Intersection Waikawa Beach Road – SH1

The Association recently wrote to NZTA seeking information on the proposed improvements to the intersection of Waikawa Beach Road and SH1.

Their reply is printed below.

Thank you for your email about the Waikawa Beach Access.

I would like to reassure you that we certainly have plans to improve the access at Waikawa Beach Road alongside the speed limit reduction and removal of the passing lane, and that this includes proposals to improve both right and left turning bays.

I am not sure what information you have already viewed, but if you have not already seen them, you may be interested to look at some plans and reports which are available on the internet. The key report is the “Manakau and Ohau Scheme Assessment Report” which is available here:

Page 33 is of significant interest for Waikawa Beach Road – please see the following paragraph which may allay your concerns: Waikawa Beach Road (RP 985/8.12)

This intersection services the beach community and a number of rural properties. Layout is functional and will benefit from the proposed removal of the southbound passing lane. The intersection layout was reviewed and sight distances are acceptable. The existing radius for the left turn into Waikawa Beach Road is tight and is proposed to be upgraded (which will require a small amount of land acquisition). In addition, a more formal higher standard left turn deceleration lane can be provided, allowing vehicles to move out of the main through lane to decelerate before turning into the side road. The existing right turn bay into Waikawa Beach Road is also significantly substandard, offering only 45m total length of auxiliary lane26.

Recommendation: Provide improved left and right turn facilities by way of a wider sealed shoulder and flush median respectively. Also improve the right turn bay to comply with current standards (noting this intersection will be within the proposed 80km/h zone).

Plans of our proposed scheme at Waikawa Beach Road are on Sheet 3 of 7 in the link below.

We will be considering the feedback from public consultation (including your e-mail) in developing the next phase of works. We hope to be able to proceed to designing this scheme this year.

January 2014 Newsletter



Happy New Year everybody

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday despite the changeable weather. I felt very sorry for the people staying in tents with all the wind and rain, but then we were better off than the holidaymakers up north whose campsites were flooded.


The AGM was held on Friday 27 December at 3pm. Luckily it was a lovely sunny afternoon and was attended by approximately 65 people.

Councillor Christine Mitchell addressed the meeting. As a new member to the council she was concerned that small communities on the periphery of the district were often neglected. She was elected two months ago.

The Coastal Innundation Report was discussed as was obtaining LIM reports. There was also discussion on speed limits both at the intersection of Waikawa Beach Road and SH1, at Waikawa Beach and on the beach. Councillor Mitchell said that if more people contacted the various agencies with feedback and suggestions their opinions would be considered by those making the rules and decisions.

The incoming committee

The incoming committee is: John Hewitson (chairman), Elaine White (treasurer), John Brown (secretary), Liz Duncan, Lesley Anne Walker, Frank Avares, Brent Hayden, Warwick Bainbridge, Julie Stichbury and we welcome new members Komal Chhiba & Brian Madge

John Hewitson was made a Life Member at the meeting. In speaking to the motion Erica Wyatt told us of John’s service of over 10 years as Chairman of the WBRA and of the many odd jobs that he has carried out for the community.

The meeting closed at 4.15 and was followed by refreshments

John Hewitson and Cr Christine Mitchell.
John Hewitson and Cr Christine Mitchell.

AGM attendees enjoying the sunshine.
AGM attendees enjoying the sunshine.


2013 was the first year we had lawn bowls as a fun day activity and hopefully not the last. This was a very popular activity with over 40 people attending — bowling , playing pool or just watching the fun. Manakau Bowling Club had the bar open for us and the sun shone for the first hour or so. It was wonderful to see so many people there and the competition was fierce. Unfortunately the rain started but some keen players kept going until they were soaked. The BBQ was enjoyed by all of us. All in all it was a very successful afternoon and we hope MBC will allow us to use their green again next year.


We had 23 starters on a very nice day. Ngaire Hunter was the winner of the Ladies section with Helen Hewitson and Eve Hayden tying for second.

In the men’s division the winner was Jacques Cohen with 40 stableford points which also won the Main trophy. John Hewitson was second, and Max Flowers third.

The Ladies longest drive went to Eve Hayden and the men’s to Dave Blair.

Nearest the pin for the ladies went to Ngaire Hunter and for the men Graham Wilkins.

