Emergency Phone

Fire Ambulance Police: 111

AED Defibrillator

The AED is stored in a stainless steel box on the street-facing wall of the public changing rooms in the Hank Edwards Reserve. To unlock the box call 111 and give the address and Postcode: 5573. You will be given a combination number. Full instructions play on the defibrillator.

Waikawa Beach AED defibrillator.
Waikawa Beach AED defibrillator.

Civil Defence Emergency

Listen to the radio. An emergency assembly area will be established at Walker’s Barn which is situated on the north side of the road ½ km from the settlement towards Manakau.

Emergency Radio Frequencies

  • Radio Live: 99.1 FM
  • Magic: 95.1 FM
  • Radio Reading Service: 1602 AM

Information Numbers

Ambulance 0800 102 111

AA 24 Hour Breakdown 0800 500 222

Horowhenua District Council

  • Civil Defence 06 949 4949
  • Electric Power Outage 0800 567 876

Horizons Regional Council

  • Flooding 0508 435 663
  • Pollution 0508 476 558

Neighbour Support Co-ordinator 06 3626 120 or 027 3283737

Police 06 366 0500


  • Clean Green Bins 06 368 7845
  • Levin Container 06 368 2438


  • Aquagold Water Supply 0800 734443
  • JB Water Supply 0800 442628

Septic Tank Cleaning 0800 442628

Electrician 06 362 6926 or 027 479 1466

Plumber 06 362 6976 or 027 477 0302

Levin Taxis 06 368 4179

Manakau Store 06 362 6840

Quarter Acre Restaurant 06 362 6520

General Information


There is a liquor ban in force in public places on New Year’s Eve.

Beach Rubbish

Please bring all rubbish back from the beach with you. If you come across sharp objects please bring them back if practicable. There are rubbish bins at each entrance, including those off Reay Mackay Grove.

Boat Ramp

This is next to the footbridge for launching small boats. The Resource Consent conditions require the ramp to be locked when not in use. Call for a key: 06 3626 120 or 027 328 3737 — on a best effort basis.


Overnight camping is not permitted at the Hank Edwards Reserve.


The sand dunes protect us from prevailing winds and tsunamis. It is a very fragile ecosystem which is easily damaged. The natural spinifex and native grasses bind the dunes together and can withstand strong winds. Please stick to the walking tracks. Do not drive vehicles on any part of the dunes as they cause a lot of damage.

Dumped garden rubbish may contain succulents and weeds which will soon establish and smother the native plants. These succulents will not protect the dunes in strong winds and then erosion starts. Once started this accelerates at a great pace.


Horowhenua District Council bylaws prohibit unleashed dogs in the settlement. Dogs must also be kept under control when on the beach south of the river and on a leash on the beach or land north of the river across the bridge.


It is prohibited to discharge any firearm in the settlement.


A permanent restricted fire season extends from the coastline 3 kilometres inland which includes all of Waikawa. A permit is required for all fires at all times. This is obtained from HDC who will send a fire officer to inspect the site, after which a permit may be issued. This takes at least 5 working days. There is no charge.

Barbeques are exempt but must be carefully monitored.


This is for foot traffic only. Don’t jump or dive into the river from the bridge as the water is usually too shallow.


The village now has access to fibre Internet. This stops at around 24 Strathnaver Drive. In other places you may have access to ADSL, VDSL, cellphone tethering or 4G WiFi.

Mobile Phones

Reception is poor in some areas of the settlement.

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles should not be parked on the roadside grass verges as there are no footpaths. All riders of Trail Bikes and Quad Bikes should wear crash helmets and be over 15 years of age. Please drive slowly on the roads and on the beach, and be especially careful of children, dogs and horses.

Neighbourhood Support

This is active at Waikawa Beach. If you see anything suspicious, take a note of the details (eg number plate, cellphone photo) and contact the police or the Neighbourhood support co-ordinator.


