2021 AGM: 3 pm on Saturday 19 March 2022

The Committee held a Special meeting on Sunday 23 January 2022 to discuss the previously postponed 2021 AGM.

The postponed 2021 AGM will be held at 3 pm on Saturday 19 March 2022 in Manakau Hall.

Vaccine passes and IDs will be checked at the door.

Those who can’t attend can send a proxy vote via the Chair (John Hewitson).

Further information will be emailed only to members and not put on the website.

Please make sure you have:

  1. paid your membership fee before 07 March 2022. If you cannot pay online and need to pay by cash contact Fran the Treasurer at treasurer@waikawabeach.org.nz.
  2. given us your correct email address.

As always, we are also calling for nominations for Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members. The current Chair and Secretary have said they are retiring from those roles.

Note the Rules of the WBRA state in part:

  • The AGM shall elect a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and a Committee of 6 and no more than 12 members.
  • The Annual Report and Annual Accounts will be approved.
  • Notices of motion must be lodged with the Secretary 14 days prior to the Annual Meeting.
  • At all General Meetings every financial member present shall have one vote.
  • All voting shall be by a show of hands or secret ballot.
  • The quorum for any General Meeting shall be not less than 10 members.

Waikawa Beach median house value below $800,000

According to Stuff today Waikawa Beach is one of only 16 Wellington ‘suburbs’ where the median house value is below $800,000:

There are now 67 suburbs with median house values worth $1m or more throughout the region, according to CoreLogic figures. Just 38 suburbs are worth less than $1m, and 16 suburbs are worth less than $800,000.

Grudging bargains: Wellington suburbs with the most affordable houses | Stuff.co.nz.

Sub-$1m suburbs in the Wellington region, in ascending order (of median house value):

  • 1. Waitangirua, Porirua – $663,000 …
  • 7. Ōtaki Beach, Kāpiti Coast – $748,300
  • 8. Waikawa Beach, Kāpiti Coast – $756,350
  • 9. Ōtaki, Kāpiti Coast – $758,750 …
  • 16. Manakau, Kāpiti Coast – $842,000 …
  • 25. Te Horo Beach, Kāpiti Coast – $854,200 …
  • 32. Paraparaumu, Kāpiti Coast – $936,600 …
  • 36. Otaihanga, Kāpiti Coast – $958,800 …
  • 38. Waiwhetū, Lower Hutt – $972,600

As at 25 January 2022 there are two properties listed for sale at Waikawa Beach:

  • 75 Strathnaver Drive, enquiries over $849,000
  • 10 Arthur Street, enquiries over $709,000
Screenshot: Properties for sale at Waikawa Beach.

Did you hear the volcano or see a tsunami surge? GeoNet want to know

GeoNet: News:

Request for observations following the Tongan eruption and tsunami

Published: Fri Jan 21 2022 12:00 PM

We are interested in your observations of the sea and coastal areas following the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption on 15 January 2022. We would also like to know about “booming” sounds heard around the time of the eruption Saturday evening.

Our researchers would love to hear from you if you noticed any unusual behaviours of the sea or coastal areas in the hours and days following the eruption, or have photos and videos of this happening. We are also interested in experiences from people who heard the ‘booming’ sounds that travelled around the world during the eruption. Please follow the link below to share these with us.

Go to GeoNet: News to do the Survey.

Hānuere (January) 2022 Newsletter

Kia ora e te whānau,
the busy times have ended and for the moment the beach has returned to its quiet state. The vehicle entrance was reopened just before Christmas and plenty of folks made the most of the chance to drive onto the beach.

It seems a lot of people around NZ heard the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupt. Next day on 16 January 2022, although we didn’t get the tsunami that brought so much destruction to Tonga, we did see a surge coming up the river. The video by Sue Culver shows it really well.

Meanwhile the baby Oystercatchers just south of the river are almost all grown up and a flock of terns has been seen feeding in the estuary.

The handy phrase for this month is: E toro mai ana ngā tūī ki te māra. The tūī are visiting the garden.

Baby and adult oystercatcher.
Baby and adult oystercatcher.

AGM Update

Covid restrictions and uncertainty meant that all summer activities, including the AGM had to be put off at short notice.

The Committee stayed on as is in the interim and is meeting on Sunday 23 January 2022 to discuss how to proceed with the AGM. We’ll let everyone know the outcome shortly after the meeting.

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Wow Waikawa! Photo Fest Wrap-up and feedback please

The Wow Waikawa! Photo Fest took place over the Christmas and New Year break, now read the Wrap-up which reveals where the photos were and what they showed.

The organisers are extremely keen to hear comments and reactions — anything from one word to a sentence to a paragraph to however much you’d like to write.

Please either leave a comment below or email photos@wow-waikawa.nz in the next day or so.

We heard that people enjoyed seeing the photos and often took kids or visitors round to look at them. Some people said they found parts of Waikawa Beach they didn’t even know about. A few dedicated souls managed to track down all the available photos — one was stolen on the first day.

If you noticed the photos, searched them out or have any other feedback, please let the organisers know. It’ll go in the report to HDC to thank them for funding the event.

Anja Geelen went the extra mile and took photos of all the photos in situ and made one image.
Anja Geelen went the extra mile and took photos of all the photos in situ and made one image. ‘In the flesh’ the photos were more impressive.