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To join the Association pay $25 per year, due after 01 October, direct into our bank account 030667 0268929 00. Be sure to include your beach address and name.

However you pay your subscription be sure to include your beach address and name so we know who paid.

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  1. An update to the comment above β€” Horowhenua have a bylaw that says: β€œHorse manure must be removed from any public place by the person in charge of the horse.” See Point 11.2 in the PDF linked on
    That means that horse riders are obliged by law to pick up their horse’s poop. I don’t personally mind it in most places, except the tracks, as I mentioned above.

    1. It is clear most people here do not respect the law, be they dog owners, quad bike riders, rubbish dumpers, or what ever. I doubt horse riders are much different. It’s a shame, as fowling spoils it for all of us.

  2. I totally agree with your comment Jill..
    If they were not making a nuisance of themselves then leave them be to learn how to ride safely.
    No one owns the water..

    1. Been thinking a bit more about it and if they were sensible they would have gone up river from the bridge so they didn’t disturb anyone at all.
      Trouble is there is always going to be someone who objects…

  3. Thanks Dom. It’s good to know the app exists, and that we’re correctly located in it. πŸ˜€

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