The Dominion Post is delivered by Rural Post. Levin Chronicle is delivered by courier. Both arranged through the newspaper office.

Postal Services

Rural Post is available through NZ Post (RD 31 Levin). The nearest delivery centre is at Manakau Store. To receive mail you must register at the Manakau Store

Private Property — Beaches and Farms

The land on the north side of the river across the walking bridge is privately owned. The beach access at the south end of Manga Pirau Street is also privately owned. Continued use of both these areas depends on all users respecting the property and leaving as it as found.

Access to all farmland near the settlement with the exception of the above two areas is prohibited.

Groceries and Supplies

These are available from the Manakau Store on State Highway 1, south of the Beach Road intersection. This shop is open 7 days a week.


The river is not always safe for swimming as E. Coli levels can be high. Check depths before you swim as these can change dramatically after heavy rain.

Small boats can navigate up the river for some kilometres. This can be a very pleasant outing. To make the river safe please keep the speed of any craft below 5 kph.

Rubbish Disposal

Levin Container Rubbish collect Horowhenua District Council official bags every Monday free of charge. Collection is always on Monday even if it is a public holiday. Official bags are available from Manakau Store, Otaki and Levin New World or Horowhenua District Council Offices in Levin. Rubbish bags should if possible be placed clear of ground out of reach of animals. Recycling is collected free on Mondays in Horowhenua District Council supplied bins. One bin per property can be obtained from HDC. All rubbish must be at kerbside by 7.30am.

Levin Container Rubbish and Clean Green Otaki hire wheelie bins which are collected on Mondays.

There are public tips at Otaki and Levin.

Under no circumstances is rubbish to be dumped on the beach, at the Reserve or in the river.

Litter bins for beach users are placed at the bridge and at the Manga Pirau Street beach entrance. There are also bins at both beach access tracks on Reay Mackay Grove.

During the Christmas holidays a recycling station is usually at the public toilets from mid-December to mid-January. Please use this only during daylight hours as the noise is a problem for nearby houses.


Always lock your residence and any sheds and garages when you go out.

Make sure all doors and windows are secure when you finally leave your property. It is a good idea to turn off the power to all appliances at the wall.


There are regulations in force prohibiting the removal of toheroa from Waikawa Beach and limiting the removal of other shellfish.

Speed Limits

During holiday periods many children and others are on the roads as there are no footpaths. Please drive slowly. The speed limit on the beach is 30 Kph but please drive slowly and carefully.

Vehicles On Beach

The beach is classified as a 30 kph road and all vehicles must be registered, warranted and driver licensed. Beware the many soft patches of sand. There are areas of “worm holes” where, if a vehicle stops, it will quickly sink up to its axles. Please drive slowly and watch carefully for children, dogs, horses, seals and fishing lines. Stay close to the most recent high water mark to avoid damaging shell beds and dunes.

There are a couple of privately owned tractors to rescue vehicles but their availability is not guaranteed.

Ring AA if you get into trouble. They may be able to give you the contact number of a tractor owner.


The season runs from 15 August to 30 November between 6 am and 9 pm during daylight saving time and 5 am and 8 pm at other times. A side screen is permitted but neither the net nor the screen is permitted to cover more than one third of the width of the river. Only one net per person is permitted and you must remain within 10 metres of your net.

Be courteous to other whitebaiters and remain calm and placid at all times. Do not take your dog with you as whitebait are timid fish.

For further information refer to MAF regulations.

Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association

Please join the Ratepayers Association. We organise holiday activities, working bees, produce newsletters and run this web site.

We represent the interests of ratepayers and residents, deal with issues that arise and scrutinise policies from Councils, making submissions when they particularly affect us.

We have a close working relationship with the Horowhenua District Council and Horizons Regional Council.

Annual WBRA Subscription is $25 per year and due 01 October. Pay by internet banking to 03 0667 0268929 00. Please ensure that you include your name and beach address.

Contact Us By Email [Email address updated 28-Oct-21.]

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