Prize giving was held at 4 Cathryn Street in very pleasant conditions.


27 players, including 5 women, played the in the annual ambrose family golf day held at Levin Golf Course on Friday 3rd January 2014. Our youngest players were Ryan Blair & Seth Loghren, both 11. The weather held for the golf with partly cloudy/overcast skies. On completion the wind got up & by the time people returned to the beach for food and prize giving the heaven’s opened & the rain set in. Plans for outdoors quickly moved to indoors. We got the sausages & onions cooked inside and then the power went off for about an hour & a half. So we were very lucky.

Winners were: Eve Hayden, Peter Clarke, Graeme Wilkins & Matt Wilkins with a gross score of 33.

Runners Up: Alex Moore, Ken Archer, Reagan Belsham and John Hewitson with 36. The winning four have all been great supporters of the tournament over the years, but it was a first-time win for Peter, Graeme & Matt. It was nice to see their names engraved on the trophy.

Ladies Longest Drive: Eve Hayden

Ladies Tee Shot Closest the Pin: Cecily Archer

Men’s Longest Drive: Brent Hayden

Men’s Closest the Pin: Glenn Bond

Longest successful Putt: Brent Hayden


The afternoon started off well with the flat races and 3 legged races but then the heavens opened up as the youngsters were getting into their Ravensdown sacks for the first sack race. We sold a few sausages and drinks but the rain set in and everyone ran home for cover. It is the first time in years the event has had to finish early. WBRA thanks Ravensdown for their generous donation of sacks for our sack races. We are hoping for more settled weather next summer

Kayaks at boat day.
Kayaks at boat day.


There was a small mix up in the times advertised for the Boat Day but in the end it went very well.

Competitors in the boat races were faced with a king high tide and in some instances had to dodge debris carried by the very strong current.

It was great to see the younger children swimming across the river and there were some very good swimmers amongst them. The swimming events finished off with an all-comers race and they were all very competitive.

Racing finished with a novelty race where they were required to complete the race going backwards.

The catering was done in a very efficient manner and all the sausages were sold.

Because of the exceptionally high tide the area normally used for the sand dig was flooded so this event was cancelled.

The weather was fine for the whole event and many stayed on to enjoy the conditions after racing finished.


We had 44 entries — 16 individuals and 28 family entries. Wow, what a great turnout! As usual the judges had a really hard time choosing winners.

Glen Colquhoun won Most Original with My Heart Beat

Family prizes

1st — Mike the Monster by the Penfolds

2nd — Seascape by the Rodgers

3rd equal — Condor by the Baulds, Stadium by the Crebes, Dune End by the Shepherds

Individual prize — 1st — Dino Nest by James

Thank you to the Shepherds for their generous donation of prizes for this event

Dune End.
Dune End.

Mike the Monster.
Mike the Monster.

Please check the Website for other photos from the fun days.

Christmas lights

Peter and Wendy’s Christmas lights were very popular. Every night I saw groups of walkers and car loads of people enjoying the view. The Walker’s tree in Manga Pirau was gorgeous too, the colourful lights could be seen from the north end of the river at night.

Recycling truck

The recycling truck was a success again this year but some holiday makers continue to put their bottles out in bags. HDC contractors are only permitted to collect recycling in official recycling bins. Please, if you do not have an official bin, contact HDC and they will deliver one to your property.

Basketball hoop

I walk my dog every evening and it’s great to see the basketball hoop in the reserve being used most nights.

Rural Postie

After 12 years of service our Rural Postie, Paul Kerslake, is planning to retire due to health reasons. He is currently in negotiations with a prospective new owner driver and hopes the changeover will happen on February 1st 2014. Paul says we will continue to have service 6 days a week until mid 2015. We wish Paul all the best in his retirement.

WBRA subscriptions

WBRA subscriptions are now overdue. Payments can be made by posting a cheque to: E White PO Box 30309 LOWER HUTT 5040 or you can pay over the internet to our account: 03 0667 0268929 000 at Westpac Levin. Please remember to put your name and or address so we know who has paid.

If you received this newsletter by post, and you have access to email, please forward your email contact edress to:

As always, a huge thank you to all the people who provided photos and reports for this newsletter

Julie Stichbury

Summer Holiday Newsletter 2013/14



Festive greetings to you all

Recycling Truck

The manned Recycling Truck will be in the toilet block car park each Saturday morning from 9 – 11.30 starting Saturday 21st December until February 1st.

