No wheelibin clips (for now)

We enquired about lid clips for recycling wheelibins (Re: reference CRM 158829/2019). See Ask for Wheelibin clips. The Horowhenua District Council replied a couple of days later:

Thank you for your email, at this stage Council does not supply these clips, after the winds on Monday we decided we needed to find a solution (sooner than we anticipated) and we are engaging with our contractors as to what the best solution for our district will be going forward but at this stage our contract does not cover any bin clips on bins.

We are however very aware of the clips you mention, having begun looking into these late last year when we started getting enquiries around how to secure bins in windy conditions.

Please do keep your eye on our website and Facebook, as if these do become available we will advertise them using these mediums.

Should you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Experience Team on (06) 366 0999.

Links: the Council’s website and Facebook page.

Can you help 3 abandoned Waikawa Beach cats?

Just before Christmas some people moved out from a house in the village and abandoned their pet cats. Concerned neighbours have been feeding the cats, hoping the owners would return to pick them up, but that hope is fading fast.

Before the neighbours take the cats to the SPCA, is anyone in Waikawa Beach wanting to adopt a cat?

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Fewer crashes nearby in 2019

Safety might be improving on the stretch of road between Ōtaki and Levin. While frequent congestion is still obvious, and perhaps even getting worse, the number of crashes and fatalities has declined between 2018 and 2019.

In response to an Official Information Request we received the following information.

Crashes reported to the Wellington Transport Operations Centre on SH1 between Mill Road (Ōtaki) and Hokio Beach Road (Levin):

In 2018 there were 64 crashes. 12 incidents required the road to be closed and 2 were recorded as causing delays. The remaining 50 incidents were recorded as the road remained open with no delays.

In 2019 there were 43 crashes. 4 incidents required the road to be closed and another 3 were recorded as causing delays. The remaining 36 were recorded as the road remained open with no delays.

In 2018 four people died as a result of four vehicle crashes.

In 2019 one person died as a result of one vehicle crash.

See also: Crashes and congestion nearby in 2019.

Attached is the actual reply to the Official Information Request: OIA-6257 response (120 KB PDF).

Whitebaiting rules may change

The country’s whitebaiting rules are set to change in an effort to save the four species currently threatened or at risk of extinction.…

Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage. … said there were no plans to introduce a licensing system for recreational fishers or a ban on the commercial sale of whitebait within New Zealand.

But the changes do recommend phasing out the export of whitebait.

Consultation and public meetings will be held through until 2 March and final decisions will be made later this year.

Source: New whitebaiting rules proposal includes phasing out exports | RNZ News.