthly newsletter list too.

    Heoi anō,


    Usual residence: Waikawa

  29. Hi everyone,We have just moved into Arthur St and meet all the neighbours .What a lovely bunch of folks thanks for the welcome .
    Much to my horror my Fairy lights were stolen off the front deck . If anyone has any issues with Fairy Lights please come and ask ,no need to steal them they are one of my most treasured Taonga,they bring a smile to my face .
    Happy Days Nick

    Usual residence: Waikawa

  30. The story on 16 January about the tidal surge up the Waikawa stream was very interesting but I do not agree that it was connected to the Tongan volcano eruption which occurred the day before.
    My reasons are that given that the Tongan eruption started at 5.15 pm (New Zealand Summer Time) on Saturday evening, a tsunami produced by it would reach Waikawa 3- 6 hours later. As Waikawa is not on a direct straight line from Tonga it is highly unlikely that a wave or surge would reach here as a course alteration of nearly 90 degrees is required and waves do not alter direction easily. The video does not show the time it was taken but anything taken in daylight the following day would be too late to connect it to the Tongan eruption.
    In my opinion the phenomena on the Waikawa Stream was a small tidal bore which I have witnessed before at Walkawa. It occurs in rivers and estuaries, usually at the time of spring tides when the incoming tide edge overcomes the outflowing water movement and results in a wave being formed. This phenomena occurs in a number of rivers such as Qiantang River in China, the Fly River New Guinea and the Ganges River in India. I have witnessed it a number of times at Kolkata which is about 160 kilometres from the ocean on the Hooghly River outlet of the Ganges. The wave was about 3 metres high and travelled up the river at a speed of about 25 kph. Over the years the bores at Kolkata have caused much damage and a loss of life. A small bore such as at Waikawa last weekend would be hard to predict but factors which could affect it are a low water flow outwards and low wind speeds which would cause waves making it hard to discern. It probably lost most of its grunt at the first bend in the river past the bridge. As low water was predicted at 3.48pm on Sunday afternoon I would guess that the videos were taken in the hour or so after that time that time.

    Usual residence: NZ

    1. Thanks for that information John. I wish I’d read your comment *before* I pressed Send on the latest newsletter… I believe the video was taken somewhere around 11 am or earlier on 16 January 2022.

      Usual residence: Waikawa

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