9am – 11.30 are the only times items that RECYCLING ONLY may be dropped off to the truck. No items to be left there at any other times, please.


Don’t forget the AGM at the reserve on 27th December at 3pm. We have invited a representative from the Horowhenua District Council to come and answer any questions from members. Cr Christine Mitchell has agreed to attend.

Please limit your speed

Please be safe these holidays and limit your speed on the beach to 30kph. Keep an eye out for pedestrians (human and animal) both on the beach and around the village. Children and wandering animals don’t always follow road rules.

Open fires are illegal at Waikawa Beach

Open fires are illegal at Waikawa Beach. This includes fireworks, braziers, bonfires and fires on the beach. Should you insist on lighting fires on the beach please extinguish completely with buckets of water before you leave. Covering a fire with sand does not extinguish it and it will smoulder for hours. Be aware that should the Rural Fire Brigade be called to a fire, whether necessary or not, the culprits are liable for any costs incurred in the call out.

Surprise Find in Water Tank

While Mr John Brown of the Ratepayer’s Association was inspecting the tanks which are the emergency supply in the event of a fire, he was surprised on two counts. First, that the tank at the beginning of the housing in Waikawa Beach Road was empty. The sign he was about to write that it was the emergency water supply was useless.

Second, that welcome swallows had attached a nest inside the tank and were raising a family there. The parents hovered round with food to feed their young as he watched.

He is concerned about filling the tank while the birds are in there, whose responsibility it is to fill the tank and whether it should be done after the chicks have fledged or not.

Kinsa Hays

Christmas lights

Great news! Wendy and Peter are busy putting up their Christmas lights again. They are having a spot of bother with some pesky elves but hope to have them all in working order soon. They will have a trial run on the weekend of 14/15th December. Presuming all goes well they will have the lights on from Friday 20th December until mid January.

The lights will be on from 8.30-midnight with the ‘music to lights’ from 9.30– 10.30 at 2 James Street (corner of James and Sarah Streets).

Wendy and Peter amongst their Christmas lights.
Wendy and Peter amongst their Christmas lights.


If you wish to play golf — ambrose or 18 holes — you must pre-register. Contact details for these two events are:

18 hole golf teeing off from 11am on Tuesday 31st December at Otaki Golf Course — Contact John Hewitson on 3626 926 or

9 hole ambrose fun day meeting at Levin Golf Club no later than 9.30am on Thursday 2nd January — Contact Ngaire Hunter 3626 007 or

Other WBRA organized events

Monday 30th December — LAWN BOWLS FAMILY FUN DAY at Manakau Bowling Club at 2pm. A BBQ will follow play. The bar will be open for drinks. Flat shoes must be worn so as not to harm the green

Wednesday 1st January — SPORTS DAY starting at 2pm in the reserve

Saturday 4th January — BOAT DAY in the river by the bridge at 11am

Saturday 11th January — SAND SCULPTURE DAY across the river. Judging at 3pm. Please remember sculptures MUST be made with things found ON THE BEACH not brought from home.

The river cut

Your WBRA committee has written to HORIZONS regarding the latest river cut. This is the letter, we await their reply.

At a recent meeting of our committee, questions were raised regarding the cut recently made to the river at the estuary of the Waikawa Stream.

We seek clarification of which authority controls the river. We believe that the cut is made under the authority of a resource consent issued by Horizons Regional Council. As a body representing ratepayers of the area we are concerned by the amounts of money spent on this work.

We have seen past attempts to change the river’s course by building extensive sand training walls only to witness their disappearance in the next spring tide. We witnessed last year the formation of a road cut through already established sand dunes when a slightly longer access may have been possible and saved the foreshore dunes. This year workers said when questioned about the cut that they did not think it was the best solution.

Our questions are: —

  • Is the resource consent based on good scientific knowledge and research and is there a working model showing the present and future outcomes?
  • Are local residents, some of who have lived in the area for many years, consulted?
  • Is it true that some groups with little knowledge of the area have a big say on the work, such as not using concrete blocks to divert the river course?
  • Who is responsible for the footbridge over the stream?
  • Who is responsible for the notices displayed at two entrances to the beach?
  • What are the current rules concerning vehicles and the speed and free roaming dogs on the beach both north and south of the stream?
  • Is there any proposal to mark the boundary between your jurisdiction and the Greater Wellington Council jurisdiction on the beach south of Waikawa with a sign?

