Rats on Increase

The number of rats is reported to be increasing. This is not helped when rubbish is left on the kerb for collection on Monday afternoon and animals have a go before it is collected.
Rubbish in Sarah Street on Monday 13 December 2010
Photo shows mess in Sarah Street on Monday 13 December 2010.

A rubbish stand in Manga Pirau Street built from driftwood.
Many people have built stands near the kerb like this one in Manga Pirau Street and although it does not prevent birds getting into the rubbish bags it is far better than nothing.

November 2010 newsletter

November 2010 newsletter


Your subscription of $ 25 for 10/11 is now due. Please send to John Brown at 9A 19 Maida Vale Rd Roseneath Wellington. A sub form is enclosed or you can credit our bank account:

Waikawa Beach Ratepayers at Westpac Levin

03 0667 0268929 000 Please give surname and address.

Holiday Activities

AGM Sunday 2 January 3pm Hank Edwards Reserve. Nominations for secretary are required.

Please bring a chair.

Refreshments will follow the meeting.

Boat Day

Monday 27 December 2pm at the bridge

A list of races will be posted on the notice board. Sausages and drinks will be on sale as usual.

Ambrose Golf

Monday 3 January Levin Golf Club Tee off at 10am

A family occasion. Let Ngaire Hunter 362 6007 know if you wish to take part. Cost $25.

Fun Sports

Saturday 1 January 3pm Hank Edwards Reserve

This is always a great day.

Golf Thursday 30 December Otaki Golf Club Tee off at 10am

Contact Ngaire Hunter for details 362 6007. Reporting time 9.30am Cost $30.

Sand Sculpture Competition

Saturday 22 January Over the bridge. Judging will be at 7pm due to the tide.

Watch the notice board for details of all of these.

Liquor Ban

A reminder that there is a liquor ban in force on New Years Eve. This applies to all streets and reserves within the village and the beach.

Rubbish Collections

Official Council bags and all bins are collected on a Monday. Wheelie bins can be hired for $10 per week. Ring Levin Container Rubbish on 06 368 2438

Hard Rubbish Collection

The Association will be holding a hard rubbish collection on Saturday 29 January starting at 9am. Tip fees have risen so much that the Association thought this an appropriate time to have another collection A truck will drive around the streets. If you are not available leave your rubbish at the gate and ask a neighbour to pay. Cost $20. Watch the board for further details.

Web Site

Don’t forget to look at our website. It is updated regularly. www.waikawabeach.org.nz


A reminder that dogs must be on a leash over the bridge and north of the river mouth.

The Beach is a road

The beach is considered to be a public road and as such all road conditions apply. Please keep vehicles and bikes off the dunes and please remind any person you may see riding on the dunes. There have been many complaints and the one thing we do not want is a blanket ban on vehicles on the beach. The community constable will be policing the area over the summer so it is up to us to keep the area as safe as possible.

Working Bee

Thank you to those who turned up for the recent working bee at the entrance and to those who helped with the beach clean up.


The area has been trouble-free over recent months but please be security conscious and keep an eye on neighbouring properties. Ring the police with any concerns.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Erica Wyatt


24 Manga Pirau St

Waikawa Beach

RD 31


Ph 06 362 6679

E-mail pberrett@slingshot.co.nz

Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association

Subscription : 1 October 2010 – 30 September 2011 $25

Name ______________________________

Address ______________________________

Beach Address ______________________________

E-Mail Address ______________________________

Send to: John Brown 9A 19 Maida Vale Roseneath Wellington

Free Range Coloured Eggs

Free Range Coloured Eggs.
Free Range Coloured Eggs

1/2 dozen mixed – $3.00
Dozen mixed – $6
Pullets (small eggs) x10 – $3

Mixed grade, beautiful varieties including the occassional green/blue, fresh eggs now available and laid daily just down the road!

Happy to try to accomodate regular orders.
Gate sales at 577 Waikawa Beach Road, Fri/Sat/Sun availability and weather permitting! We recycle cartons so feel free to pop your spares in the letterbox or bag them up and pop them over the gate. Any enquiries please email diandbri@paradise.net.nz or leave a note in the letterbox.

The eggs range from cute pullet size to industrial strength jumbos and are laid by a variety of well-spoilt hens, orpington, minorca, acona, araucana, red shavers, light sussex, hy-lines and bantams. No additives, just grains, laying pellets, fruit and vege, grass, bugs and sunshine.

District Plans

The recently released Horowhenua District Council proposed plan 20 affecting rural subdivision and plan 21 affecting greenbelt and residential urban growth have some effect on Waikawa.
Plan 20 proposes that the coastal enviromental domain includes the presently established Waikawa and Strathnaver Drive and the land further inland is classified as coastal lakes domain. It has further proposed that any future subdivision in the coastal lakes domain has a minimum lot size of 5000 square metres. In the coastal environmental domain an number of policies have been proposed including protecting the natural character by avoiding inappropriate subdivision, subdivisions that result in unplanned expansions to existing areas or new areas and to minimise obtrusive buildings on dunes

Sand Sculpture 2010

From Pam Carter:

A photo of a sand sculpture my sister and I made at Waikawa
Beach on Jan 25th 2010 called ‘Octopus in the Bath’.  We were going to make
it for sand sculpture day but when that was postponed we decided to make it
anyway, as my sister was shortly heading back to England.  I thought other
‘Waikawa-ites’ might enjoy it …

Thanks for the photo Pam.