HDC Annual Plan consultation 2020

Public consultation on Horowhenua District Council’s 2020/2021 Annual Plan will begin on 25 March 2020.

Council’s Strategic Planner, Tiffany Gower, said the public will also have the opportunity to provide early input into Council’s Long-Term Plan 2021-2041, which Council will begin developing later this year.

“We’re keen to hear about the major issues you think we need to consider as part of our next Long Term Plan, and the key challenges and opportunities facing our district,” she said.

The consultation document proposes a rates income increase of 6.90% …

“It’s not an average rate increase for properties across the district,” Mr Law said … the valuations will affect communities across the district differently, depending on whether property values in the area have risen more or less than the district average.

In … Waikawa Beach, values have gone up by less than the district average and rates will either only have a small increase, stay the same, or may even decrease.”

From Wednesday 25 March, the Annual Plan consultation document, What’s Our Plan 2020/2021, and the draft Annual Plan will be available on Council’s website at horowhenua.govt.nz/AnnualPlan2020/2021.

Consultation closes at 5pm on Friday 24 April 2020.

We’ll add links to the plan and the Plan itself to this post once they’re available.

Also of note: Council Handbook 2020 Your Guide to Council process (5.7 MB PDF).

WBRA update 21 March 2020

Today the Prime Minister announced a 4 level alert system for the Covid-19 pandemic response. We are now at Level 2 which recommends high-risk people stay at home. That includes those over 70 and with health problems.

In light of that, and given that things are unlikely to return to ‘normal’ very soon we have cancelled both the Easter and Queen’s Birthday committee meetings.

We have also cancelled the anticipated hard rubbish collection.

We recommend that you keep an eye out for neighbours who may need help, take walks in the fresh air, but give people space, and reach out if you need help yourself.

Many councils around NZ are closing facilities like libraries and swimming pools — we’re very lucky to have a largely empty beach as our playground.

Covid-19 alert levels chart.
Covid-19 alert levels chart.

Covid-19 alert levels chart (larger). 50KB PDF.

Symptoms chart.
Symptoms chart.

A couple of other items of interest:

  1. The recycling station has been removed. Before next summer we want to discuss with the community what might happen next year.
  2. A ferret was seen yesterday at the north end of Reay Mackay Grove. If you have pest traps then please make sure they are baited up.
  3. Remember there’s a recycling calendar on the right-hand side of the front page of the WBRA website.

Reach out. Look out. Help out.

From the Horowhenua Neighbourhood Support folks:

There’s no better time than now to get to know your neighbours, start a Neighbourhood Support group or update your group contact details. Together let’s REACH OUT, LOOK OUT, and HELP OUT to keep our communities safe, resilient and connected. 🏘

Please make sure that you adhere to the Ministry of health guidelines when you meet people and enter into gatherings. Also remember that the most at risk are the Elderly, young and those with already existing health problems.

For the latest COVID-19 health advice, visit the Ministry of Health – Manatū Hauora’s website.

As always, please stay up-to-date on the latest news at the above link so that you continue to make well informed decisions.

Please remember their are always little things we can do to help others. Collect groceries for those that may be self Isolating, Making a meal for someone, sometimes even ringing a Neighbour and seeing if they are ok.

If you know of anyone that may need some assistance please let me know and I will do my best to assist.

Please take care.

Kind Regards

Deborah Campbell

District Coordinator

Reach out. Look out. Help out.

Toilet block update March 2020

On Tuesday, 17 March 2020 John Hewitson and Miraz Jordan met with Robyn de la Haye (Essence design), Ben Wood (HDC Property and Parks Officer) and Stephan Titze (HDC Property and Parks Project Lead) about the usage and proposed improvement of toilet facilities at Hank Edwards Reserve. The following report was provided by Stephan Titze:

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180 gulls buried

An update on the dead gulls between Waikawa Beach and Hokio Beach:

Department of Conservation community supervisor Kelly Hancock said DOC and Horizons Regional Council buried more than 180 dead gulls between Waikawa, Kuku and Hokio beaches on Tuesday March 10 [2020].

“Gulls are still being affected, though in much smaller numbers, so carcases are continuing to appear on beaches.”

She said cause of death was still unknown and Massey University’s pathology lab was coordinating post-mortem testing under the direction of the Ministry for Primary Industries.

It may be several weeks before the cause of death is determined.

Via: Birds on Horowhenua beaches still stricken by mystery illness.