We look forward to your reply which may help to solve many questions asked by residents of the community.

Yours faithfully

John Brown

Honorary Secretary

We also wrote to HDC. Following are some of the questions and their answers:

Q: Long drain at front of changing shed to clear.

A: Contractors have been issued a work instruction to clean this drain and monitor regularly.

Q: “Men” and “Women” signs on changing shed have been removed.

A: These have been removed for refurbishment and will be back up by the middle of next week.

Q: Is there a spray that can be used on the Cape Daisy which is widespread on the reserve and road reserves.

A: Hank Edwards Reserve has been sprayed with around 95% kill, road reserves are not sprayed as there is no budget available. Cape Daisy is a district wide issue on road reserves, private and commercial properties. Cape Daisy is not classified as a pest plant.

Q: Trim tree which is blocking street signs and corner of Manga Pirau Street/Waikawa Beach Road.

A: This is a private tree and a “cut or trim” notice will be sent to the property owners as per council process. Giving the property owner opportunity to undertake the work before contractors are engaged at the property owners expense.

Q: Improve junction of Waikawa Beach Road/SH1 by

  1. Form a traffic island
  2. Increase the length of the feeder lane/acceleration lane north bound,
  3. Increase length of feeder lane southbound
  4. Footpath from dairy and another north from Waikawa Beach Road
  5. Reduce limit to 80 kph

A: This is an NZTA State Highway issue, however, I think that nearly all of these items are being covered by the RoNS.

Q: Reduce the present 100 kph limit to 80 kph from Takapau Road to 50 kph boundary above

A: Any look into speed limits should wait until after the conclusion of the current speed limit review being carried out as part of the Safer Speed Programme by NZTA. I don’t want to pre-empt the findings of this review but there is some indication that the appropriate speed limits for differing types of road may change.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all at the family fun days.

Trucks working on the groyne.
Trucks working on the groyne.

Once again many thanks to those who contributed to this newsletter

Julie Stichbury



The date for the Ambrose Golf has been put back one day to Friday 03 January at Levin Golf Club commencing about 9.30am. This is a great day and an ideal way to introduce younger person to the game of golf. It is 9 holes. For details contact Ngaire Hunter 3626 007 or


The AGM of the Association will be held at 3pm on Friday 27 December at the Hank Edwards Reserve. In addition to the normal business, Councillor Christine Mitchell (Horowhenua Distrct Council) and hopefully a representative from Horizons Regional Council will attend. This will give residents an opportunity to discuss the contents of the notice displayed on the beach Notice Board and our web site with reference to Coastal Inundation Hazards and Land Information Memoranda (LIM’s) and the state of the beach access.

The committee would also like to hear your views on the latest NZTA’s proposal for the intersection of Waikawa Beach Road and State Highway 1 which is also on our web page


You are reminded of your subscription if not already paid. $25 per year due 1 November. The easiest method is by internet banking to our bank account 03 0667 0268929 000 but please, please, put you beach address or name in the reference box or if you have trouble when paying at your bank because they will only accept numbers in the reference box send us an email to tell us the date that you have paid. Alternatively a cheque to E. White, PO Box 30309, Lower Hutt 5040 but also, as above, please include your beach address.

This newsletter is being sent to all email addresses that we have. It will only be posted to financial members. If you received this newsletter by post, and you have access to email, please forward your email address to: It is cheaper and less time consuming and you will get colour pictures.

Some old photos to fill the page supplied by past Secretary Erica Wyatt.

Boat Day in the 1980’s before the old bridge was washed away by a flood in March 1990. This was before the days of OSH as the bridge had no handrails and looked as though it fall into the river at any time
Boat Day in the 1980’s before the old bridge was washed away by a flood in March 1990. This was before the days of OSH as the bridge had no handrails and looked as though it fall into the river at any time

After the bridge was washed away. The Ratepayers Association put a lot of pressure on the Council to replace the bridge and a replacement further downstream was opened in January 1992
After the bridge was washed away. The Ratepayers Association put a lot of pressure on the Council to replace the bridge and a replacement further downstream was opened in January 1992